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Posted by shigetyann | Sep 29, 2010 @ 10:28 AM | 8,567 Views
Hi guys!
I want to introduce our activity, Tiny Air Race.

We used foamy planes which sizes are as bellow.
Wing span is from 480 to 510mm, fuselage is from 440 to 460mm, total weight is from 120 to 180 gram.

We established two regulations.

One is F-1, Fomura-1 Class. The foamy planes were used those had been produced and released by Union-Model Japan. Zero-Fighter, P-51D Mustang, Me-109 Messerschmitt, Wing-Cutter, Ryan and Cessna 172 sky hawk were lined up. This category is strictly limited, use 50CX size five poles brush motor (50CX is three poles type) including Union micro plane series kits, and inhibit any remodeling including change any shapes. Only permitted thing is coloring to dress up imitating RENO Air Race planes.

The other is Unlimited Class. This category has no-limit without takeoff gross weight that is under 200 gram, 7.1 oz. In this category we use out-runner brushless motor which power is about 80W supplied 3 cells Lipo and its capacity is from 500 to 800mAh.

Regulations were established NMFC club members and near Clubs in 2003.

We have two categories.
One is copied from Reno Air Race. Several planes fly at the same time, and finish after five raps.
The other is time race. Only one plane finishes five raps. We measure every rap time and pick up minimum time of continuous five raps....Continue Reading