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Posted by phil alvirez | Apr 11, 2017 @ 08:26 AM | 10,211 Views
another day at the park. it is beginning to look a lot like spring-the way it used to be. several years of hell didnt let me enjoy these quick jumps into heaven, but today looked at the window and packed my things and away i went. no time for breakfast, because wind could start at any time. flew 1 of my designs-now testing the lemon plus receiver. it is a 36" span stick and tissue (Elf 36") that weighs 225 grams and has folding prop-sort of sailplane with landing gear. take-off from the street when there were no cars around-now they opened the street so there is way more traffic. but had to land on the grass-too many cars at the moment. anyway, it was a pleasure flying this plane again. and the plus made it fly way more stable, as there was some turbulence.i also flew 1 of my umx radians that does not have gyros. flew fine even with turbulence. heaven!
and i hope this year does not run as windy as the recent 1s.

an update: at least at the time i wrote this, it seemed as spring was here. but now am beginning to think that perhaps i was speaking too soon...
Posted by phil alvirez | Apr 08, 2017 @ 01:29 PM | 9,499 Views
as today seemed a day worth trying to fly my planes, i brought with me 2 umx radians to the nearby park and had a good time, although it demanded all my skills due to wind and turbulence. i have been flying this little wonder for several years. as a matter of fact, i own 3. but after flying the 1st 1 extensively i began to experience loss of signal- and the consequent crashes, so i got a 2nd 1 and got back to fly it like mad. good weather in those years! again loss of signal and got a 3rd 1. but then i decided to try to find out what caused it and removed 1 servo from the brick and learned that the tracks were worn out so there was no contact. as i have several micros of my own design that use the brick of micros that has no gyros, i transfered 1 to the rad and tested it. it flyes great, although wind shakes it a lot. still more stable than others the same size, so repeated the transfer to the 2nd and flies as good. now i have 3: 2 for calm or little wind, and the spare for windy weather-although not as windy as i has been the past 2 years (they say it was that thing called el nino). but it was great to fly again! i hope spring will come for good and the good old times are back
an update: i heard that spraying deoxit D5 at the servos to clean and lubricate the contacts will stretch their life so i got it. i hope so.