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Posted by davidwills | Jul 01, 2014 @ 01:20 AM | 4,628 Views
Maglev Essential Carbon Fiber Prop Balancer: Only $8.89 and shipped

Name: Cool Carbon Fiber Propeller Balancer Maglev Essential 20325 FocalRC.jpg
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Description: Maglev Essential CF prop balancer FocalRC
Material: N45 high-performance magnet and Carbon Fiber Plate
Fit 0-80g Fixed wing propeller, marine propeller, Car wheel hub, Turbine blade, etc (helicopter not available)

Multifunction Carbon Fiber Propeller Balancer: $15.49 and shipped
CNC processing carbon fiber material
Suit for 250-700 airplane propeller and quadcopter FPV
Color: orange & black
Maglev-method was adopted on the center fixing axis to balance the tested products with zero resistance

Name: Multifunction Carbon Fiber Propeller Balancer 16916 FocalRC.jpg
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Description: Multifunction Carbon Fiber Propeller Balancer FocalRC