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Posted by kitetricks | Jul 08, 2014 @ 01:10 PM | 3,953 Views
An example with out a bad ending of how quickly transmitter programming can bite without good preflights.

The Model: UM Corsair 4-Ch without AS3X. I've flown the model several times on both my DX6i and my new DX6. Kept at work for spur of the moment parking lot opportunities.

Over the weekend I decided there was no reason not to program a Throttle Cut into my airplanes just like I have on the Helicopters. Just good safety feature, right? I rolled through the 12 airplane models on my DX6 making Switch H the same on all my models.

I got to work 10 minutes early this morning and there was no wind so I grabbed the Corsair.

My cursory preflight of control surfaces moving the right direction. Into the air I go, a couple of circles, and set up for a fast low pass. Since I seem to have DTS (Dumb Thumb Syndrome) , I switch to Mid-Rates to settle it down a little. The next thing I know the motor has quit and the airplane settles to a very ungracefull landing at the far side of the parking lot

Apparently, I must have rolled the thumb wheel while pressing enter and got switch G for my Throttle cut during the weekend changes, while my transmitter told me "Mid Rates" it cut the throttle on me.

A good preflight would have caught it and made my morning flight prefect and worry free. Instead I spent half my time thinking I now needed parts
Posted by kitetricks | Jun 11, 2014 @ 05:35 PM | 3,637 Views
Figured I might as well start something here with a history of my RC flying.

I won't go into details about my first experience at command of the sticks other than to say when people are yelling at you to "pull up!" I definately heard the "UP" and the elevator stick was "UP" as far as it would go Oh well, that was almost 40 years ago.

Stationed in Korea, I found the hobby shop on the little camp I was in and built a 10 sized nitro three channel airplane. Six years latter, I was working with someone who was flying rc airplanes, I finally flew it. Shortly after that I got rid of the landing gear, added skids, and ailerons. That was fun

A year latter and a job change I had my final bad landing (involving a cartwheel at speed on pavement, it was spectacular ) I got into flying two line kites, and RC went on hold with an uncompleted replacement airplane on the shelf in the garage. No more fuel mess, and exhaust drippings

A couple of short plays with Ni-cad powered airplanes that were barely powered enough to stay in the air didn't get me excited again.

Then a friend at an indoor kite event brought out a Night Vapor, and I was hooked again. There was a whole line of little under $100 micro planes actually fly well, and fit into my little two seat Honda!

A DX6i, and Night Vapor leads to: mSR, Champ, UM T-28, mSRX, Polecat, Mini-Vapor, SBach 3D (needed something that could handle wind), Archer, Nano CPX, Yak-54 3D, UM Corsair, UM Warhawk, and now I find myself with a new DX6.

Pretty much caught up to now. I'm looking at bigger planes, and starting to see why people like brushless motors... you do get spoiled having the power to go vertical anytime any place.

Now to try the Archer's lipos on that slug Slo-V, maybe it wasn't as bad as I remember