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Posted by V977_fan | Feb 01, 2017 @ 09:12 AM | 7,953 Views
Hello to everyone here, all my fellow pilots...

And so guys I've been experimenting with Nelly and her TX/RX settings and I have to say that this stuff is really difficult to figure out! Now I think of myself as a semi-intelligent guy who really seems to love his helicopters way way way more than normal people do! And so this whole Throttle and Pitch Curves are a real mystery to me!

I know what the curves should look like, but its still a very tricky business this! The thing is that I prefer to setup my heli so that normal mode feels quite close to idle-up mode but will less rpm and more pitch!

Yesterday I tried the following curves and I was pretty satisfied:

Th. C. = 00, 50, 70, 85, 100 - (normal mode)
Pi. C. = 40, 45, 50, 77, 88 - (normal mode)

Th. C. = 100, 95, 90, 95, 100 - (idle-up mode)
Pi. C. = 12, 37, 50, 63, 88 - (idle-up mode)

Very important is to note that if you have changed your MOTOR TIMING then these curves will not work probably! These curves are for LOW motor timing and NORMAL also but if you are on NORMAL I suggest you be very careful when you first try them, heli could just suddenly shoot off as commanded!!!

I will be experimenting with these CURVES and stuff lots tonight with Nelly mostly! I'm gonna try and get Nelly to feel exactly like what I want her to handle like. Its gonna take a long time probably but I'm willing to get those perfect settings! Now also guys keep in mind that Nelly is a heavier heli than the stock XK K110,...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 31, 2017 @ 04:00 AM | 8,365 Views
Hello to all fellow pilots here...

And so yesterday I've been flying Nelly and lil Whiny after work! I flew 10 battery packs through Nelly and more than 15 through lil Whiny! I have to say that it is great fun to fly both these helis! Obviously if you wanna be serious about your flying you will choose the XK K110(Nelly), although lil Whiny is just as sophisticated as Nelly is - since they have exatly the same RX board and exactly the same Firmware Systems!

I have some good news about lil Whiny and her "new" main motor!!! The real problem with lil Whiny is that while a main motor like the one in lil Whiny may power a V911 just fine its not really ok for the XK K100! The K100 has way more headspeed than the V911! This is why the exact same main motor may last months in the V911 but it may completely burn out in under a week if you fly idle-up with a near 100 flat throttle curve! In fact you can burn out the K100's main motor in under 50 flights, completely!!!

Now that's not really good hey, but yesterday I realized how WE CAN PROLONG the life of the main motor in the XK K100(lil Whiny)!!!

My sister saw over my place and she wanted to sleep, so I could not fly Nelly or Bobby because they make way too much noise for indoors when someone is trying to sleep! I knew that all my helis ALWAYS FLY QUIETER when without the canopy on! Just a skeleton heli flying! I didn't wanna fly idle-up with lil Whiny anymore because this is what eats away her main motor! I...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 30, 2017 @ 09:07 AM | 7,742 Views
Hello to all my favorite fellow pilots here...

I'm doing this post now all about the XK K100(aka. Whiny) and how quickly her main motor burns out!!!

Now guys, honestly, I could see this all happening - the XK K100's main motor burning out its lil brushes so very quickly! Now as we've all realized the V911 and the XK K110 use the exact same motors, main and tail! I remember that my V911 flew for a very long time, many flights I mean, before its main motor started to show symptoms of wearing out/burning out them lil brushes! This is all normal and makes lots of sense to me.

The V911 is a FP heli and it flies with way way lower RPM overall as compared to the XK K100! Whiny's headspeed is truly crazy fast, especially in idle-up mode! So its no surprise that its little main motor wears out in under 50 flights! Now I know you may think that 50 flights is really really way too little of a number of flights to burn out a whole main motor! But if you notice the absolutely crazy fast headspeed that the little K100 actually gets up to its very normal for the main motor to burn out so quickly!

Now I love my lil Whiny so very much, even though she is soooo very fragile and her main motor seems to be so easily worn out, I really do love to fly her soooo very very very much!

So now guys I'm kinda preserving lil Whiny! I do fly her in idle-up mode, but not in the beginning of the flight when her battery is still full of punch! That is when the motor burns out the most I...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 30, 2017 @ 05:28 AM | 7,407 Views
Hello to all my fellow pilots here in this wonderful, best in the world, website to find anything out about your beloved helis!

As you all may know I bought a XK K100(named Whiny by my mom) about 2 weeks ago or so! I'm not sure if I had a brand new main motor but the one that came with the heli lasted a week exactly! I've been reading lots and lost about the XK K100. There are a few people out there which are complaining from the exact same problem, main motor burning out too quickly! Now I've already described what happens to the heli when the main motor starts to burn out. The main symptoms are loss of overall power(extreme sometimes if motor's brushes are totally burned out), shortened flight times(under 3 minutes will fully charged batteries), battery get hotter than if the motor is in good condition!

So symptoms are less power, less flight time, more battery heat! These symptoms combined mean that you are burning out your main motor and you need to replace it before you start to damage your batteries! And so I've recently just replaced my main motor with the one which was in little Midget(V911)! The motor fits perfectly, as it is exactly the same size! In fact the XK K100 and the V911 have exactly the same motors, main and tail! This may be the reason that lil Whiny flies so very well with lil Midget's 130mah tiny, lil batteries for just under 5 minutes!

I suspect that I really did help out the whole process of burning out the original, stock main motor though!...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 30, 2017 @ 04:03 AM | 7,136 Views
Hello guys...

I was flying all my 3 wonderful helicopters this weekend, all weekend long!!! Nelly, Bobby and lil Whiny! Nelly is just so crazy powerful in idle-up(LOW motor timing) that I always have to keep in mind my TX/RX curves and stuff! Bobby is just such a wonderfully flying heli that its truly incredible really, the sound he makes is like a melody, rather than Nelly's ROAR!!! Both Bobby and Nelly are brushless main motors and so the 1S battery pack really spins the hell out of our 11K BL motors, and in return we get that crisp response and amazing handling! Ever since Bobby was brought back to life from the dead he is now truly a magnificent flier really, he flies so well that sometimes I wonder if he is not a better flier than Nelly!!! And then I fire-up Nelly and remember why she is the better flier of the two!!! LOL...


...I've been flying lil Whiny also now that she has 5 of her own original batteries and another 5 of the V911 ones. With 10 batteries in total lil Whiny can fly extremely long for her small size! The V911 batteries are 130mah and her own original ones are 240 ~ 250mah! With the 130mah(V911) batteries Whiny flies for 4 minutes and 30 seconds in idle-up and normal mode flights mixed! With her own original 240 ~ 250mah batteries lil Whiny has a higher headspeed in the beginning of her idle-up flight than her headspeed with the 130mah batteries! With the 240 ~ 250mah batteries she flies for around 5 ~ 6 minutes! Lil Whiny is...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 29, 2017 @ 05:19 AM | 7,621 Views
Hello guys...

Have a look at Nelly, today I'm gonna fly her mostly...


PS: I'll keep updating this post through the day...

Posted by V977_fan | Jan 28, 2017 @ 02:43 PM | 7,228 Views
Hello to all my fellow pilots here...

Guys I've been flying Nelly and lil Whiny yesterday and today morning. Flying Nelly and Whiny(especially after I installed a new main motor) and I have to say that the XK helicopters are truly the top of smoothness and stability for real!!!

Anyway, so I decided that now I'm gonna fly Bobby for some 10 flights at least! Already had a few flights with Bobby and he is setup so perfectly that I can't even describe it!!!

Ever since Bobby was brought back to life from the dead(smoked his RX board), now his new chip(FET) keeps his tail hold insanely locked-in!!! So it's a real pleasure to fly Bobby now!

Also when I was building him and putting him together I had left the tail boom a little longer than normal, so now I've fixed that and inserted the boom a bit more, and now Bobby looks like Nelly in length, even a little bit shorter he is now!! Nevertheless, his tail hold is still as insanely locked-in as before!!

Now I prefer to fly Bobby indoors for a change, rather than Nelly. I still love to fly all my helis!! I fly lil Whiny in-between my flights with Nelly or Bobby, just to give them a short rest between flights! Whiny's brand new main motor gets just as burning hot as the previous main motor which burned out in a week of flying!!

The BL motors on our helis are a true blessing for all of us guys!! They are so powerful and so efficient, they are just amazingly awesome!! If you have about 3 spare K100 main motors then it's ok to fly...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 27, 2017 @ 06:04 PM | 8,930 Views
Hello to everyone....

I just had some 7 flights with Nelly my XK K110! I tried HIGH motor timing but didn't like the low torque even though the RPM were crazy!!

So I like to fly LOW motor timing all the time in idle-up mode, that's the best way to make it aggressive and yet precise and predictable while smooth and stable and really really consistent at all times!!

And so after that I decided that I have to change my K100 main motor because I was get only 2 to 3 mins flights which were very weak!!

Now after installing a brand new main motor my K100(Whiny) has absolutely INSANE RPM in idle-up mode!!

I cannot believe how much headspeed Whiny has now!!!

I think I may even have been ripped off hey!!

My heli, K100, only lasted like about not even 100 flights and the motor's brushes were finished already!!!

Now I've decided tomorrow I'm gonna go buy another 5 main motors and 3 tail motors for lil Whiny!

It feels incredible to fly her with such powerful new motor, amazing stuff really!!

I love this little heli now so much!!!

It has become my favourite of all now, the K100!!!

PS: it's got to be the best learner ever!!!

PPS: K110 or even V977 are more powerful and more advanced, and so they will have more damage when crashed! They are way better helis though for sure..

PPPS: I've just ordered me the T-Rex 150X!!!

It's got to be the best helicopter I've ever seen in my whole life!!!!!


Posted by V977_fan | Jan 27, 2017 @ 09:24 AM | 8,560 Views
Hello to all my fellow pilots here...

This Post today will be all on how to get the most out of your heli! I mean the overall performance of the heli will be boosted after reading and applying this post to your own micro-helicopter!

I've been researching and experimenting hectically for over 3 whole months now with the MOTOR TIMING!

Nelly is a XK K110, fully metal upgraded head components and other upgrades also, which bring Nelly's total, overall flying weight to just around 74 grams(with Battery of course)! Nelly is a very beautiful helicopter, she is truly a real GEM!!!

So to get the most power and torque out of your BL motor you have to make sure that first of all you know what kind of flying you'll be doing!

There are 3 different types of MOTOR TIMING when it comes to our beloved helis(V977s and K110s) ---> LOW, NORMAL(default), HIGH MOTOR TIMING! The effect of the MOTOR TIMING is very very similar to gears on a car, well at leas the effect I mean! And so the torque of the BL motor is inversely proportional to the MOTOR TIMING, this has been tested and so I'm sharing all this in this Post from personal experience guys!

MOTOR TIMING on our sweeet helis is changed through or by programming the ESC! We've already covered how to program the ESC and so in this Post I'll assume that you know how to change it!

Imagine that our normal motor pinion has say 9 lil teeth, and that is the normal, stock number of lil teeth on the motor pinion gear! And so the...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 26, 2017 @ 08:53 AM | 7,252 Views
Hello Guys...

It has happened, I seem to prefer to fly my little K100 these days to flying Bobby or Nelly! Don't get me wrong, I still do think that Nelly is my GEM helicopter and she is certainly my favorite overall heli! It even takes a few flights to get used to flying her after I've been flying lil Whiny all day long. Someone here in this site told me that the K100 main brushed motor wears out in about 50 flights in total! I was very very skeptical about it wearing out so quickly but in fact it does wear out pretty damn quick. I'm gonna test if its not just my batteries loosing their punch and this may be causing the feeling of under-power!

Such sophistication though cannot be missed at all! The XK series and their sweeeet RX boards, which are fully programmable, can make your heli move like a dream through the air, so very extremely smooth and stable its just incredible really, truly amazing stuff...

I'm gonna fly all my 10 batteries just now when I get home from work. I have one stock battery which is 250mah. Then I have 4 new batteries which are 240mah and they look exactly the same as the stock/original ones! Also I have 5 brand new V911 batteries, the 130mah ones! Its totally amazing how well Whiny flies with the V911 little, light 130mah batteries! They seem to have enough punch for mild 3D even especially also because they are just so lightweight!

This hobby is just the best hobby ever!

Posted by V977_fan | Jan 26, 2017 @ 08:11 AM | 7,419 Views
Hello guys, my fellow pilots...

Even though the K100(aka. Whiny) is really under-powered I was thinking that I will just keep flying it all the way until I notice that the main motor has been worn out!

You know guys hey, I was thinking that if this K100 had mre power it would be awesome this heli! I know now that most of you will think and wanna say: "Oh yeah, but adding more power to the K100 will just make it a K110!" !

But see guys I'm not talking about upgrading it to BRUSHLESS!!! This is too much power, I'm not looking to make the K100(Whiny) as powerful as Nelly(my XK K110 -> my GEM Heli!)! I do want to upgrade lil Whiny though to a new brushed motor, but one which is a little bigger than the stock one! The bad news is that only during the weekend probably I'll have a chance to go and gets me a new little bigger main motor for Whiny.

I've noticed a small drop in power, and especially in my new batteries which I got! I first thought that it was the motor already running out but this is a somewhat new heli! Unless it wears out completely in under 100 flights, it can't be the main brushed motor! I have a brand new lil Motor which I may test with today after work. I really do enjoy flying this little helicopter! Its low low headspeed makes it perfect for just normal leisure flights, indoors!

Yesterday, last night I flew some 8 batteries with Nelly(XK K110 - fully metal modified, and many other mods also) and I was literally BLOWN AWAY by...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 26, 2017 @ 05:44 AM | 7,328 Views
Hello guys...

The new original, stock 240mah batteries which I got for lil Whiny seem to be kinda under-powered! I've been flying the lil K100 quite a lot since I got it and have not yet replaced the motor!

I'm planning on flying it till the motor doesn't turn anymore, no matter how bad it feels! I have it with me at work and also I have a spare motor and some tools with me in case I have to change the motor(s) at work!

I already have experience with wearing out brushed motors, and so I know the symptoms of the motor's brushes finishing.

When the main motor starts to wear out it starts to consume way way more electricity than if the brushes are new or not worn out! Also the heli(motor) feels under-powered!

So if your V911(that's where I learned this from) or your K100(currently happening to my heli now) is losing power, it's probably NOT your batteries or connectors!

So guys when your brushed motor micro heli is losing power very quickly or if it's flying for way way less time with way less power, this probably means you need to change your motor and the heli will once again become just as powerful and fly for just as long as when you first got it out the box!


PS: I'm gonna fly till the main motor is at the very end of its life, battery is finishing faster also, and the power is way under!!

I'm probably gonna change the main motor today!!!

PPS: the new 240mah batteries which I got for lil Whiny are truly soooo sweeeet for her! She loves the lightweight, she flies soooooo damn well it's mind boggling!!!

I'm gonna fly now here in the office at work, indoors flights with lil Whiny!!!


Posted by V977_fan | Jan 25, 2017 @ 08:38 AM | 7,158 Views
Hello guys...

I have to admit that I really do LOVE the little K100 copter! Yesterday I got 4 brand new 240mah batteries for lil Whiny(my K100)! Like you may have already read in my previous Thread/Post that the one battery I got, from the new ones came with no connector at the end of the power supply wires! This was not a problem as I installed my very own connector!

By mistake I short circuited the battery poles and the 2 pins got stuck together(this is before I had put them in their white connector holder) for about 3 maybe even 4 seconds!!! The LiPo instantly became very hot and now this battery has less punch than the other 3! Its really hardly noticeable that the battery has less capacity!

Anyway I now have 4 x 240mah 30C(new ones) batteries and 1 x 250mah(stock one) and also 5 new 130mah V911 batteries!

So guys this is 10 batteries which are smaller than the V977/K110 ones, like less than half the size and about 5 times lighter depending on which battery is used!

The XK K100(Whiny) is a very very nice copter for indoors and to learn on! One of the most important things though is the WEIGHT on this little K100!!! I've noticed that the main brushed motor gets very hot after a flight, like almost burning hot!

So in order to care for your heli for real, you have to make sure that the heli is not carrying too much weight! See the K100 (Whiny) is truly a very weak heli, and so when its performing(like aggressive or sports flying) you have to keep in mind that the BRUSHED main motor will ware out its brushes, and so it is vital that the heli does not exceed its stock weight!

Anyway, there are so many things that you need to keep you eyes on to be able to say that you're really caring about your copter...

PS: I'll do another, fully complete, Thread/Post on Whiny and her "has to be" lightweight constraint for extending the life of the main brushed motor, tail also!


Posted by V977_fan | Jan 24, 2017 @ 09:00 AM | 11,700 Views
Hello everyone...

I'm sharing my settings here for my overweight XK K110(aka Nelly).

These settings are exactly the way I fly and prefer to fly! Now guys remember that Nelly weighs about 74 grams I think, I'll check after work just now and share here her exact weight!

Also a very very IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind except the extra 10 grams of flying weight on Nelly is the LOW motor timing that is setup on her ESC! See it all starts there, at the ESC! So before you start to program your TX/RX settings you have to make sure that you chose your desired motor timing, because the heli will behave very differently with the different motor timings! I always choose LOW motor timing these days because it surely has the most torque of all the timings! And with NORMAL motor timing and especially with HIGH timing you have to be very careful and aware of all that's being setup, heli could just shoot off real real fast!!!

So here are my settings which I use to fly with, 6G exclusively!

D/R Rates are at 125 on CH1 & CH2 and 125 on CH4(Rudder)
Expo is at -20 on CH1 and CH2 and 0 on CH4(Rudder)

Th. C. = 00, 70, 80, 90, 100 (normal flying)
Th. C. = 100, 97, 95, 97, 100 (idle-up flying)

Pi. C. = 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 (normal flying)
Pi. C. = 15, 37/38, 50, 63/62, 85 (idle-up flying) --- respectively here for P2 and P4!

* note that P1 + P5 = 100; and P2 + P4 = 100; and P3 + P3 = 100! This way positive and negative pitch will always be the same! So when you are playing with them
...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 24, 2017 @ 08:17 AM | 7,237 Views
Hello guys....

Just sent my sister to the local hobby shop to get me new batteries for my K100(Whiny) so that I can fly her all sweetly without eating away the main motor's brushes!

She just callee me with bad news!!! They only have 4 batteries left to sell me! They are 240mah ones, but in size are identical to the 250 mah stock one! The bad thing is that only 3 of them have connectors, the 4-th one has none, just the wires! So I'll have to install my own connector at the end of the 4-th battery's pair of power supply wires! So all in all I'll have 5 stock battereis, 1 x 250mah one and 4 x 240mah ones, and then I have another 5 brand new 130mah batteries from my V911(lil Midget)!

So I have 10 batteries now for Whiny which are all lightweight and all spare her main and tail motors! Also I have 8 x 500mah batteries and 2 x 450mah ones for Bobby and Nelly! Bobby and Nelly have absolutely no problem caring the heavier batteries, and even all the modifications on Nelly still really almost have no effect on her performance! The BL motor is just sooo powerful that a little extra weight does nothing to the heli really!

Now its all very relative this battery stuff, but for sure I can see that for helis like Whiny with brushed main motors, extra weight is really a very bad idea! The main brushed motor get burning hot by the middle of the flight, even before that, and especially in idle-up mode!

When I tried the 450mah and even the 500mah batteries on lil Whiny she did...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 24, 2017 @ 07:39 AM | 7,264 Views
Hello to all fellow pilots!

I have some very interesting news and findings for you all here...

While we always seem to be comparing the V977 to the K110 and also sometimes we throw in something about the K100!!! Well we should STOP to compae the K100 to the V977 and the K110 because they are really really different helis! See we can compare the V977 to the XK K110 and that will be just fine, but the XK K100 is no comparison/competition for the V977 and the K110!

What I'm trying to say here is that the K100 is a very small and light heli which unlike its bigger brother(Bobby) and sister(Nelly) can't carry extra weight at all!!! See guys for the K100(lil Whiny) I've noticed that the heaviest battery possible to use in the K100 is the stock 250 mah one! anything bigger than that will just burn out the brushed main motor!

Also from testing and experience I know that if a heli is heavier then we have to add more power to the tail motor or make sure the tail prop produces a little more thrust, to accommodate for the extra weight! The main motor gets eaten away literally when using the 450 mah or even the 500mah batteries(Bobby's and Nelly's ones), it just gets so hot that it can;t even be touched that main motor!

I see that my V911 has exactly the same motors as the K100!!! And this caused me to use the V911 batteries to fly my lil Whiny also! That is when I realized after a 5 minute flight with one of those 130mah V911 batteries that the main motor was not as hot...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 24, 2017 @ 06:55 AM | 7,283 Views
Hello to all fellow pilots here...

I have to admit that ever since I got this K100 I seem to be giving it lots of attention! It is very very nice to fly it with its own stock 250mah battery and nothing heavier than that for this lil fella!!!

Today i just bought 5 brand new 250mah original, stock batteries from my local hobby shop! I'm very very lucky that they have them!

I've decided to use this little heli for my 3D aerobatics training! It seems very very tough, and with this lower headspeed I think it may be almost bullet proof!

I also fly the little K100(Whiny) with the small 130mah V911 batteries, and I love how it feels! So as of today I'll have 5 x 130mah batteries and another 6 x 250mah original, stock ones! Bobby and Nelly use the 10 x 500mah batteries!

I've now completely fell, and even sunk into this hobby hey guys! And to think that it all started with a Syma S107 micro heli, coaxial!

The little Syma S107 was a gift from my sister! I loved it sooo much that I decided to get myself a V911 as my next heli and so I did! After that came Bobby(my V977) and then Nelly(my XK K110) and now finally Whiny(my XK K100) has arrived!

Now that I have enough batteries for my little Whiny and also I have spare motors for her I feel really happy that I will be learning 3D aerobatics finally!

I can't wait for spring to come! Winter now is not good at all for flying my sweeet helis outdoors! Flying my little sweeeet Whiny is very fun, she has not enough...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 24, 2017 @ 04:25 AM | 8,050 Views
Hello to all my fellow pilots...

Good day to everyone here reading my sweeet blog!

Guys, I want to share with you my experience with my fully upgraded XK K110! The motor is the stock black one with the small holes on the can, but boy does it have some RAW power, especially if you know how to get that power out of your heli!

This is what this post is gonna be all about today, how to setup your heli, XK K110 for maximum power! Now note that by maximum power I mean that I want the most torque out of my BL motor!!! And so as some of you may already know I have been experimenting with BL motor timing, and this is how you tune up your heli actually! See when we all get our sweet beloved micro helicopters at first we don't actually know enough about them at all! And this is what these forums, threads, posts and most importantly communities help with! I personally have a programming switch for my ESC so that I can program my motor timing according to my mood and what I prefer at that specific time!

And so what is motor timing?!? (It took me a long time to realize exactly what the motor timing does!)

The BL motors use AC current instead of DC, and so that is why they have 3 wires going in them and not just 2. But the interesting thing is that there are magnetic poles in the motor and the timing seems to be the time between the firing of the push/pull signals of the poles in the motor itself!!!

And so this means that the more poles there are the higher the motor's...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 23, 2017 @ 09:45 AM | 7,744 Views
Hello to all my favorite heli pilots here...

And so guys I've had major success with modifying Whiny, my XK K100! I've modified her soooo sweeetly!

I've basically added a light inside her canopy, this was the first mod I did, since I fly at night mainly! After the light though, I only had the one stock, original 250mah battery which came with Whiny! And so I was flying Whiny with some of my other V977 and K110 huge 500mah batteries! Whiny did not like this at all!!! Her motor was really burning hot after a nice 10 minute flight!

The heli does not have enough power to fly with such a heavy battery such as the 500mah ones! It just literally burns out the main motor, and the tail also!

So I was looking at Whiny and I realized that in size she is about the same as lil Midget(my V911)! Then it quickly came to my mind that I have 5 brand new batteries for lil Midget, that were just sitting there not being used at all!

And then I installed new power supply wires on lil Whiny, and a V911 battery connector!

To my amazement the V911 batteries fit perfectly in the wide for them battery holder! You just have to install/push the battery in far enough so that it becomes well mounted and its not easy for it to be moved!

I'm gonna take pictures and upload them when I get home, and you guys can see exactly how I'm using the V911 batteries on my lil K100!

What really is amazing is that those tiny little 130mah lipos are so light that somehow the heli flies for...Continue Reading
Posted by V977_fan | Jan 23, 2017 @ 03:37 AM | 7,217 Views
Hello guys...

I'm sorry that I was not able to write my posts over the weekend. I even made a mistake and wrote some stuff in my favorite Thread here, which I do still apologize for!

Anyway, I've been giving some sweeet attention to my new lil K100(aka Whiny). I've installed a LED light in the canopy, on the RX board! Now all 3 of my helis have a light inside the canopy on the RX board itself!

Also I've added another pair of power supply wires and a V911 battery connector! I was very very please to see that the heli flies for just over 5 minutes and 30 seconds with the V911 batteries, and they are just 130mah compared to the 250mah stock battery, which flies for 6 to 7 minutes!

See what made me think of using the V911 (lil Midget's) batteries is the fact that my V911 is messed up and not flying at all these days! When I was looking at my V911, lil Midget, I noticed that the V911 main motor is exactly the same as the K100 main motor!!! And then I compared their tail motors and they are also identical!!!

So then that's when it came to me!!! That if it had the same motors, then why not the same batteries!?!

I mean yes, it is true that those batteries do deplete faster, but that is because they are only 130mah, like about half of the stock battery!!

To my amazement though, lil Whiny flies just amazingly perfectly with them tiny batteries! Today or tomorrow I'll be getting more original stock batteries and also I'll be getting some more main and tail motors!!...Continue Reading