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Posted by Old_Pilot | Mar 03, 2021 @ 08:05 AM | 2,476 Views
So I made an adjustable cradle for airplane fuselages.......some 1/4" ply, some screws and wing nuts, and some foam pipe insulations
Posted by Old_Pilot | Feb 26, 2021 @ 05:50 PM | 5,844 Views
Now I can get back to building airplanes
Posted by Old_Pilot | Feb 04, 2021 @ 05:29 PM | 9,983 Views
Gonna pause for a bit on building airplanes....have a new CNC machine on the way...
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 29, 2021 @ 03:14 PM | 4,511 Views
Gonna try this little girl again....but this time with a 48" nominal wing, and a wire cut fuselage.....
the numbers look good, and the templates seem to work....
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 27, 2021 @ 05:16 PM | 6,678 Views
And a new toy today..20" hot wire bow...had everything except the spring.....wire is a light gauge B string

1/2" aluminum channel frame with 3/8" spruce fillers ,
1/2" sq oak dowel spreader with 1/2x1/16 flat bar stiffeners and pivot
and a whole passel of SM screws
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 24, 2021 @ 07:54 PM | 5,615 Views
Phase II of shop/CNC refit....new 25x56 combo vac/t-bolt cleat table
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 20, 2021 @ 08:50 PM | 8,126 Views
Gonna take a break from airplane building.....much needed maintenance on the CNC, a new combo vacuum table, and a new build surface.....this could take a while....build surface first

Phase I complete......1/2" maple ply (new) over 3/4 Oak ply (existing)......plus a new cutting mat (not shown)
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 20, 2021 @ 07:40 AM | 7,590 Views
Well, POOP ! Both of them flew, and both of them died, both due to loss of orientation and lack of altitude....seems like I'm going backwards.......I got 2 successful flights out of each of them....the third one did me in......let them get too far away, and against an overcast sky, well, what could go wrong?? lol...saved all the electrics, so I'm just out some foam and some time.......I've got plenty of both

Straight up pilot error......both birds were rather quick and let's say "responsive" to control inputs......like trying to fly an epileptic monkey on meth.......I just couldn't recover quick enough.

But to take some "positives" away from all of this....I learned a new covering technique, a new hollow body fuse cutting technique, and that a CG located at 25% of wing chord might be a little too far back for me to control on the first flights......ya' think..lol
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 15, 2021 @ 12:11 PM | 8,536 Views
42" CF-100 Canuck, twin 64mm high output fans...Almost flight ready......down to push rods and control horns.....tested the fans, and my trepidation about not having enough thrust was unwarranted

Specs: 42" WS 65 oz all up, (2) Powerfun 12 blade 64 mm fans, 3500 kv, 65 A ZTW ESC's, 17gr metal gear digital servos, Lemon 6-ch DSMP receiver, (2) 2600 mah 50C 4S batteries, 102 oz thrust
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 08, 2021 @ 09:24 AM | 6,691 Views
Progress on the Canuck...will spend the day covering the fuse in paper and cutting the access hatches
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 06, 2021 @ 01:08 PM | 32,322 Views
Some progress on the CF-100 Canuck....
Covering the nacelles with brown paper
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 02, 2021 @ 10:00 AM | 9,120 Views
CF-100 Canuck Progress..got the nacelles cut this morning
Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 22, 2020 @ 10:44 AM | 9,490 Views
Ok, maybe this one will be better than my last attempt...42" CF-100 Canuck.(2) 64mm high output fans
Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 20, 2020 @ 08:57 AM | 10,567 Views
F7U Cutlass Foamie

This thing is a @$%!#!# disaster .....I pinned it up to start checking fit.....in a word, it doesn't, except the wing and the fins....Put all the components in it and checked the weight...almost 6 lbs.......I don't have but 7 lbs of thrust at maximum output of the fans ......On top of that, I'd have to remove a major portion of the bottom of the fuse just to get enough air to the fans......I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead..better to have a disaster on the bench than an aircraft that would sit on the runway not moving, ever, or if it managed to take off, would be less than anemic in performance.......

I can salvage everything......
Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 15, 2020 @ 08:30 AM | 10,094 Views
This morning's discovery !!!

I've had a mischief of a time applying paper to foam, without the paper wrinkling like 100 year old skin..sometimes it works, sometimes not so much...White glue, yellow glue, polycrylic, etc...So I asked my friend at the art supply store if he had anything that would stick paper to foam, and he handed me a jar of "Yes Paste".....It's thick, doesn't shrink, water cleanup, applies with a foam brush, and it doesn't make the paper wrinkle....period..the top sample is lightweight tracing paper, the bottom is plain ol' brown paper !

I don't know the cure time, but it has sufficient working time to reposition, and you can smooth it with your thumb

Revision....cure time seems to be about 30 minutes
Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 11, 2020 @ 04:13 PM | 14,076 Views
More progress on the Cutlass....how the fuselage/nacelles will work.....Bottom nacelle, then the wing and fans, then the top nacelle, and finally the tail cone. Thrust tubes are Lenny's large drink cups. I cut the nacelle cross sections on my CNC machine out of 1" Formular and glued them together with M45, instead of cutting the nacelle in one piece with a hot wire...simply because I didn't have any 2" insulation, and the machine is way more accurate than I am
Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 07, 2020 @ 07:34 AM | 8,223 Views
I knew that if I kept after it, I could figure out how to build the Cutlass......48" WS, (2) 70mm fans

Foam board wings and fins

Rigid insulation fuselage
Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 04, 2020 @ 01:04 PM | 10,630 Views
Flight Ready........Markings and livery from Callie Graphics next week