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Posted by Rickk Miller | Oct 14, 2021 @ 05:43 AM | 27,268 Views
P-RIX is short for my scratch-built design Pterosauris RIX, shown in the attached pictures. It has a 9 ft. wingspan, Eflite-10 motor, and no vertical fin. It has elevator, aileron and throttle control.

For the purpose of the quiz question, "flown successfully" means that under radio control by the pilot, it has climbed in the air under its own power, was able to go up/down, turn left/right and has landed "without being wrecked," as the Wright brothers once wrote.

So the Quiz Question is, has Pterosauris RIX ever been flown successfully?
Posted by Rickk Miller | Oct 12, 2021 @ 06:40 PM | 27,711 Views
Named Charlie Taylor, CT108A, my first scratch built design, a canard sailplane.

Last picture shows full deployment of CLAPS. I wanted something to lessen L/D and slow the plane down for landing, so I designed the plane with flaps that are hinged at the spar; I call them Center of Lift Flaps, or claps. Using claps keeps the upper surface clean but, probably more importantly, seem to act with less pitching moment against the lift of the canard, which is already heavily loaded. Regular TE flaps have been known to create enough negative pitch to overwhelm a canard lifting surface.
Posted by Rickk Miller | Oct 10, 2021 @ 05:33 PM | 31,934 Views
Designed and scratch built beginning in January 2021, named accordingly.

Span: 100 in.
Weight: 45.9 oz.
Area: 885 sq. in.
Wing loading: 7.5 oz./ sq. ft.
Airfoil: Total span is modified AG 26, 7% thick
CG at 36% MAC
Construction: Balsa, ply, bass, some carbon fiber
E Flite 10 and 1300mAh 3s, more than enough power
Flies and thermals nicely. Few problems, mostly all worked out.