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Posted by skydve76 | Mar 01, 2020 @ 11:57 PM | 6,613 Views
I AM NOT SAYING I AGREE WITH THE FAA, Im just saying if it goes into effect my hobby wont be affected that much. I fly drones, helies, turbines, park flyers, everything except gliders. This is based on my interpretation of it and for certain there are some questionable areas as the documents I read are not well written.

For my park flyer stuff they fall under "Limited Remote Identification UAS":
It clearly says the Remote ID is for the CONTROL STATION ONLY (in bold so I used caps).
Log into an app on my phone, which logs my GPS coordinate. My plane does not (and cannot) broadcast via transponder therfore does not need a transponder. In reality nothing really changes for me. However the 400 foot limit is a bit small, I think 1000 feet with a 400 foot ceiling would be more than anyone could use with a park flyer type planes. Later in the doc it talks about "self test" and Im not sure if that applies to Limited UAS or not.

For my large stuff, which really should only be flown at AMA fields (or private property):
My field will be a FRIA.

A few key issues in which I included in my comment to the FAA:

For some reason possibly an error, the FAA documents say that CBOs must apply within 1 year of the rule being passed. So what this means is there cant be any more CBOs after 1 year. Well, really there is only the AMA anyways so its not a big deal. However Id like to see this 1 year restriction removed. It does say the CBO approval...Continue Reading
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Well I wanted something different that blue angels or plain old gray.

I guess I got what I wished for

Going for this:
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So this month I got into FPV racing quads. Its something I wanted to do last year, and I have done FPV before.

FPV gear has become very cheap. Quads can be built very cheap ($150).

I started out with a 250 size and realized quickly it was not as nimble as I wanted.

So I purchased a diatone tyrant 150 and a 180.

The 150 is small and nimble enough I can fly it around in my back yard via FPV. Now I have these strange memories of flying around my backyard (as in Im flying around myself).

I also cruise up and down my street, but my wife always spots for me.

I build my own quads, and solder everything up. Its much cheaper that way. You pay a premium for a PNP model. Plus there is cheaper gear you can get that works just as well as name brand.

I found that assembling quads is trivial and only basic soldering skills are needed.

At first I struggled with the yaw on the quad via FPV despite being able to fly them LOS just fine. However within 2 weeks I was cruising around trees in my backyard.

So in all I can understand why its popular. Further it doesn't require much skill in terms of flying skill nor technical skills so young kids can both build and fly quads.

I do fly in my fenced in backyard, and I stay about 3 feet up. I will fight the FAA tooth and nail of they have a problem with that.

I suppose part of the thrill for me, is since I have been doing RC so long it is refreshing to find a new thing to do in the realm of RC. I also like not having to go to far to fly.
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Last year I built my own drone for a contest on element 14. When I say "built" I mean I used hardware they gave me to program all the hardware and software for the drone.

I didn't quite get finishes. So I want to pick that here and start with a list of things I'd like to see:

Fly a path manually with my radio, push a button and the drone flies that same path over and over. Note: this is similar to waypoints except it takes into account altitude and orientation, such as flying side ways. It basically follows the exact path I just flew manually.

I'd like to program in a "low altitude mode" where the drone takes control of attitude control, and it will stay 1 foot off the ground. this would be neat for FPV where I could drive the drone like an RC car and it will auto climb over objects, follow hills up and down etc. this would be more effective with variable pitch props but I digress.
Posted by skydve76 | Apr 04, 2016 @ 08:26 AM | 7,747 Views
going to be flying lots of Foam this year. Here is a quick inventory of the foamies I have some of which are a bit extreme:

Fly Fly Mig-29
Fly Fly Mirage
Fly Fly Sabre
Art-tec su-27
FMS ME-262
FMZ Zero
Alpha F-86
Value Hobby 32" Slick

I just purchased the HSD 105mm f-16 as well.

All of my Fly Fly jets are glassed and have thousands of watts put into them. They fly like little turbine jets but land like park fliers.

I really love the Fly Fly and the new sabre I just got is huge. however they fall into the "kit" category in terms of foam, with lots of mods and other things to workout.

I have a couple of other things to fly as well, but for the most part this year I am going to load up my trailer with foamies and go fly.

Just like the good old days!


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Posted by skydve76 | Jun 30, 2013 @ 10:15 PM | 10,531 Views
All I have is a $1 ripping saw from an auction and a 7 Amp drill I got somewhere, but no chuck. And a square.

I suck at building things out of wood. Short of a quick stand I built, this is the first thing I have ever built from wood.

The outside frame is not straight, but the entire trailer is only 1 degree off from being square.

I plan to put a shelf in the middle and have two levels. This is why I will have barn doors on both the front and the back so I can get into both ends and tie stuff down.

The big jets go on the floor, and all my EDF and prop stuff will go on the top shelf. The top shelf will stop 1 foot from the ends so the tail of my jets can stick up. So that way if I ever get bigger jets I wont be limited by a 2 foot stab
Posted by skydve76 | May 30, 2013 @ 11:21 AM | 10,573 Views
  1. Solenoids cost $2, cant function at more than 50 PSI, needs 3S lipo to function.
  2. I can fill the retract air cylinder with both butane and air for a single fuel source
  3. 30 millisecond delay on solenoid seems to be the scale rate of fire
  4. Using used shotgun shells as a cumbustion chamber, worked for about 10 seconds then melted
  5. 50 PSI only gives about 20 seconds trigger time.

  • Can solenoid operate on 5S (18.5V) and then be able to use more PSI?
  • Is having a air/fuel mixtured premixed a bad idea? Could it flash back?

I am going to spend a bit more on a solenoid, probably $10 to get one that can use up to 120 PSI on 6V. This way I can power the whole thing from the RX battery.
Posted by skydve76 | May 26, 2013 @ 10:33 PM | 13,573 Views
One of my first. Turrets will fire soon. Turret is controlled by small computer, all automatic. Computer is size of a postage stamp. Servo is a futaba s3001 modified to rotate 360 degrees.

Hangar 9 b-25 moveable turret (6 min 47 sec)

Posted by skydve76 | Apr 16, 2013 @ 12:53 PM | 10,642 Views
I have high end models, turbines, EDFs, big msutang, large jets. Big stuff I need an AMA field for.

..And yet all my "golden days" seem to be memories of my flying at the local parks with a parkzone stryker, original parkzone mustang, GWS slowstick. The magic I had back then, the feeling of opening the stryker. the newness, the unknown, the learning!

Why? Is it because I was younger 5 years ago? Because I just remember things differently then they were? Or am I just becoming very negative and just cant have fun anymore?

I used to get made fun of for flying foam jets, how they require no skill and I need a "real" plane like all the built up old timers that dominate our fields. Now I fly turbines and all the guys that made fun of me fly foam jets themselves and tell me they are exactly the same as my turbine jets in skill level.

I am wondering if the reason I loved the park so much is no one else was there to bring negativity and fuel mine? Seems everything is a competition and too many use this hobby as a form of self esteem.

I need to keep my negativity down, any suggestions? I want to go the field and just fly, and not have someone trying to act like I am dangerous, unskilled, poor, rich whatever. I just want to fly with the magic! But it seems there is not any magic left
Posted by skydve76 | Jan 05, 2013 @ 08:12 PM | 10,693 Views
Santa did a good job making it!
Posted by skydve76 | Dec 16, 2012 @ 10:24 PM | 10,952 Views
1) Finish up HET l-39 repairs
2) Fix HET mig-15
3) Fix blade 400 so I can
4)Finish Mi-24 scale heli project
5)Build Jet Legend Viper jet
6) Build Hobbyking su-37 wint 90mm

I am nearly done with (1), will start (2) next. Then I know I will start (5) since I get it for xmas, then if there is time I will do (4) and (5).

(6) should be this winter but given Is till need to dump $450 into it and I also need $300 for servos for my viper the viper has precedence.

I am also getting a Dynam 262 and the new littl blade nano for my birthday on Dec 31. So those are in the queue too. They shouldnt take much though to get going. I havent touched the 262 yet so not sure what effort it will take, will need to read up on the forums.
Posted by skydve76 | Oct 28, 2012 @ 11:54 AM | 11,167 Views
Was flying and the winds suddenly picked up and switched directions, when I took off I had a decent south wind. During flight it went pure west and strong at about 25-30mph.

By the time I landed and got out there wind was now north and strong.


f-16 Near Crash (1 min 41 sec)

Posted by skydve76 | Jun 23, 2012 @ 12:14 AM | 11,338 Views
This is my #6 turbine flight ever. Not my best, my camera did not record #7 and 8 which were actually what I wanted to post.

Modellbau f-86D with K80 on board (6 min 13 sec)

Posted by skydve76 | Jun 19, 2012 @ 09:24 AM | 11,200 Views
Wife forgot the camera of course The maiden was filmed but I didnt fly it.

The ModelBau F-86D is EASY to fly. Much easier than my HET a-10. Why?
The F-86D has tons of power, it tracks on rails, bucks the wind. While it may be faster in top speed, it is also way bigger therefore I can make out the profile from far away. the little a-10 is not much slower and the thing turns into a dot very fast.

Now with that said I did bounce my landings a bit, only because I come in too hot. The thing has such a light wing loading it doesnt want to stop flying!

A couple more flights and I'll be greasing them in. Getting used to the slow landings will take some time!

Pics, video, etc coming!

F-16 up next!
Posted by skydve76 | Apr 25, 2012 @ 08:32 PM | 12,324 Views
They were expensive for some reason and dont work too well.
Posted by skydve76 | Mar 13, 2012 @ 11:01 AM | 12,119 Views
I must admit that I am not really an "RC" guy. This hobby, from what I have learned, was originally equal parts of building, fellowship, and flying. With the introduction of RTF and ARF aircraft, It has become more about flying with some fellowship. I am more into just flying.

I am not big into the fellowship side and found I dont fit in with most RC people. Its nothing personal, just more of a culture thing.

I find many obsess over the hobby, and take it way too serious. I consider all of these things to be toys. While there is some danger, they are still toys designed for nothing more than to entertain me. I do not think I am a real pilot becuase I do RC. I do not liken myself to the airforce because I do RC. I DO NOT consider doing rc a way to "honor the military". I am not High on my horse because I think RC is some sort of rocket science. I certainly never deter anyone from the hobby nor have I ever told anyone they cant fly something for whatever reason.

In my opion, in terms of percieved skill level, all it comes down to is how much money someone wants to spend. I know people who have tens of thousands into RC and they are considered experts (despite they crash fairly regularly). I also know people who only fly foam and never crash and have much more creativity. I find this interesting in the hobby that the "boy with the most expensive toys" is the expert. This is an aspect I do not like at all about this...Continue Reading
Posted by skydve76 | Feb 06, 2012 @ 03:33 PM | 12,825 Views
My first plane flight was one of those micro cessnas made by parkzone, back in 2008. This is before they were BNF and had to come with a special xmitter. I flew inside the local hobby town and had a blast. I remember that flight in detail.

I later went on to fly a slow stick. The excitment of putting the camera on it and rushing home to watch the vid. I was commited I would get up at 5am to beat the winds.

Tried a FlyZone cessna. To date this is the hardest plane I have to fly. Nearly 3lbs on 1 square foot of wing. No ground steering. What rush.

Then got my parkzone mustang (original brushed version). Oh the rush, and the way I flew all graceful and "way out". The fear of "will it handlaunch this time ok?" The feeling of sucess as it tips stalls and pulls out 3 inches above the ground right after I could tell it came off my hand wrong.

Time went on, f-27c stryker, then my first edfs, su-27 flanker and a gws me-262. With only one lipo, 35 flights was a nice milestone I clearly remember. Underpowered, energy management. Now they are just foam junk to me and I can fly them in my front yard.

Then I got my first HET f-18, moved on to a twin 90mm Mig-29 with thrust vectoring (fly fly). Later the habu 32, now a 90mm l-39 on 10s. I do have a twin 6+ lb 70mm HET a-10 that gives me some joy but who knows how long.

I tried props as well, I have 3d plane, and I had a blue nose mustang I didnt like. I have a helicopter as...Continue Reading
Posted by skydve76 | Feb 03, 2012 @ 12:02 PM | 12,431 Views
I have some big holes in the bottom I need to cover up so the turbulance stops but she's fast little machine.

This is a better vid than the last one with a low fly by. I will be modding for rudders soon to help with the cross wind landings.

het a-10 (5 min 32 sec)

Posted by skydve76 | Jan 01, 2012 @ 05:18 PM | 11,744 Views
I recently built a HET a-10. Not much information on this one and very little video. So I will be adding some. The wings are glassed with 2 0z cloth and I use two 4s 3300 30C lipos with the HET 2w-20 power system. I was shocked at how fast it is. Its not light either.

Here is a flight my 2nd flight on my new radio which I am still getting used to. My next step with this is to add rudders so I can land in cross winds a little better There is also a big hole in the front for getting to the gear I need to make a hatch for it that be might by it looks shakey but that wind around those trees creates a lot of turbulance.

Het a-10 in 12 mph Cross winds (6 min 3 sec)