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Posted by SGTalon | Jul 06, 2011 @ 12:04 PM | 46,595 Views
Been a while since i made a blog update but i have not been resting on my Laurels! (Whatever that means)

I have been pretty busy with my "non-Hobby" stuff so i have been a little behind on my build schedule. I had about 6 planes on my "Build Table" for a long time!!

It has been nice selling my Enterprise kits. Making a little bit of money so i can afford to keep building. I finally got enough saved up to buy a new 2.4ghz radio so i picked up a used Dx7. Man has that been nice!!! HK sells some nice cheap recievers so i am honestly spending about the same amount as i was when i did FM radios.

First one was my P-38 Profile -

I finally got it finished and ready to fly. It took a while to get the mixes right for the 2 motors. Just waiting for my hay field to grow a bit more because I think this thing might be a bit too small for the weight. Next version will have to be bigger... if i do a next version. I was trying to get it to fit on a single piece of Foam and use Blue Wonders for the motors. Weight is about 10oz... So we will see.

Next one i worked on was a few designs for our much talked about but never realized WW1 Combat Foamies. I did a Neiuport 17 and an Albatros - Things got a little crazy on the combat thread and it became a "scale foamie" thread instead of a "combat foamie" one. I haven't built one yet, but they are going to be soon!

The Thread is - https://...Continue Reading