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Posted by solomonx | Aug 16, 2007 @ 03:46 PM | 3,864 Views
I figured I would start of my blog with one of my favorite planes, the Multiplex Microjet. It is a shame that it is out of production now. The plane shown has well over 100 flights on it and looks just as good now as it does in the picture. Luckily, I just found a spare Microjet on Ebay just in case something happens to this one.

Mine is powered by a CustomCDR Hot Wind Double using a TP 1320. It pulls 18A and flies near 100 mph level. AUW is 13.5oz. The plane flies as smooth as can be and is not anywhere twitchy at all. At its weight, it floats in for landings. I haven't found anything that comes close to the excitement you get when flying the Microjet.