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Howdy gang-

This will be my review of the MZ YY2003 – a 1/12 scale 6x6 military truck. This truck is a nice looking scaler truck with full proportional throttle and steering, working LED headlights, 6wd with locked diffs, and a 380-sized motor powering everything.

Banggood sent me this truck for review (two of them actually, first one broke). Thank you Banggood for allowing regular guys like me to review your new products!

For full stats, or to get the truck head over to Banggood –

There is also the YY2004 version of this truck, in a slightly different body style, in a grey/green color –

On to the review –

My box arrived in pretty rough shape. Banggood did their typical packing job of a layer or two of foam wrap over the box, but it was no match for some angry postal employee –

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Howdy gang -

Here is a 'cheap' little car I have been running recently - the $53 XLH 9120. This is another body/wheel style on the 911* platform. I am not sure if XLH is the OEM, or someone else, but these 911* cars are all over Amazon and ebay, sold under several brand names, and they are all basically the same aside from the body and tires.

Get it here -

Pluses- -
Proportional steering and throttle
Full bearings!
Big enough to run around the yard and light off-road.
Fast enough for a young kid
Tough (So far)

Cons -
Odd battery
On/Off switch is under the odd battery door, which is under the body.
Servo not upgradable without custom work.

Full review -

XLH 9120 Desert truck from (22 min 41 sec)

Posted by JerryRigged | Aug 04, 2017 @ 08:16 PM | 9,725 Views
Howdy Gang!

Here is a review of my latest quad, a small ducted fan quad, the H36 from JJR/C. Trying a new format, going more towards a video review. I hope y'all like it!

JJR/C H36 quad from Rock RC - Review! (16 min 59 sec)

Posted by JerryRigged | May 14, 2017 @ 12:56 PM | 13,921 Views
Howdy gang -

Today I am looking at the Eachine E011 "Block Drone". This is a small quad that is another "Inductrix Clone". The headline feature that makes it stand out it the top plate has building block / Lego attachments! Also, it comes with a lego-ish mini-figure, that gets to ride the quad like a skateboard. Fun, right? Well, let's get into this review, and see if this is "just another clone" or if it can stand out...

Get it here -

Specs from -

Item name: Eachine E011 Mini Toy Brick Quadcopter
Quadcopter Size: 8.5x8.5x7.5cm
Box Size: 14x8.6x11cm
Gyro: 6-axis
Frequency: 2.4G
Battery: 3.7V 35C 260MAH (included)
Transmitter Power: 3 x 1.5V AAA battery(not included)
Flight time: about 5 minutes
Charging time: about 40 minutes
Flying distance: 50 meters

With brick element, can foster child's DIY ability and make more fun.
With 60000RPM double ring high-intensity 716 motor provide strong power.
WIth two roles can be chosen and play with others, MINI size, can carry it in the pocket.
With two different flight mode available.
With Headless Mode, no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying.
With bright colorful LED light, make it more dazzle beautiful and colorful night light.
One key return function makes it easily to find the way home.
Function: up / down /
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Howdy gang!

Today I am looking at a new quad from WLToys. This is the "WLtoys Q353 Aeroamphibious Air Land Sea Mode 3 in 1 Headless Mode 2.4G RC Quadcopter RTF". The box show a much shorter name of "Triphibian". The box also shos the brand as WL Tech, I guess it is the same company, different division? Anyway, on to the good stuff -

Get it here -

The Specs, as listed at Banggood -
Brand Name: Wltoys
Item NO.: Q353
Material: PA, PP, POM, ABS
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Channels: 4
Flight time: 6-7Mins
Charger time: 120Mins
Control distance: 150m
Battery for Quadcopter:7.4V 1200MAh Battery
Transmitter battery: 6 x 1.5V AA ( not included )
Product size: 36.5*36.5*12cm
Quadcopter weight: 323g

- Adjustable throttle / rudder rate of 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 percent
- Headless Mode allows you to pilot adeptly while ignoring its front
- One Key Return recalls the drone at any time and makes it under control
- One Key to Take off enables the quadcopter to taxi out rapidly and then take off
- Air / Land / Sea Mode - flying swiftly, running freely as well as aerobatic sailing

Package Includes:
1 x Q353 Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x 7.4V 1200mAh Battery
4 x Propeller
1 x Charger
1 x Manual

The Box -
Note the branding - WL Tech?

Back of the box -

Opening the box - the quad and remote -
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Howdy Gang-

Today I am looking at a new quad from Syma - this one is the X20 "Pocket Drone".

First - Thanks to Banggood for providing this model for review. I appreciate their supports, and their willingness to give samples for unbiased reviews.

Get it here -

Details from -
Brand Name: Syma
Item NO.: X20
Color: White, Black
Frequency : 2.4G
Channel : 4CH
Gyro:6 Axis
Battery for Quadcopter: 3.7V 180mAh Li-poly(Included)
Transmitter Battery: 4 x AA battery(Not included)
Charging Time : About 50 mins(USB charging)
Flying time : About 5 minutes
Controlling distance:About 20 meters
Product size:10.5*10.5*2.5cm
Box Size:25*15*5cm

With Altitude hold mode can set hight.
With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying
6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability,can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
4 Channel which can do ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and rolling 360°
Lightweight airframe with nice durability
One Key Take off & Landing, one press automatically taking off or landing, rc quadcopter will take off or go back to the position where it took off.
The creatively designed LED lights are fitted for night flight possibilities, leaving a beautiful landscape in the night sky.

Function: Up / down / left
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Posted by JerryRigged | Feb 06, 2017 @ 03:37 PM | 14,673 Views

This will be my Unboxing and mini-review of the new Eachine BAT QX105 brushed quad copter.

Disclaimer – I am not a Quad pro! I have been into RC ground models (cars and truck) for ages, and have been flying “toy” grade quads for about a year. Also, Banggood has graciously supplied this quad to me for testing – I appreciate their support of the RC community, and their willingness to get unbiased testers of all skill levels.

So first – get the quad here –

(picture curtesy of

A few of the headline features of this quad-
F3 flight controller, running Betaflight
Full Carbon frame
Large 1020 sized brushed coreless motors
FPV ready with 600TVL HD CMOS 1/4inch camera
OSD (on screen display) configurable in Betaflight
Built in buzzer
Big 66mm propellers
Bright rear LED strip
Mainboard has plugs for all connections – no soldering to replace motors or other accessories.
(See the Banggood link above for a full list of specs)

My version was the Flysky BNF (Bind and Fly). I had no issues binding it with my Flysky i6 remote.

Unboxing –
The QX105 arrived in a nice looking box – three sides had info about what was inside-
Box top-

Box front -
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Howdy gang-

Today I am unboxing and reviewing the new Syma X8SW!

Disclaimer – I have been in RC for most of my life, but just started flying about a year ago with toy grade quads. Feel free to ask questions about anything I may leave out – I know how to review a car, but this is my first flying review! Also – this RC was supplied by for the review – Thank you for your support! I will do my best to give a fair and honest review. Now, on to the Review!

First – here is the Quad –

The X8SW is a RTF quad – brushed motors, geared drive. Comes with a 2S Lipo battery with a special case and plug – with a matching charger. Quad features Altitude hold, Headless mode, 2 rate modes, push button flips, and a Wifi enabled camera.

Specs from Banggood –
Brand Name: Syma
Item NO.: X8SW
Color: White
Frequency : 2.4G
Channel : 4CH
Gyro:6 Axis
HD Camera:Photos/Video(720P)
Battery for Quadcopter: 7.4V 2000mAh Li-poly(Included)
Transmitter Battery: 4 x AA battery(Not included)
Hover flight time: more than 9 minutes
Charging time:About 150 minutes
Controlling distance:About 70 meters
Product size:50*50*19cm
Box Size:34.5*34.85*19.93cm

WIFI FPV with 720P HD camera.
With High Hold mode can set height.
Hover flight time more than 9 minutes
Headless mode,360 roll.
6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability,can easily
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Howdy gang –

This will be an unboxing and review of my “Huajia 1/16 2.4G RWD Off-Road High Speed RC Car HJ209716” from

Get the car here –

Description from Banggood –

Brand: Huajia
Model: HJ209716
Color: Yellow or Blue
Control Channels: 4 Channels
Movement Direction: Forward, backward, left, right
Transmitter frequency: 2.4G
Proportional Remote Control or not: No
Battery for Car: 6V 600mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack(Included)
Battery for Transmitter: 3 x AA Batteries(No Included)
Running time: About 15mins
Charging time: 1.8 hours
Speed: About 25km/h
Material: Metal, Plastics, Nylon
Vehicle Length: 300mm
Vehicle Width:180mm
Height: 120mm
Package Size: 385x 225x195mm

Unboxing -

The package arrived in typical Banggood wrapping – one layer of foam sheet padding, wrapped in packing tape. Also, it had a “Bump” on one side of the package that experience told me was probably the AC wall plug converter.

I assumed correct. Although, I later realized, this truck didn’t need the converter, as the charger is a USB-plug. There is nothing in the box that could use this converter. Oh well, glad you were thinking of us anyway.

Unwrapping the tape/foam wrapper reviled –
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Howdy gang-

(I am trying to move my reviews over here to the blog section to easy reference. This review was originally posted in the "Electric Powered Cars" section here at RCG. I've made some minor edits from the original thread)

After months of looking, shopping, wishing, and finally killing my old charger, I finally jumped the fence and got the charger I’ve been wanting for a while – The Turnigy Reaktor 2x300w 20a. I am still in the discovery phase with this charger, but I figured I would post up my thoughts on it. This thread will get updated as I learn more about this charger. Also, I bought this charger with my money, no freebees here.

History – I've been in and out of RC several times, with my previous run ending about Y2k. When I got back into the hobby last year, I was running nimh and 2s lipo only. The charger I purchased was a Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo – a basic 50w/6a two channel charger. While it was a decent charger, it didn’t have some features like storage mode or discharge mode. Still, I used it and liked it for over a year. When I got my Arrma 1/8 scale rigs, and needed to charge 4s and 6s packs, the PSD started to show it’s limits. While it could handle 4s and 6s packs, the max wattage meant long charge times. Plus when summer hit, with my garage hitting 95f, the charger would frequently thermal out and shut down when charging both channels at max rate. Yes, I was overworking it, and yes, it finally died. Somewhere along...Continue Reading
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(I am trying to move my reviews over here to the blog section to easy reference. This review was originally posted in the "Electric Powered Cars" section here at RCG. I've made some minor edits from the original thread)

This is my Unboxing / review thread for my new RacerStar 2838 4500kv motor and 35a ESC combo.

I previously had the RacerStar F540 and 45a ESC combo, but while testing the waterproofness, the ESC went up in smoke. (apparently only the motor is waterproof). I contacted Banggood, and they agreed to send me a new unit, and Tobey gave me the option of switching combo’s, so I picked this 380-sized motor and ESC. I am hoping to test this combo in my 1/16 4wd Mini-Trooper SCT, and in my 1/12 2wd truggy. The Mini Trooper came with a 2040 4800kv brushless motor, and is now running a 2445 4700kv motor. The 1/12 Truggy is running a 390 brushed motor.

Combo currently sells for $26.99 USD and can be found here:

Unboxing –
Packaging was standard Banggood. Which is to say not much. Plastic bag/envelope for the outer layer, with a few wraps of foam around the RacerStar box. It arrived undamaged, though, so all is good. Inside the small black RacerStar box, was another bubble wrap bag, with the motor ESC combo inside, and a one page photocopied instruction page.

This page gives specs for the various RacerStar combos, and shows the different programing options.

The combo looks good....Continue Reading
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Howdy gang –

This will be a mini-review of my new soldering station – the “Create It” Digital Soldering Station from Radio Shack.

60W power
3 Presets temp setting, Plus manual temperature settings
Heats up really fast
Solders 10g wire onto bullet plugs quick and easy.
I like it.

Longer version –
For the past year or so, I’ve been using a very old 150w soldering gun for about 90% of my soldering. Last Friday, I was soldering a plug on a new battery, and crossed the leads with the hot tip of my gun, and
POW! Sparks everywhere, and my gun tip was ruined…

So off to my local radio shack I went. My first choice was a new tip for my old gun, but they didn’t have what I needed. My second though was a cheap 60w stick iron for about $15. But there on the bottom shelf was a full soldering station. Digital temp control, three presets temps, plus manual control, it used the Radio Shack “Proline” style tips, plus it was only $89 – cheaper than the TrackPower digital soldering station from Tower hobbies. There has been a lot of talk on the forums about how nice it is to have a full soldering station vs just a stick iron, so I decided to try it out.

Link to the Radio Shack page for the kit -

My new box –

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Howdy gang – sent me a new RC to test out – the HBX Onslaught – a 1/12 scale, 2wd “Truggy”
Link -

(Details from

Brand: HBX
Item: Truggy
Item NO. 12882P
Color: Red, Green
Max. Speed: About 33km/h Motor: 390 Motor
ESC/Receiver: Waterproof, 2CH 2.4G 40A (2 In 1 Unit)
Servo: 19g 5-wire Servo(2.2kg Torque)

Frequency: 2.4G
2pcs 1.5V AA Batteries
Control Range: About 80 meters Battery: (INCLUDED)
7.4v, 850Mah Li-PO(Li-ion) Battery
Playing Time: About 8minutes
Charging Time: About 2 hours

Car Shell/Canopy: PA
Metal Differential Gear
Li-Po/Li-ion Low Battery Level Protection(4.5V)
Certificate: CE/ROHS

Car Size: 366×251×135mm
Package Size: 518*284*158mm
Wheel Base: 240cm
Wheel Dia.: 88mm
Wheel Span: 43mm

Unboxing -
The package I received was in better shape than most of my Chinese shipments – minimal dents and dings. However, it seemed to have a growth on one end of the box:

A bit of knife work revealed the culprit – the adaptor to convert the euro-22v plug to the USA 120v blade plug –
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Howdy gang-

This thread will be an unboxing and review of the Racerstar F540 3000kv motor / 45a ESC combo. I received this combo as a review sample from, where it is currently selling for $35.99 (price may change) For the motor, there are options for 3000kv, 3300kv, 3930kv, and 4370kv.

I choose the lower KV because once testing is done, I am planning on this motor living in an older 2wd 1/10 racing buggy. I am hoping the F540 will be a good “middle ground” power plant for older cars – similar power compared the brushed motors these cars were designed for, (not so much power I must worry about stripping hard to find gears) but with the higher efficiency of modern brushless motors. Will this motor be up to the challenge? We will find out!

Today, the package arrived. Unboxing time! Shipping time from China, with the basic Banggood postage was about three weeks to Texas. The package was “soft packed” – outer layer was a tough plastic bag, inside was a box wrapped with several layers of foam padding – Good packing.
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Howdy Gang-

I have been running my Mini Trooper now for about a year, and decided to make this blog post as kind of a long term review, and a catch-all for all the modifications I have done to it...

First, The Truck!

(From Hobby King)

The Turnigy 1/16 4WD Mini Trooper is great fun with plenty of performance features usually only available on larger buggies such as fully adjustable suspension, oil filled shocks, metal diffs, diff cups, dog-bones, and F/R anti-sway bars.

The chassis features a twin deck design made from tough 2mm fibreglass and the shaft driven 4WD system is protected from the shock of landing big air by a spur gear mounted slipper clutch - making the Mini Trooper our strongest electric 1/16th Almost Ready to Run car yet!
Equipped with a 25A brushless power system, this little 1/16 Short course truck is both powerful and fast. Small and quiet enough to zip around the living room on a 2S LiPo pack, or take on tougher terrain at your local dirt track or park - the Mini Trooper is at home on loose surfaces.
Tough, 4wd and Quick!.....What more could you want!

Motor: 4800KV Brushless inrunner (2040)
ESC: 25A Brushless (with Reverse)
Battery: 2S LiPo (98x25x40mm Max Size) w/ XT-60 connector [Required]
Servo: 15g Micro
Traction: Full Time 4WD, Twin Diff with slipper clutch on Spur gear
Length: 245mm
Width: 190mm
Height: 120mm to top of Cab
Ground Clearance: 20~30mm Adjustable

2S 1000~1300mAh LiPo
2CH Radio System (Rx/Tx)
(end from...Continue Reading
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I recently received a PXtoys Sandy Land 1/18 MT. So far, I am still in the “getting to know the truck” stage, so this review will be more of a First Look. I will try to update this post as I get drive time on the truck. sent me this truck as a review sample. Most of the below was written for the BangGood review, before I realized they only can take 500 words… LOL
Truck can be found here

After I finally got my 1/16 sct running right, and I started having a lot of fun with the small truck, I also stared to realize how limited I am when running my big RC’s around the yard. Most of my RC’s are 1/10 or 1/8 scale, and very fast. I have a lot of fun with them, but need a lot of room to let them “stretch their legs”. Running them in my yard is a bit frustrating, because they are simply too fast. That 1/16 sct, though, seemed about right. This leads me to think I need to expand my collection of cars in the 1/18 and 1/16 size range. This leads me to the Sandy Land. When I first looked at the Sandy Land, I was not sure if it would fall in the Hobby grade, or Toy grade, but decided to jump anyways…

Unboxing –

The package arrived in what I have learned is typical for a lot of Chinese postage – Badly smashed looking.

Opening the box, though, was good news – no damage.

The Sandy Land is a 1/18 scale Monster Truck. Compared to my other models, this make it quite small, and I was concerned about its ability to run off-road and in the grass (more...Continue Reading