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Posted by Panhead5496 | Dec 30, 2018 @ 01:05 PM | 39,088 Views
Finally had a chance to make a list of my boats I currently have, in no particular order, saying where I bought them from and any interesting things about them (all boats are brushless unless otherwise noted) I'm sure I will be buying more, so I will update the list when I do!:

Atomik Barbwire 17”: first brushless boat I ever got. Bought from AtomikRC at the end of the summer after saving up money from washing cars, yardwork, etc. Now a “shelf queen”, is it has been run countless times and the last few times I ran it there were some issues, and it almost sank. I’d be so sad to lose it so just a shelf queen now.

Traxxas Spartan: my favorite boat I have. Bought off an RCG member. Just throw it in the lake and rip. People love watching it the best out of all my boats…the screaming motor and rooster tail put on a good show! I added the RCBoatBitz parts and run 4s for long run times behind the 1:1 family boat. My most dependable and favorite boat.

TFL Genesis catamaran: I wasn’t in the market for a big catamaran, but when HobbyKing was doing a blowout sale I had to get one. I run the stock motor and a FlyColor 150amp esc on 4s, and it is a great handling boat. Probably going to swap out the motor this spring and run 6s and try and get it dialed in for some speed runs. (4s you can cruise around with zero heat issues)

Atomik Barbwire XL: best handling boat I have. Really fun to drive, self-rights, and is fast for its size. I got this boat...Continue Reading