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Posted by Dave Swanson | Jan 04, 2020 @ 03:51 PM | 9,050 Views
This post will be to pay tribute to my RC mentor and all around good guy Nathan Bast RIP.

Nathan was a great human and a very talented model designer/builder. He worked for Testors Corp in Rockford Illinois for a number of years. One of his projects while at Testors was the successful Freshman series of control line planes

I got to know Nathan about 1980 when as a RC newbie I started flying at the field that Nathan would frequent. Nathan immediately stuck out as a gregarious friendly person with a wonderful positive attitude. He also had his own unique brand of a sense of humor. As I got to know Nathan better I started to learn about the many RC planes he had designed for his enjoyment only.

I will profile some of his personal RC designs in this blog.

This is Nathan in what I learned was his standard pose. I am not sure why, but most every time a camera came out he would jut his arm into the air which seemed to signify - having a great time!

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