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Here's this years.
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Gearbest are currently running a promotion till the 24th of November discounting all quadcopters by 27%. This discount is off their RRP price. In general this takes pretty much all BNF and PNP quads to their best promotional prices except perhaps the Bfight which has been $99 in the past.

Link to brushless quads where discount applies here

Use code RCCool1111 (who comes up with these)

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Hello and welcome to my RaceFlight BigDeal 3inc RaceSpek Millivolt Spark Spektrum BuildBlogPost!

This is going to be a short build blog since there isn't much to build... the BigDeal has a bottom plate, a top plate, and three standoffs... the tpu camera mount slides onto the front standoffs... and the fc mounting screws... well... they are screws and you just put them through the carbon and put the nut on top

You can get all this (- receiver + props) as the RaceSpec from the RaceFlightStore for 225$

so lets get to the heart of the BigDeal, the Millivolt FlightControler To that I connect the SmartAudio cable from the Unify as well as the pins that will join into the connectors on the Spark
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Here's a great deal on a 3 pack of quality high performance lipos for your small 2S flyer! Giant Power slim line 2S 7.4v 450mAh 35C-70C JST lipo battery 3 pack. Special price of only $17.99. Fast shipping from Detroit MI USA is only $2.90! These are perfect for your micro drones such as the EMAX Baby Hawk drone. Great light weight performer in the hot new E-Flite UMX Aero Commander. Give our batteries a try and you will become a Giant Power battery fan!

Buy them here!
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After watching Joshua Bardwell's introduction and review of the Strix 4s Parallel charging board and all of the safety they had in mind when designing it, I decided to give it a try. I never really got into parallel charging my larger packs because of safety and what I like about the Strix is the on-board voltage readout and the poly fuses used on the balance leads. These two simple features really make this board stand out from the rest along with the overall robust quality of components and rugged construction. For $26 this is a very nice product but it does have one glaring issue.. it's only made for 4s packs.. or is it?

I decided to take a closer look and after spending some time studying the tracers and components, I could not see why this would not do 3s as well. I got out some 3s lipos to give it a try and shaved one of the nubs from the balance leads so it could plug in and it worked! I charged 5 3s 850mah lipos with the board no problem and shot off a private message to Strix letting them know that with a simple mod to the balance plug they could market this as a 3s and 4s Parallel charging board.

If you are thinking about Parallel charging for the first time or are thinking of replacing you current parallel charging board then take a look at my review and see what you think. For those that never parallel charged batteries then this board is definitely for you and I explain in my video how to parallel charge.

It can be bought at ReadyMadeRC

Parallel Charging board by Strix, Joshua Bardwell Line V2 4s and 3s? (12 min 30 sec)

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I am planning to build fpv racer quad. I want to know that if naze32 rev6 is compatible with turnigy 5x ?
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... for a modular tubular frames? Yes it is. After a hefty amount of prototypes and redesigns I have abandoned the idea of modular arm round tube frame. For a very simple reason really. Its too damn hard to make it strong, yet modular. OK, it goes way deeper than that, but the point stays.
Is the round tube concept dead? No. When not afraid of epoxying the parts, its a good way to make ultra light frames.
I am going to make one 4" featherweight as soon as I have some free time available.
And also a 6" freestyle frame.
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DJI have anounced some some Black Friday Discounts on a number of their products from the Phantom 4 to the Osmo.

The highlight for me being being £/$100 off the DJI Spark and £/$150 off the Magic Pro Fly More Combo with both getting some additional free accessories like a landing pad

These discounts are available from 22nd to 27th November from the DJI Store Direct, More info on the below af link



Magic Pro Fly More Combo + Free Gifts

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Ladies and Gentlemen.

How fast does your model really go? It is amazing that asking a wide variety of people at any one flying field how fast a model travels that you get such very wide spread of answers. Many of those answers that are very far off the true airspeed are from quite seasoned modelers! I am getting better at it, but depending on the size of the model and maybe the noise it is making, I still can guess quite far off!

Well, there is no need to guess anymore. if you have telemeter type RX/TX's, a way to record data (or just listen) and an airspeed sensor, none of which are that expensive anymore, you too can really find out how fast your model is going and how much power it takes to get there.

Many of you know that I am quite fond of propeller driven warbirds, and my favorite is still probably the Supermarine Spitfire. I have done some design work for Hobby King over the last 5years for their Durafly and Avios line. I have designed power systems and props for many of these models. For this dissertation I decided to use an Eflite MK14 1200mm Spitfire. Though a good looking and flying model, many here on RCgroups think it is a bit slow for a warbird in the stock 3S configuration. When I first saw one fly earlier this year, I too thought the same. Then I got to fly one and my impression did not change. It was time to own one myself and see where the problem is and how it can be fixed.

From my experience on the Durafly Mk24 spitfire (I designed the...Continue Reading
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Listen to my instrumentals while you're building. Available on Spotify. Just search my name.
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Started filling , painting , sanding. And then repeating again until it looks reasonable. Most of the top side looks OK now.
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Posted by Dronedude1974 | Today @ 12:26 AM | 527 Views
Well had to crash land the other day to keep from crashing into a friends truck and went with carbon fiber blades body and micro heli button aluminum head with autorotation this is my first build and it has been a great class still having issues with getting everything level but oh well if anyone has any tips or any constructive advice I am all ears one man doesn’t know everything. Thanks and happy flights
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I haven't done any flying or building in a long while and have never really done any 3d flying so bought this EPP kit for 15 dollars here in China that has the foam kit and hardware, I think I have everything else. It will use 2 5gram servos and one 9g. I have a couple 800mah 2S batteries but may have to buy some 3s for this one. Really light plane .
I put the foam together with some hot glue. Will leave off the decals to save some weight.
Here is the link and couple of videos (in Chinese), the flying one is pretty entertaining.
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 11:37 PM | 551 Views
Anti stiction was implemented for this one. The trick was determining when the steering needed to change direction & kick the servo. The zero crossings of the P error were a good indicator of when the steering needed to change direction, although I & D also factored into the servo direction. The decision was made to rely on P error so the algorithm wouldn't feed back into itself. It waited until the zero crossing + a little hysteresis, then added a fixed amount to the I term to kick the servo. Using 1 degree of hysteresis & 3% for the kick completely solved the stiction problem. Not using any hysteresis or using too much kick made the steering oscillate. It was so tight, it could stay on the path for a nearly quarter mile with no steering inputs.

Also, the transmission was lubricated through the holes for the 1st time. The tape didn't stop the oil from leaking out, but hopefully it kept dirt out. Oil leaked out the bottom. It was so quiet after lubrication, you could hear the servo.

The speed was set to 10min/mile. Burned 3886mAh +4477mAh or 331mAh/mile. This was finally near the predicted range, but manely from increasing the speed. The lion can't manetain that speed for every run.
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Got some video of the KX on track for the first time
Atomik MM450 KX450F close up track action (3 min 47 sec)

Posted by brandonmoon | Yesterday @ 10:42 PM | 627 Views
Is it really worth it all?

I thought this would be a good topic for many of us to discuss and share experiences with?

Hi Folks, as many of you know. I have reviewed a few products in the RC community for other companies, off and on, and at their request/invitation, and have been involved in RC for over 30+ years. It has been a privilege and honor as well as fun to receive the products and voice my thoughts, opinion, constructive feed back, and any helpful advice, tip, tricks, and etc. that may be useful to help others and the companies involved enjoy the products.

However, I have found and discovered, when too many strings begin to be attached in doing that and what you can say and can't say?, as is with one I've reviewed for (Not mentioned at this time) the joy of sharing information, the excitement, and involvement looses it's luster and generally detracts from the Joy I have in RC flying and generally working with them. I have now began to scrutinize who I will review for. It's nice to receive free products, but not at the expense of being controlled in doing so and alienating friends. The personal cost and time (and yes, your time is money $$$) can really start to add up $$$. Money out of your own pocket that could actually be more that if you actually just went and bought the plane your self for your own personal enjoyment.

I honestly believe that the general public, that doesn't have inside info, is a consumer or loyal fan of a particular product, has no idea of...Continue Reading
Posted by kilgore_trout | Yesterday @ 10:03 PM | 681 Views
Andy Bruno.
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Hi Everyone
I don't know if my last thread posted or not so this might be a repeat thread.
To anyone who's interested, I'm offering my services to assemble any RC kit for a negotiable fee. I have a moderate amount of experience in assembling kits and I enjoy building RC kits more than operating them. The way this would work is that you would send me your kit, I'd assemble it, after assembly we'd negotiate the fee and the fee would be paid at this point, then the kit would be shipped back to you. Any parts not included with the kit but need for operation of the model I will purchase, these purchase will be tacked on to the fee. Shipping can also be negotiated.
Any interested parties can contact me here: iinvent4u15@gmail.com
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Does anyone know how to properly install the Volatex X-pilot stabilizer in the ranger 757-4 without using sbus. I know there is a way to do it with or without using sbus just don't know. The couple videos they have on YouTube really don't show much as far as connecting what wires to where