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Posted by blitzen | Aug 14, 2018 @ 10:26 PM | 3,259 Views
Itís been great fun flying around the neighborhood, the park and playground this summer. But thanks to the RC Groups field finder, I found a bigger flying field that is accessible by public transit and only 20 minutes away. There are 4 soccer fields placed end to end along the river. Iím guessing they are reserved by clubs. There are shaded areas, picnic tables, restrooms, a parking lot and cold bottled water vending machines too. The whole place was deserted when I was there. I only saw friendly grounds keepers. One seemed accustomed to RC modelers asking if it was okay to fly. ďNo dogs and donít feed the geeseĒ. Thatís all he cared about. There is a fee to park but I got off a bus right outside the gates and itís free to walk in.
Posted by blitzen | Aug 11, 2018 @ 11:22 AM | 3,592 Views
It was a warm Summer evening. I put on bug repellant and went outside. This was the first full battery flight of a lightweight (75g gross) micro quad copter that I had recently built. The first couple of minutes was line of sight. Onboard LED indicators make it bright enough to track in the dark but didn't help with orientation. The fast motors and short props spin smoothly and quietly so I wasn't disturbing the peace. A ďthrottle punchĒ was respectable and after a few flips and funnels it was time to try the goggles. Since the flight control board has Betaflight OSD the peripheral screens are redundant and are turned off. Unfortunately, the camera isnít configurable through the Betaflight OSD menu. A wired dongle is needed to change itís settings. Using it was inconvenient enough that Iím already browsing for another camera. Taking off into the darkness, the clarity and brightness of the image was actually disappointing. This could be because Iím not adjusting the camera correctly. The FrSky X7 radio can take advantage of the 16 channels on the SBUS receiver. in other words, I need to remember or label the switches on the radio. There is no telemetry but the ďfull rangeĒ receiver shows RSSI in Betaflight OSD. I had previously set up 3 profiles but chose the BF 3.4.0 default PIDs with the rates changed to my liking. Flying around obstacles closer to the ground a propeller clipped a shrubbery. I was unaware that a blade broke off until afterward. Economy and distribution of power were challenges when building this. Iím happy that a small 2S LiPo lasted almost 7 minutes.