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Posted by M3Roc | Aug 03, 2014 @ 03:43 AM | 99,359 Views
Spread the word, this is such an awesome app! Check out my short write up in the Chit Chat section about this app and check out their site too! Such an awesome app shouldn't remain a secret and the best part is its exclusively for Android users!

Posted by M3Roc | Mar 12, 2014 @ 07:38 AM | 100,736 Views
I've begun a page to attempt to list as many chassis as are available that will work well with the F450/550 arms from DJI. Please take a moment to visit and contribute if you know of a chassis not on the list.

Posted by M3Roc | Jan 04, 2014 @ 06:50 PM | 107,882 Views
After having an up and down and overall depressing day, I must say that one company that I deal with often made my day today! I'm talking about Go Nitro Hobbies. I have to put their name out there because in all the years that ive been in any RC related hobby, GNH has always been the best source for needed items. Their prices are always the lowest, their shipping is always the fastest and they consistently offer the best customer service around, I never feel like im getting a generic response. They have a good selection of multi rotor items and over all a great selection of hobby gear.

Check them out and give them a shot, I'm sure you'll find their service equally pleasing. They have an eBay store where a great majority of their items ship for free. When ever im looking for something, its almost a habit to check these guys first!

Posted by M3Roc | Dec 27, 2013 @ 09:40 AM | 101,289 Views
I'm so sick of dealing with ebay and all their pompous bureaucratic bull$h*t! I recently sold a GoPro on ebay. The camera sold for $200 which I thought was a fair price.

Today, I find out the total amount that fleabay is charging me to sell the items and its a whopping 12%!! Out of the $200 that I got for selling the camera, ebay is taking $22 for doing nothing!!

Here is the best part, they charged me on my shipping fee which was $6 anywhere in the states. THEY SET THE SHIPPING PRICE!! Not only do they set it low because I paid twice that to ship, they also charged me 63 cents as a shipping fee! FOR WHAT!?!?!

I use to sell on fleabay back when the seller had some sort of protection. Beginning in 2009, the seller lost all protection and the buyers are now in control and we all know how wonderful and honest the buyers are.. Even if you list the item as non-refundable, ebay still offers a 45 days return time. PHYSICAL STORES DON'T EVEN OFFER THAT! This gives room to people who buy items to wear to an even and return, copy and return or simply play with, break and claim I sent a faulty item, 45 DAYS LATER!!

I have absolutely no respect or reason to continue selling on ebay, I will loose far less money selling in forums at a discounted price so this last camera that I sold is the last item ill ever sell on ebay.

Posted by M3Roc | Dec 09, 2013 @ 08:01 PM | 100,881 Views
I don't care and neither can I nore you prove that you've only had "a couple flights and no crashes" on anything, specially motors. If its used, list it as used. Not like new, not slightly used but not really sure if that would really be considered used. I've dealt with enough people in multiple hobbies to know that most people are not careful with their hobbies and the rest are just plain liars.

If its in the box, never been hooked up, never seen power, still shrink wrapped if that's how it came, then its considered new. You don't walk into a retail store and expect to pay full price or near full price for something that's been opened and played with. It really annoys me when someone buys something, plays with it and then tries to get their money back on a used item as though were suppose to believe every word you say. Specially if you have blurry or no pictures at all to show the condition.
Posted by M3Roc | Dec 08, 2013 @ 01:26 PM | 100,453 Views
Don't bother other people if you're not genuinely interested in a purchase. Those who are interested are responsible to do their own research and are welcome to give an offer. In short, MIND YOUR OWN! People are free to list for whatever price they want, weather they get that price depends on who's willing to pay.