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Posted by PeterVRC | Feb 24, 2014 @ 05:59 PM | 13,172 Views
I did need an F-4....... (and a few other jet types still).....

FlyFly make great 'Baseline foam' aircraft kits!! Like getting a blank canvas of a very good aircraft base, and then you can make of it what you want. Something very simple and and-launch... all the way to a fully decked out full-house model!

I WAS going to make the F-4 a very quick build, and hand-launcher....
Making them a hand-launcher need minimal work, almost purely assembling it as it comes.
Hmmm.... well, there are always areas that can be improved - notably the FlyFly standard tailplane pivot system!! And a bit more....

This would be one of the best FlyFly 90mm jets of them all. Extremely well thought out and constructed. Also a great finish really. Mine was EPO and I suspect that EPS versions are a little bit rougher, as usual. EPS being better for major work to be done on, but EPO being a better finish and a bit better a long term lifespan.
I was happy that it was EPO.... (When ordering I didn't know what it would be)

AU$170 delivered.... which puts it pretty much in the range of most typical 90mm jets, if you add up costs of extras need etc, to get it all to a flying model. So it is not any great bargain, but a fair enough price I guess, in those relative terms.

There are not many nice pics of FlyFly kits - all the pieces, laid out nicely to see etc.... and I forgot to do that myself this time too!! BAH.

Here are some general pics I found:
Posted by PeterVRC | Feb 03, 2014 @ 08:14 AM | 9,069 Views
Hmmm, I have had this Bixler 2 for quite a few months now but never finished it. And it seems I never added it to the Blog list.

I bought it as a kit so I could set things up as I want, and choose items I want for it. The aim is to run a "full house" FPV setup in it. eg Cyclops Storm for its stabilisation, but mainly OSD and Return to Home ability. Pan and tilt camera - which I have made up my own gimbal to do.

To me, these forms of 'simplistic' plane are a bit 'rubbishy'. Very minimal foam and strengths - JUST up to their task, with some flex. eg They do not compare to a scale model, like a warbird or EDF jet. These are more like a Wright Flyer in simplicity and being minimalistic.
So when I got it and saw it, I cringed a bit - but I am sure it WILL do what it needs to do.....