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Posted by C17loadmaster | Nov 07, 2018 @ 06:57 PM | 3,823 Views
I bought this lightly used “discontinued” Freewing B-17 off a guy on one of the classifieds. I got home from picking it up with just enough time to throw a receiver in and have it flight ready before dark. I got it done and headed to my runway (golf course) that is 100 feet from my house ��. I powered it up and had it ready for takeoff when I got the overwhelming feeling of “DONT DO IT”. I hadn’t even researched the CG envelope or the planes flight characteristics. Like I do with every plane I buy. The downside to flying on a golf course in a gated community is that there are always people out cruising around in their golf carts right when I can use it for flying. I usually have a small crowd watching, weather I like it or not. That day a couple stopped and started taking pics and saying how excited they were... I stupidly disregarded my gut feeling and checked the CG with where I thought was appropriate. As soon as she was airborne, after 10 feet, I knew I was going to be accomplishing a miracle getting it down in one piece. The airplane was so tail heavy that I could barely fly straight and level yet try for an approach. It would snap roll into a death spiral out of nowhere. I recovered from a few but eventually I was too close to the ground. It drove straight down into the nose. For the amount of impact, I was surprised at how little damage had been done, even though it was bad, I was assuming much worse. I searched everywhere for replacement fuselages and...Continue Reading