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This video was taken of my new E-flite UMX Timber STOL RC Plane With AS3X and shows a flight near dusk. It does a pretty good job of showing just how nice the lights are and how smooth the SAFE system works.

E-flite UMX Timber STOL RC Plane With AS3X - Flight Near Dusk (2 min 45 sec)

Review Notes:

- It handles wind very well
- There is plenty of power for all kinds of flying
- It is easy to fly, beginner friendly in SAFE mode provided they fly in a wide open space because it takes a while to maneuver in that mode.
- The Tundra Tires look cool and allow it to take-off from and land on a variety of surfaces.
- It accommodates floats
- The lights are really cool for something at this price point

- It does not taxi well
- The stickers were not properly applied
- The manual did not have complete instructions for SAFE or flaps.
- The flaps were off out of the box
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Beast SL 60A Waterproof 1:10 & 1:12 Scale brushless ESC for short course trucks.

Our team has been dedicating lots of time and efforts to bring you this completely stunning product. Beast series ESCs are finely designed and tested and fine-tuned by the experienced driver proven to be a reliable and quality ESC. On top of this, we make it more resistant to water. Not splash, its real water proof. You can run your vehicles through the morning dew, down the muddy road, across the soggy snow or just about anywhere else youd be interested in running a 1/10th scale RC buggy or truck. Our Beast 45A and 60A are for the pre-professional level, no matter what vehicle you are driving, it will delivers you more what you expected. Also for the sake of safety, we offer you the accurate voltage and temperature protection to make sure you are using within the safe limits. This is the one ESC you ever dream about who will give you performance at very reasonable,affordable price, definitely a best value keeper for your vehicle.

1 Enhanced throttle response, excellent acceleration, strong brakes and throttle linearity
2 Using program card to make adjustments.
3 Using program card to program forward or reverse throttle limit
4 Using program card to program braking percent
5 Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection and throttle signal loss protection
6 Compatible with NOVAK, LRP, ORION brushless motor
7. Micro-fin aluminum heat sink dissipates heat.
8.Industrial leading edge waterproof design

Max Continuous Current - 60A
Burst Current - 380A
BEC Output - 6V/2A
Motor Type - 4 Pole Sensorless Brushless Motor
Battery - 5-10 Cell NiMH/NiCd or 2-3s Lipo
Suitable Vehicle - 1:10 on-road and off-road cars/trucks, SCT
Operation Environment - Waterproof design allows you to use in nearly any environment
Resistance - .0007 ohm
Length - 44mm
Width - 32mm
Height - 37mm
Weight - 95g
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ZTW Mantis Series ESCs are designed for both beginner and advanced modelers. Their performance and stability have been approved by distributors and pilots around the world. Mantis ESCs feature a compact size, light weight, super smooth start up and throttle linearity, multiple protection modes, solid BEC output, and more. All these features make Mantis Series ESCs the perfect mid-level speed controller for park flyer, sport, and aerobatic pilots.

ZTW speed controllers are one of the most widely used and trusted speed controller brands available on the market today. They are sold under many different brand names, but we choose to purchase direct from the manufacturer without rebranding so that we can pass the savings on to you. ZTW controllers represent a new generation of brushless ESCs using advanced microprocessor technology. They are designed and manufactured with high quality components which provide exceptional reliability, low internal resistance, and a smooth, linear throttle response.

New advanced programming software with secondary sub-menu setting for ease of use.
Advanced Governor Mode (uses B-Series design to keep the motor speed even though the load is changed)

ZTW Brushless ESC
Brushless ESC
Dreambox dm900 hd 4k
DM900 hd 4K
Ultra HD 900 hd 4K

Supports high RPM motors, can be used with most of the RC motors on the market.
More optional motor timing, startup and soft acceleration settings for smoother motor operation.
...Continue Reading
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Finished a small build

Flyegg type frame 2mm base plate
Piko f4
Racerstar 32bit 8amp escs
Eachine 1104 6500 motors
An Eachine 25mw AIO cam and vtx
Kingkong 2840 triblades

2 2S average batts and 3x3S 70C ones to try

120egg (17 min 8 sec)

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Hey readers,

Check this out!
lizard95 windy workout (4 min 47 sec)

Posted by michael quillan | Sep 13, 2017 @ 05:09 PM | 4,143 Views
Hey gang ! Just thought I wold post pictures of this bird in full dress If the real one had it so does this one I know the sopwith is a more common build But I did not stop building until I ran out of pup to build I,m needing to round up some cash towards my next on going big project and will be selling this one as well Let me know what you think CHEERS...Continue Reading
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Just want to give a big shoutout to Agnes over at gens ace/tattu for giving me the awesome opportunity to fly for them! I will be running the tattu 30a escs along with the 2305 2450kv motors they offer as well as continue running their 4s 1300mah 75c battery packs on my new chameleon builds and on top of that ill be using their new tiny whoop battery packs with 2.0 connectors!!! The quality of product I have purchased and received even before the sponsor have been next to perfect and I will always worship their compaines quality control and the great customer service I have always received! Please go ahead and check them out at!!! Thanks again Agnes!!!! Flight videos of the new product will be up soon on my channel PNWFPV, please check them out and subscribe for more!
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AstroX Switch Stretch X frame.


Xracer F303 V3.1 #Betaflight 3.2

Speedix GS30a esc's

Lumenier Freybott 2206-2460kv motors

Runcam MicroSwift with TPU pod

TBS Unify Race vtx

Pyrodrone Linear Whip antenna

Gemfan 5152 Flash props
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Hey readers,

Received some new FLASH 5152...
Didn't screw them before testing them this times
Well the feel is, when I do blink my eyes while punching out... The kwad move too fast...
These props are very good! Thumb up!

Video when the crappy VTX is replaced...

Have fun, go fly!
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Best FPV moments of 2014 (10 min 54 sec)

Posted by Jack Crossfire | Sep 13, 2017 @ 12:04 AM | 3,428 Views
A fusing of the very 1st Gear360 video was quite accurate, all the way to the bottom. This had the camera horizontal.
A fusing of the camera rotated sideways was also nearly perfect, all the way to the bottom.

The leading theory is grinding the lens down may have tilted the plane of focus so objects on 1 side are farther away than objects on the other side. This can probably be corrected with a pile of new parameters.

Another problem was vignetting causing the boundaries to look dark.

Eliminated the radius parameter from the Bourke equations, since it only scaled the field of view. Fusing now took only field of view, input XY, & Z rotation.

Uploading it to the goo tube requires tagging it. The goog has source code for tagging it & reading the tags. It's a python program which works on all operating systems. Merely run 'python spatialmedia -h' in the root directory.

Unfortunately, it couldn't handle files containing mp4 audio. Despite being written 16 years after libraries for reading Quicktime/mp4 started appearing, he still wrote a custom parser which doesn't work. Such is life in a world with every program written in a different language.

The decision was made to hack the lion kingdom's 19 year old make_streamable program to inject the header while also moving the headers to the start of the file. It'll never pass a Goog job screening, but it works. It was hard coded for equirectangular with 2 channel audio. The hardware is around for making 4 channel audio, but the standards are very complex.

Eclipse in spherical mode (4 min 18 sec)

It has some potential on the day job's ipad pro. It's almost worth buying VR goggles to experience that moment again. The Samsung's inability to resolve the moon was a disaster.

To get flickr & facebook to show spherical photos in a viewer, use exiftool to add the magic tag.

exiftool -ProjectionType="equirectangular" photo.jpg
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N52SH magnet ,7075 aluminum. 0.15silicone steel sheet lamination, without wire weight 29.6g any interested contact Sara, email:[email protected] whatapp +86-13647439909 skype UAVmotor
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DHK Maximus Goes MAX BASH At The BMX Trails (4 min 9 sec)

Tough as nails. Great Control. Dirt Thrower. Ok guys, let's talk DHK Maximus bashing. This truck is nuts! It stomped all over the IPSWITCH BMX trails and wanted more. I want to say I beat it up, but it wouldn't even let me beat it too bad because it would right itself. Even landing on all fours from that height could destroy some cars, but not this guy. If that wasn't enough, I cartwheeled it pretty hard too. Overall, I fell like the tires were great, the suspension could use tuning to reduce chassis slap, the truck was stable in corners and flew straight when you line up the jumps right. Had a blast and will take it back again very soon. Just need to readjust the pinion/slipper mesh as the motor did slip from all the abuse.
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Just had to show this.
Baddest Ferrari ever.