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Posted by PeterVRC | May 27, 2013 @ 05:48 AM | 10,743 Views
Time for another small park flyer.....

The HobbyKing branded Edge540 800mm aircraft looked good in the pics and reviews, so I decided to grab one!
As it turns out it comes in a nice colorful box! LOL
100% intact when delivered.... and takes about 15minutes to assemble!! A few screws, and some click together Wings/Tailplane that are done in a well made system that looks easily adequate to work fine.
Then another 15mins to set up the RX and control throws etc!

This is the fastest time to a "suitably ready to fly" plane I have had! All very well designed, and implemented, it is a beautiful little plane!
After some investigating and assessment..... NOTHING needs to be done to it at all to make it truly airworthy or optimal! So that was that... built.... ready to fly!!

I only have 4S 1300mAH 25C, or 4S 1800mAH 40C, that would fit/suit it. The 1800's are a bit heavy, so you can't balance it - and there is no way to adjust the battery placement because the wing spar limits how far rearwards that could go (BAH!).
The 1300mAH had to be placed as far rearwards as possible to balance!!
So neither 1600mAH, as per they recommend, nor 1800mAH, would have any hope of balancing! It would need something like 40g at the tail end for those.
I guess then maybe it is not "100% perfect" as it comes..... hehe. But there is just no way to modify it to have the battery more rearwards, except via a MAJOR wing spar mod that would probably mess up the "click in/out" wings.
Well, I think I could do something about it... but I don't really want to mess with its 'perfection' as it comes!

I will set something up to allow adding the tail weight for larger batteries, but I will maiden it using the 1300mAH and see how that goes first.
The 1300mAH can power an EDF jet for 3.0mins, so it should do a prop for 5min to 6mins approx.

Posted by PeterVRC | May 16, 2013 @ 08:18 AM | 11,756 Views
I gave in to yet another FlyFly EDF model...... The Mirage 2000
They really are the "budget of the budget" range around! But they are CHEAP, and the big "benefit" is that what it ends up being is up to YOU and how much effort you make in planning and executing changes/mods to make it what you want it to be!

At this moment I am thinking to make it a hand-launcher, using a 6S CS12 with a motor of about 1650kv area. Though after looking at it, I am very tempted to make it with landing gear! Or at worst, mod and fit that all into it, but remove it for hand-launching, whilst having it as an option to fit back in! I can see I would want/like to be able to have it usable in both modes!

It is extremely typical of all the FlyFly models. Minimalist. But it is probably the simplest design/layout of all their models, so it should be the easiest/quickest to build up! Theoretically......

Posted by PeterVRC | May 03, 2013 @ 10:55 AM | 12,678 Views
This is a very nice model! It is the most complete, and simple, foamie to just take out of the box and put together in one hour, whilst having almost everything ready to go at a 'airworthy' level right away!!
Excellent paint work!
Well thought out design and mechanics.
So you COULD just assemble it and go and fly it, and I expect it would be totally fine to do just that! But.... as always, there are some things you can do.....

$136 from HobbyKing Aust, for the PNF plane.
It has 'extras' fitted - flaps, landing gear, lights. Plus the landing gear has sequenced inner doors! And they close up to form a perfect wing underside again!
The paint is excellent quality and it has a realistic camo 'pattern' - unlike Dynam's always cheap painting and 'odd' camo schemes that need re-painting to look right.
But you really want to WBPU it, to seal down the decals, and also add its good protective layer to the plane.

It is made for 3S (!!), but like most others of that intended design, you can change to a better ESC (50A or 60A) and run on 4S without any issue. Supposedly 3S is already adequate, but I will fly it on 3S to decide and then pretty surely go to the 4S setup.

ONE NEGATIVE.... they made the landing gear legs SHORT - like any other typical warbird, but not like a FW-190 has! It is probably no real issue, apart from the looks, but I will mod it to have the full length landing gear - after test flying it a bit first.