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Posted by ChemtrailCowboy | Aug 30, 2015 @ 09:20 PM | 10,826 Views
Hi Ho, Silver Blade and Away!!! CCowboy giddy up ur beautiful blue skies, SRM geoengineered to black & white washed clouds.. nwo five star tumor

Frame =] Diatone Silver Blade #37
Motors =] Emax 2204-2300kv
Esc =] BL Heli 12A - Rapids
Props =] 6030 CF | 5030 x 6030 Ghost & CF | 5030 Ghost | 5045 GF
FC =] CC3D
PDB =] Diatone 250 CF
Lipo =] Angel Power 2200mAh 35c
VTX =] Skyzone Ts5823 200mw
Cam =] 700tvl Cmos - Day & Night vision
VRX =] RC832
VRX Lipo =] 2s 1500mAh 25c
Antennas =] Std Rubber Duckies > upgrading Clover leaves
TX =] Hobby King Turnigy 9X
Led =] 12v Red & White
FPV =] 52" Specs Goggle, Thanks Superfly FPV!
AUW =] 550g

Aite y'all have a great safe fun flyin' weekend and an awesome week aheah! Yeehaw! <3 CC
Posted by ChemtrailCowboy | Jun 09, 2015 @ 02:04 AM | 10,188 Views
Hello everyone, hope ya'll had a great weekend! If not here's a video to cheer you up from a flight with
the UAV420 FMJ Aluminum Space Cowboy Yeehaw! <3 CCowboy Giddy Up Ur Geo Skies
Have an awesome week ahead ya'll!

The black dot on cam when recording the Son just got replaced with a square

Strange Saturn Black Cube Sun Sunrise June 2015 UAV 420 FMJ Aluminum SpaceCowboy Bluebeam Quadcopter (0 min 52 sec)

Posted by ChemtrailCowboy | Feb 28, 2015 @ 07:07 AM | 11,632 Views
This has got to be the best easy flyin quad among the other builds. For this UAV420, am using the same specs/build log
as the Foxy 330, enjoy the video with Bonus 3d Helis and UFO Peace! <3 CC

UAV 420 Quadcopter Multirotor Drone Aluminum Space Cowboy Full Metal Jacket SRM Geo Skies (7 min 24 sec)

Posted by ChemtrailCowboy | Feb 27, 2015 @ 04:13 AM | 11,752 Views
Hello everyone, wishing ya'll well and in good health! Here's another scratchbuild and the last picture is with 7.5x4.5 custom aluminum propellers, video to follow soon... enjoy! The UAV 420 Full Metal Jacket Space Cowboy Quadcopter Multirotor, Big Thanks to Murray Spoelstra for the design n template (resized) Yeehaw! CCowboy Giddy Up The Geo Skies ... Have a safe fun flyin' weekend! <3 CC
Posted by ChemtrailCowboy | Dec 31, 2014 @ 07:08 AM | 12,661 Views
Yeehaw! Merry New Year 2015 ya'll!! Lookin' great guys..
Didn't think I'd give up that easy now, did ya Just in time for 2015 So here's Foxy... pwee-weet!
She flies a little shy and her hovering was sweet, but once I'm done with her she'll be ownin' the skies like CCowboy in no time, yeehaw!

Specs are;
40mm 1/2" PVC H-Frame MTM 330mm
Motors RCTimer 2822/14 1450kv
ESCs RCTimer 20A SimonK
Props 7x45 / 7.5x4.5 / 8x3.8
FC Armattan KK2.1.8s Flashed with Armattan Firmware
Armattan Distribution Board & Face Plate with standoffs
Li-po 3s 2800mAh 35c Lion Power
LED Strips & Decals
Turnigy 9x Tx & Rx
MD80 DVCam
AUW 1080grams
Flight time 5 mins
*DIY 1.5l Juice bottle canopy- clear & silver

Sorry no links, but just highlight the parts above and google search it for results.
Thank you to all who contributed knowingly or otherwise! Much <3 & Hugs!!! CC ...Continue Reading
Posted by ChemtrailCowboy | Nov 01, 2014 @ 11:00 AM | 12,509 Views
Warning! Expert beginner in the making into the world of RC Hobby, exploring with my first quadcopter, "The Syma X5C-1" with Hd Camera and for anyone interested in getting some flyin' experience as a hobby, this quad rocks!! here's my take on it and I rate it All Stars! for it's aerial video/photography, flyin' circuits, doing 360 flips aerobatics, this a steal for its value and durability + easy to get spare parts. Remember this is a toy and not a DJI / Rc Model hence it doesn't do too well in windy areas. I normally fly in non-windy conditions at sunrise and sunset thanks for watching & have a flyin' day! YeeHaw! CCowboy Giddy Up!!
WARNING! Fly Responsibly away from people and traffic! You wouldn't want to gorge out an eye with those propellers or cause a traffic accident now, Enjoy ...Continue Reading