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Posted by SGTalon | Mar 13, 2012 @ 11:30 AM | 41,867 Views
Been a while since i made a Blog Update and a lot has happened in thge past several months.

Of course i have designed a lot of new planes. Some are ready to show off, some aren't.

Sales of my kits has been moving along. I have shipped over 200 kits now. A big thanks to my friends Ken and Stephen for helping me make that happen.

My buddy Ken along with my other flying buddies, Don and Mike have started a new company geared towards supplying FFF style foam with no skin, waves, or blue dye! Their new company is and they should be selling foam very soon.

This of course means that i will no longer be offering the pink or blue kits. I know you guys are going to be disappointed with only having white foam, but i think we will be able to muddle through.

I am now selling the Enterprise-D, Voyager, Harrier, Cylon, and the New version of the Imperial Star Destroyer.

The Star Destroyer and Cylon look amazing with the skins. I really like what I did to fix up the Star Destroyer design. Solved a lot of the things i didn't like about the original.

Cylon -

A couple of new designs i have been working on.

The Buck Rogers Starfighter from the 80's TV series. I am pretty excited about this one. I think it is going to be a great flyer.

The next one i have been working on...Continue Reading