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Posted by David Wile | May 11, 2017 @ 05:57 PM | 4,175 Views
Hey Folks,

Last year about this time, Farrider reported his installation of the subject receiver in the Jug in the SAFE thread. This report is responsive to the same interest, but I have tried to add a bit more detailed information and a few pictures for reference. My intention is to add to, not detract from Farrider's work, and I hope it is received in that spirit.

In July or August last summer, I installed an Apprentice SAFE receiver in my Dallas Doll and found it was so easy to fly I immediately wanted to put another Apprentice SAFE receiver in one of my P-47 Thunderbolts. Without a doubt, the Thunderbolt installation is much easier to do than the Dallas Doll since one is able to mount the Apprentice SAFE receiver inside the fuselage rather than on the top of the wing.

There is a lot of room in the Jug fuselage, and with just a very small amount of foam removal, I was able to fasten the receiver flat and rock solid in the same spot where the original receiver had been located. I used double sided tape on the bottom of the receiver and then used hot glue along the bottom edge of the receiver for extra measure. As it turns out, a good quality double-sided tape is solid enough, and I really did not need to add hot glue along the edges. Some Velcro products hold better than others, but none seem to be as solid as good double-sided tape.

After attaching all servo wires to the SAFE receiver and binding the receiver to my DX8, I found the ailerons moved in...Continue Reading