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Posted by Pappyjkns | May 06, 2019 @ 07:14 AM | 1,234 Views

Last Fall, I was introduced to indoor flying! I polled the pilots at the arena and based on their advice, I picked up the UMX Sport Cub S. It was a steep learning curve and the poor little Cub bears the scars of many an encounter of the hard kind! Eventually, I got the hang of it and I have enjoyed my weekly flying session with my r/c flying buds all winter long.

I noticed, a couple of the pilots were flying Horizon Hobby’s, UMX Timber. I was impressed, 2S Lipo powered, a brushless motor, ailerons, flaps, leading edge slats, ASX and lights! Differential has already been set up on the ailerons. What really intrigued me were the large, oversized tires! With these big shoes, I should be able to fly off a grassed surface! I was thinking I might be able to fly this bird all year around! Bonus!

Well, after much dithering and dilly dallying, I finally pulled the trigger and picked my own Timber at my local hobby shop! I have to tell you I am really impressed with this little flying wonder! A nice solid plane and it was quickly bound to my Spekrum DX6. Mike, one of our more experienced pilots, helped me set up the Dual Rates at 80/50 and Expo @30%, then I mixed in about 45% rudder in with the ailerons. I know the purist like to use both sticks, but I found I still use the left stick for taking off and occasionally I will use the left stick to kick in more rudder when needed.

The flaps were set up on the “B” switch….originally, full down flaps was all...Continue Reading