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Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 30, 2021 @ 10:22 AM | 12,891 Views
there is a time when suddenly you see the light. and the way is to see things from afar.
and to me is now. i have been into model airplanes since i was 5, and even with interruptions for building or even just flying, they have been in my heart all the time. my fascination was to catch a thermal (those days there was only free flight), and still is now. i fly sailplanes with remote control (r/c).
even if things have changed beyond the wildest dream. now we have this electronics technology everywhere. and this adds another factor that i wouldnt even think about before: that now i can detect thermals and chase them! so, whenever the weather allows, am at the field, having the time of my life!
but i got carried away with this fascinating technology. so many radios, batteries, motors, electronic speed controllers, batteries, whatever, so much to learn, to try, it has become and endless race to catch up, and that has brought us into a whirlwind that does not allow us to see what really is going on.
recently i have been struggling with some parts that are not behaving as expected, when i realized that, well, perhaps i really dont need them. that simple!
so am going back to basics. what i really need to hunt thermals?
and this also applies to whatever specialty you guys are into: what are you guys aiming at? are you enjoying it? that is what really matters!
are you going too far? thats up to you to decide. but this is just a wakeup call, thats all.
think about it... and enjoy this wonderful hobby the best possible way. cheers!
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