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Posted by RCWASP | Dec 28, 2015 @ 05:04 AM | 8,394 Views
Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you my attempt to install the Freewing Landing Lights to the FMS P-51B. (not scale on this model)
This can also be done on the P-51D (scale on this model) but please refer to the "Measuring Guide" photo for instructions.

Hopefully this will help any of you thinking of doing the same mod!

Freewing 1.4M P-51 Led Light Cover Set: http://www.rc-castle.com/index.php?r...earch=freewing

Freewing 1.4M P-51 Led Light Set: http://www.rc-castle.com/index.php?r...reewing&page=2

If you're connecting these lights straight to the receiver you will need to use a resistor or they will burn up in seconds!

You need to cut the + wire somewhere along the lead and solder it in between. Do this for both LED's!
I like to cover and protect the wire with some heat shrink tubing. Polarity isn't an issue either so you can connect the resistor in any direction.

It will cut 5v from the receiver down to 2.8v and prolong the life of your LED still keeping brightness.

1W 1% Tolerance 75 Ohm Resistor: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/30-Pcs-1W...8AAOSwgQ9V48YE

│0411│9mm, CUTTER KNIFE: http://stationery.sdi.com.tw/en/prod...6&cID=18&uID=4...Continue Reading