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Posted by Rasterize | Apr 12, 2016 @ 03:46 PM | 4,769 Views
Hi everyone!
I would like to please ask a favor of you. I entered an art contest here on RCGroups to win an FPV racing quad. However it's based on members voting so I'll need your help!
I'm asking folks to take a few minutes of your time and pop over and please consider giving me your vote! The voting thread can be found here.
Even if you don't want to vote, check it out anyway. There are some very cool entries. As always, thanks for your time and consideration.
The contest was to create an artistic rendering of you flying a ReadyMadeRC Hellbender 204 FPV racing quad. Here is my entry.

Name: Hellbender 204 LR.jpg
Views: 42
Size: 1.13 MB

It's also listed under my screen name "Rasterize".

What's the prize you ask?
A fully assembled and setup Hellbender 204 race quad from ReadyMadeRC of course.

Specs as follows:
Hellbender 204 Team Kit
ReadyMadeRC 30A Race Series ESC x 4
ReadyMadeRC Blue Series 2204 2300kv Motor x 4
ReadyMadeRC Cricket V2 VTx
Fat Shark 700tvl V2 camera
Dodo flight controller
5" RMRC props

Voting ends on Apr 19, 2016 at 11:18 AM!

Again, check it out here.
And as always, thanks again for your time!
I really do appreciate your support. And remember, at least it will be one vote this year you don't have to worry about regretting later. :P
Posted by Rasterize | Aug 30, 2013 @ 10:13 AM | 6,816 Views
The backstory: My first big flying event was last year ay NEAT. I pulled my travel trailer and camped at a full hook-up site so the nights were pretty comfy. I thought I had prepared well for this trip. EZ-up on the flight line. Camper to crash in at night.
However I did not realize how big this event was. Just from Google maps, I estimated a round trip from my travel trailer to my EZ-up was 1400 ft!
Private bathroom? 1400 ft. Forget a battery? 1400 ft. Heavy ice chest? 1400 ft. You get the idea. So I found myself making 3 or 4 trips a day. Over a few days this meant tired sore feet on top of some ankle issues I have. Add walking around the flight line checking out everyone elses stuff and cruising the vendors meant a lot of walking! Could I have dry camped behind my EZ-up as many do? Yeah but I like my sleep, bathroom, AC, hot shower, microwave popcorn and did I mention I have a travel trailer? Yeah I'm old and spoiled and I like it that way.
Then as I was walking through the vendors carrying something I thought was heavy (but fun!) I saw a dude on a bike. Brilliant! Add a trailer to that and he would have it made. So when my doctor suggested biking as a good form of exercise for me, I decide to make a utility trailer for it.
The project: A Utility/Plane Transport Bike Cart
I wanted something that would be versatile. Haul planes and junk around an RC events and be used to haul chairs and a picnic lunch for myself and my family.
After the purchase of a nice Dual Sport...Continue Reading
Posted by Rasterize | Feb 11, 2013 @ 08:51 PM | 6,233 Views
Hi everyone!
Two years ago my awesome wife bought me a SuperCub LP for fathers day and has supported me in the RC hobby ever since. Now I'm trying to help her in her hobby. My wife is a craft blogger and is in an online craft competition that is 10 weeks long and in it's 6th week. It's one of those whoever gets the fewest votes get's "voted off the island" so to speak. Kind of a popularity contest when you get down to it. She has done several aviation related crafts and this week is a wooden toy biplane that she has given new life to. So I'm trying to get some support from the RC community! So please take two minutes, follow the link below and cast a vote for #3 - Red Baron Toy Plane.
This weeks poll ends midnight Valentines Day, PT.


Thanks for your support!
Posted by Rasterize | Apr 09, 2012 @ 06:08 PM | 7,449 Views
So here is what greeted me this Easter. An airplane Easter basket filled with sugar free candy! I have a wonderful wife. Better enjoy this before my kids are grown and out of the house.
Posted by Rasterize | Feb 01, 2012 @ 03:22 PM | 6,996 Views
Fiddlersgreen Tissue on Foam
Most are aware of the wonderful card models at Fiddlersgreen.net and many have built full fuse, flying versions of the same. Fiddlersgreen (FG) aircraft have a certain look and feel that I find nostalgic and have build a few paper ones myself. I have always wanted to make one fly. I am aware that this is not a new idea. Many have done it already in various sizes and using the FG plans in various ways as well.
I wanted to examine enlarging FG to around a 24” to 29” wing span. Why that range? Since the wing span is usually the longest dimension of an aircraft, I choose 24” to 29” because I have become quite proficient in printing out on 13”X30” size tissue paper.
The tissue could then be glued onto 2mm or 1mm foam, in my case Depron, depending on the part in question. The idea would be to cut out the plans and foam together and build a full fuse model similar to the way one would build a regular Fiddlersgreen paper model.
With that introduction, I have moved this to a build thread to allow more participation. It is now located here:
Posted by Rasterize | Jul 27, 2011 @ 10:18 AM | 8,781 Views
These guys designs rock! If ya want to build a foamy SiFi, WW2 or WW1 plane, theses three got it down! SGTalon for SiFi, Dz1sfb for WW1&2 and Haiduks WW1 stuff are awesome! They design a bit differently from one another.
Search for his stuff on RCGroups but he has a website that sums it all up, www.sg-ideas.com
His style is simple but imaginative. What I would describe as a robust profile foamie because of his use of doublers and carbon fiber. He is very well known for his space series of RC craft including his popular Enterprise-D!
As far as I know, he developed the VLF style of building. VLF (vertical laminated fuselage) designs hide most of the electronics while only adding minimal design complexity. Plans are out there for free but his kits make it so easy! His inside-out VLF verges on a full fuse look and feel.
Duks creativity shows through in every design and he is always innovating and evolving new concepts and solutions. This man is an artist whose work shows I every aspect of his build. His SE5 design was my first WWI aircraft.
Got someone whose designs you think rock? Tell me!
Posted by Rasterize | Jun 10, 2011 @ 09:30 AM | 9,319 Views
Last edited 1/20/2012...
My background and profession have been in the graphic design, digital prepress (making computer files print right) and digital production printing (Xerox iGen3 & 4) field. I have a great respect and love of history, especially WWI and WWII aviation. I’m also a bit of a SiFi fan. Designing printed tissue paper covering or “skins” for “foamie” electric RC aircraft allow me to bring those three worlds together.
I mostly start with the plan of a plane that I am positive (or at least fairly sure) will fly well, I then research different color schemes (WW2, WW1 and SiFi), pick a cool one or one that I like, then the fun (at least for me) begins!
I open the pdf plans in Adobe Illustrator, lock them in their own layer and create my skins right on top on them in other layers. When I'm done, I delete most of the plan cut lines leaving a few “alignment marks” as a guide for applying the skins on the foam later. I then set up the skin to be printed in a 13X30 sheet of tissue.
Next comes the most difficult part, printing the skins. Tissue paper is mounted on “carrier sheets” of 13X30 24lbs bond which allow it to go through my inkjet printer. The tissue is attached using 3M photo spray mount . I use a FFF squeegee to make sure no wrinkles are present and that the tissue is nice and flat. The tissue has to be mounted secure enough on the carrier sheet so that no wrinkles will form in the process (the leave white unprinted lines) but not so securely...Continue Reading
Posted by Rasterize | Nov 17, 2010 @ 10:18 AM | 10,355 Views
RCGroups.com was (and still is) my primary source of info on all things RC. One of the first threads I found was dz1sfb’s **SEMFF WWII combat planes 19 designs with plans and video**. An awesome thread for a WW2 fan looking to get into building their own foamy planes! I was in the middle of downloading every plan he had with the intension of building every one (which I still will…one day!) when I ran across another thread stated by a friend of his SGTalon. Talon is well known for his space ship designs from his “Summer of Space Series”. Ships from Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica are just some of the outstanding designs he has created!
Well if there is one thing I like as much as WW2 aviation its SiFi, especially Star Trek!
They are so cool! Although I knew they were a bit advanced for a beginner like me, I still had to give it a shot. I also wanted very much to contribute to the forum. However I had no experience in RC. No electrical, no CAD skills. My background is in color production printing systems, workflow, operations and graphic design. So with that, I did the one thing I could think of doing. I started to design decals and full coverings (which I called skins) for Talons Enterprise D. At the time, Kap’n Karl was painting these craft and was doing a great job at it. Coming from an art background I could really appreciate the work and talent involved. However paint was never my “home media” so to speak.
So I started designing in Adobe Illustrator....Continue Reading
Posted by Rasterize | Nov 01, 2010 @ 05:15 PM | 10,024 Views
Wooo Hooo!
I was awarded third place in the 2010 RCG Pumpkin Carving Contest!
I was surprised as there were many awesome designs! The competition was tight! I'd would have hate to have been the judges. So much talent out there that deserves recognition.
If I could only fly as good as I carve...

Nov 12th
My HobbyKing Yak 54 arrived in the mail today! A very nice looking little EPO Parkflyer!
As for the maiden...upstate NY is looking very fall like with some cold rain after a much enjoyed (enjoyed? Yard Work!) 3 day “Indian Summer”. So the maiden is looking grim between my schedule and the weather..
Posted by Rasterize | Sep 29, 2010 @ 06:46 PM | 9,936 Views
Being new at this my victories may seem simple to many, even bland. Tonight however, I scored big! On my scorecard that is!
I did my first rolling takeoff, did 3 "laps" around the field and stuck the landing! Twice!
The temp was 65 with no wind, truly a perfect evening!
I then learned about “going vertical” right after takeoff, stalling, what I believe is called a “knife over” (unintentional of course!), and that no one has any business doing that 40 feet from the ground! After collecting my plane (Super cubs love Gorilla Glue!) and my stunt pilot ego (fortunately I had the field to myself) I went home happy and called it a success.
Posted by Rasterize | Sep 29, 2010 @ 01:16 PM | 9,719 Views
Now that the highs are dropping, the leaves are changing and the winds are blowing a bit too strong for my foam machines here in upstate New York , I'm pondering the best way to get into indoor/micro planes . The conclusion thus far...a ParkZone BNF Night Vapor! Makes sense now that I have my DX7!
Nov 1st 2010
Picked up a Vapor BNF for around $54 including shipping on Ebay.
Awesome!!! Loved flying it! Nice n slow around the church "Cultural Hall" (Basketball court to the rest of the world!)
Posted by Rasterize | Sep 13, 2010 @ 03:49 PM | 10,350 Views
My RC flying hobby started at the age of 12, or at least the desire started then! Lack of resources kept me from actively pursuing RC flying. For 33 years I told myself it was too expensive or I didn’t have enough time. Seem as though both the hobby and I have changed. The hobby has become much bigger/better and yes cheaper! I hope I have too! At least the better part
Three weeks before Fathers Day of 2010, my wonderful wife gave me a Super Cub LP to try out. I loved it as much as I thought I would! Foam and electrics have made the hobby much more attainable from a financial perspective. I have found that I love every aspect of the hobby; building, flying, (crashing not as much) rebuilding and even watching others fly. Even just within the realm of RC flying I have found a lot of diversity in what and how people fly. Between RC Groups.com and my local club (RAMS) I have learned so much. I thank them for sharing their knowledge of love of the hobby. The excitement most people have for this hobby is very contagious! I hope that I will be able to help others get as much enjoyment out of this hobby as I have! With that in mind I’m trying to come up with my “RC Philosophy”

My RC Philosophy A list of stuff I have learned so far and to help remind me how to get the most out of the hobby!
1 - RC is my hobby, not my life. Keep it in perspective. When I can’t see my family before the fuselage it may be time to re-prioritize.
2 - Put something positive...Continue Reading