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Posted by Zaitsevsky | Sep 05, 2009 @ 05:36 PM | 12,519 Views
An aircraft weighs more than air, and it needs neither wings nor a propeller.
The only problem is too high weight of the power supply. Video

In this work, I demonstrate a development of a simplest aircraft. In addition, I tried to design a very light high-voltage power supply. However, the apparatus cannot raise the weight of the power supply in the meanwhile. The principle of operation of such apparatus is known for over 80 years. The period of validity of the patents issued to Thomas Townsend Brown, the inventor of the technology, had expired long ago. Up to now, the technology was not duly developed (or we are not aware of its development).

The additional information about the similar aircrafts is located at the web-site: BlazeLabs
Posted by Zaitsevsky | Sep 02, 2009 @ 07:14 AM | 9,566 Views
Archimedes said: “Give me the fulcrum and I shall turn the Earth”. Many inventors used to state that the fulcrum was not necessary, i.e. that it is possible to transform energy into acceleration without any fulcrum. The reverse transformation, which offers the “perpetum mobile”, would outflow out of this. The principal ideas of the people, who had been recently working at it and became famous enough, were approbated in my clip. video

The “Propulsion System” by Eric Laithwaite was patented in the year 1993; the information about him is located in Wikipedia: One may find out about the device, invented by Roy Thornson, from the film “The Kinetic Lift Drive Comprehensive”. Tom Bearden popularized the idea of the same device (
Nowadays there are the companies, which declare the possibility of getting energy out of attraction. The most well-known ones are as follows: the magnetic engine Perendev ( and the company “Steorn” with the technology “Orbo” ( Recently these companies have worked out the system of licensing and until now they are dealing with attraction of solid investments. However, manifestation of success is limited to the computer graphics and to the low-quality videos from the passed years; only unsuccessful attempts to repeat the schemes, offered by independent...Continue Reading