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Posted by ghost2212 | Jan 07, 2010 @ 07:25 PM | 8,530 Views
Well This is my first blog entry here so i thought i'd just start by listing all my models.

Here they are:

Parkzone Ultra Micro Sukhoi: This is relatively stock apart from i am running 240mah batteries and a GWS 5043 Prop.
Freeair Blade 3D: Great plane which is virtually indestructible. I'm running a Hyperion 22 series outrunner with a GWS 8043 Prop with a Hyperion 8amp speedo. It is using cheap and cheerful towerpro servo's all round and they are still working well. I run 3S lipo's from 400mah-850mah.
Multiplex Fox Converted To RC: This is an awesome little plane and dirt cheap as well. Probably about 40 all in.

Blade MSR: completely stock and is a great nearly indestructible heli.
HK450MT: Still building this at the moment.

Top Scythe All Alloy Gold: Great 10th touring car for my needs. Cost me 50 off ebay and its good for the money. I run lipos and 13.5turn $16 motor from hobbyking with a castle creations Sidewinder Speed controller.
Micro T: Stock apart from i'm running a 240mah 2S Lipo which is quick enough for me indoors.
Ansmann Mad Rat: This is a great little cheap Car and i am running a Turnigy 60Amp brushless speed controller with a Castle Creations 5700Kv motor. This is blisteringly Fast and i havent got it to top speed yet as it just covers ground too quickly.

Well let me give you a background on my hobby experience.

I've probably been in the Hobby about 10 years just driving toy cars at first but about 6 years ago i probably started on planes. I'm am still learning to fly really though i can fly planes relatively well. Heli's i am just starting on and i am hoping that the HK450 MT will help me get going cheaply.

I am 16 at the moment and live in the UK.