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Posted by FlightZoomer | Dec 27, 2015 @ 05:17 AM | 4,653 Views
Lets talk for a moment about a somewhat disturbing fact:

We build fantastic RC aircraft (e.g. just check this blog https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=3728) but let's face it: If we look at the supporting systems, instruments, the flying procedures and methods, each and every RC aircraft out there is barely flown as real pilots would fly this:
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Here is the solution for this "problem":
FlightZoomer - 1st automatic ILS approach with Air Traffic Control guidance (7 min 16 sec)

So let me quickly give an overview over the system:
  • Probably by far the most "scale" avionics suite for RC aircraft.
  • You really can experience flying like real pilots do, including flying according to IFR, fly ILS approaches, voice of co-pilot/Air Traffic Control.
  • Navigate using nicely modeled cockpit instruments.
  • Follow planned routes.
  • Smartphone based.
  • There are two smartphones, one is a companion computer, the second is the groundstation.
  • Between the two there is cellular network connectivity.
  • Transmission of the full set of flight parameter from the air to the ground.
  • 14 auto flight modes can be controlled from the FligthZoomer ground station.
  • Whenever feasible FlightZoomer recreates the avionics of the real Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
  • Camera control.
  • Built-in Air Traffic Controller simulation.
  • Synthetic voice output.
  • Mated with ardupilot flight controllers via MAVLink.
  • Available for free (version 1.5, version 2 will follow soon).

More details:

The release video for version 1.5 (which was not yet equipped with the auto flight modes):
Flightzoomer has been released! Learn&see how the system works! (13 min 48 sec)