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Posted by a.crabby | Jun 03, 2016 @ 12:38 AM | 2,484 Views
Took my HK Pitts Special out on her maiden flight today.

3S 2200 25-50C Li-Po
Aileron servos 2x HXT900.
Prop - 11x4.7 SF
Modified Landing gear - replaced with 2mm piano wire + 2" foam wheels.
Motor - Stock
CoG as per instructions 13mm forward of rear bolt on top wing.

Elev -23mm, +25mm (maybe needs less)
Ail - 8mm, +10mm (definitely needs more)
Rud -28mm, -28mm

Perfect weather conditions - Sunny 19C and wind was a steady SW 5 knots. Started off with hand launch, took a bit to grab the wind, but a little bit of up and she climbed away. Will fly straight and level on full throttle, falls a little on inverted, so not sure what's going on there. Was having too much fun to bother with dive test. CoG seemed fine. Can't do snap rolls (without aileron input)?- just flips onto her back and wants to stay there instead of completing the roll. May need to reduce elevator throw. Aileron rolls are nice and axial, but slow - will need to increase aileron throws.

Performance wise she gives lovely scale flybys - landings & take-offs are nearly hands free. Have yet to tip stall. She gently drops her nose in slow banked turns.

I have an Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D RC inertial Flight Stabilisation Module installed - But this is one plane that does not need such a gizmo. Still it's fun to line up a landing in 2D mode then sit back and watch. I have read on the HK sttiP discussion that the plane will need a bit more power for 3D...Continue Reading
Posted by a.crabby | May 06, 2016 @ 10:09 AM | 2,453 Views
Found some cool vinyl contact at Bunnings for $4.95.
Posted by a.crabby | Feb 02, 2016 @ 08:07 AM | 3,111 Views
Inspired by fasteddie123, (nearly a year ago) I have finally started putting my Salangane together. Power setup has been a challenge (this is my first electric build) have gone with:

Glider Drive 1120 KV 839 watts
2200ma 65 c 3s lipo
12x10 folder with 34mm turbo spinner -
70 amp ESC

Also picked up a FrSky RPM 2xTemp sensor to help make sure setup is working OK

After a week of fitting, removing, flipping, cutting and grinding I finally managed to find a configuration that I recon will work.

Challenge 1.
Building a well ventilated motor mount and setting correct down and side thrust.

Throw out the two motor mounts supplied as they have too many holes in the wrong places and the motor needs to be mounted further forward fit the 2200ma LiPo. Determine the approximate position for the motor mount by sliding the motor into the nose cone until it rests in the end, then measure from the rear of the motor to the nose cone opening, Transposing the measurement for the front of the motor onto the outside of the nosecone with pencil. then trace all the way around adding about 4mm extra to play with.

Measure the diameter of the section created by the pencil line on the nose cone to find the required diameter for the new motor mount. Scribe everything onto 1mm CF Sheet, using a compass & hobby knife to create a mount with vents bolt holes to match the motor. Cutting can be done with Dremel cutting wheel and finished off with undersized drills then diamond files....Continue Reading