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Posted by SGTalon | Aug 26, 2010 @ 10:43 PM | 51,302 Views
Things have gone very well with the Enterprise kits. I have sold about 15 of them now including 5 ARF kits. It has been great! Totally paid for my hobby for this season which keeps my lovely wife happy!

I discovered that building kits for other people is WORK!! And that work takes away from what i really love about this hobby: Designing and building new planes. I just love designing stuff and making it work.

Anyways, i have some new pics i can show of the Enteprise kits. A new friend of mine Steve (Bruchlandungen) has put a lot of time making really nice skin graphics that i am going to see if i can incorporate into the kits.

I had a bunch of requests to do a Voyager so i started playing around with the design and it turned out really well. I got pretty excited about it and decided to just build it. The gorilla glue is drying right now on it and i hope to get a maiden flight in this weekend.

Another design i worked on in the past couple months was an Enterprise-A. I noticed a few people had been trying to get one to fly and were having trouble. Well i love a challenge so i spent a couple hours working out a design that i think will work for an "A".

In between building and shipping Enterprise Kits i put some more time in on my Thunderbird Formation. The build turned out really nice but the maiden flight DIDN'T!! I normally don't do...Continue Reading
Posted by SGTalon | Aug 13, 2010 @ 12:50 PM | 50,257 Views
I have built a ton of Trainer Ones from GPW's plans. They are alright but when i tried to give them to a friend to build his own he didn't understand them so i put together a nice Cad plan of it that has everything seperated nicely and all that.

Any how, here it is.