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Posted by jwhitacre | Dec 31, 2019 @ 06:09 PM | 2,748 Views
This is still in design phase and may take a while to get going but heres the general info
WA-1,135.56 sq in
Aspect ratio- 12.26
Weight- Probably not what I want
Wing loading- Same as above

Ideally I want to make a RES wing and full house wing, and both powered fuselage and winch ready one. How much of that happens Im not sure but would like to make a powered res version at least. The remote id proposed rule has me on fence about making both wings and fuses... time will tell. Ok, onto the meat and potatoes I have the right res wing drawn out so far as you can see. Fuselage for power will be next with lengthened nose and tail plus bigger rudder. Stay tuned and Happy New Year!
Posted by jwhitacre | May 22, 2011 @ 08:37 PM | 6,270 Views
I've been working on this mainly on the designing end for a month. I got some great advice on the "Where's the huge spirit thread" over on sailplane talk. Now I'm cutting wood for the fuselage.
The sides are mated up and drying right now with the front doubler in place. I will get a few pics of the fuse sides tomorrow. The upper and lower fuse parts are also cut. All that is left to fab up is the bulkheads then I can do some assembling
Posted by jwhitacre | Apr 29, 2011 @ 03:41 AM | 7,194 Views
Well I suppose that enough people requested for them to bring the slowpoke back because I have a new kit here! Hopefully they bring the 40 size back too. Anyway to the build: I am on the road working right now so this one will be built on a 4' X 2' piece of fiber board I got at Menards. I bought the minimal tools needed to do the framing in my hotel room so this will be interesting. The plan is to make it a floater so the tail will be made from laminated contest grade balsa to keep the weight down in back. Luckily the LHS here has a HUGE stash of Sig contest grade sheets. I bought as many as I could afford to take home for future sailplane builds.
The setup will be a 25 size outrunner up front and probably a 4000mah 3 cell lipo. That should give me some pretty long flight times. The pics for the build will be taken with my phone so sorry in advance for the quality lol. The only other major deviation from stock I can think of will be changing the LG setup to an aluminum gear attached to the fuse in front of the wing.