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Posted by Mattkc | May 20, 2013 @ 03:44 PM | 3,141 Views
Thanks to another board member pointing me in the right direction, I am ordering decals to make my PZ F4U look like Boyington's plane. Flap servos, retracts, extra battery, and extra 300 prop should arrive in a couple of days. I will be getting my super cub done tomorrow, thinking about flying on wed if it's not too windy.
Posted by Mattkc | May 18, 2013 @ 03:20 PM | 4,685 Views
Got my PZ Corsair today from another member for a killer deal. Ordered the retracts and flap servos today, but forgot to get some hinges or hinge tape, going to have to go to the local shop for that.
Posted by Mattkc | May 17, 2013 @ 12:54 PM | 8,369 Views
Im going to sell the Mentor. It needs a motor (It was running a hk sk3) and an rx to fly. It will come with 3 batteries for it. The vertical stab is a littl bent, It has been fixed, and aparently it wasn't straight. It was like that for the guy who I traded it to, and he said it flew fine. Im not sure how much to ask for this set up, Would $100 be fair?
Posted by Mattkc | May 16, 2013 @ 01:46 PM | 4,329 Views
After reading all of these old blogs of mine, I have been really putting off flying, lol. Ive been busy with winter and have a 7week old daughter now, so time is very limited. The super cub has a motor ready, all I have to do is put it in and go. The Trojan is still kicking. I got an SE5a in a trade, still haven't bound it to my dx6i, not sure if I really want it. Also got my old Mentor back in a trade, but it needs a motor, not sure if I want to do that either. I may try and sell the SE5a and Mentor, that way I can make room for the new PZ FW190.
Posted by Mattkc | Jun 22, 2012 @ 08:36 AM | 3,578 Views
Have been really busy at work and home lately, Super Cub is almost ready to go, still have to maiden the Trojan, and re maiden the P47. I have next saturday off, so I may do it all then. The wind has been about 20mph all week, so I wouldn't have been able to fly anyways.
Posted by Mattkc | Jun 17, 2012 @ 06:29 AM | 3,535 Views
Well, I got a little impatient with the wind yesterday. I took my Super Cub LP up and it was probably 13mph gusting to 18-20mph. Stock super cub lp with ailerons. I was bringing it in to land, and a gust caught it and slammed it into the ground.

Prop-bent into a shape that literally looks like a V
Wing-chunk torn out of the end
Landing gear, bent and tore the front of the battery box out of the foam
Cowl-what do you think, lol.

Not as bad as it could be, but waaaayy worse than I thought it would be. The cub is now down for repairs. Thinking of either a clipped wing(would get rid of the wing damage, also would flatten and put CF in it), or buying an apprentice wing and making it fit. I haven't quite figured it out yet. Any thoughts or ideas?? Happy Flying!!!
Posted by Mattkc | Jun 13, 2012 @ 08:21 AM | 3,626 Views
Been too windy here lately to do any flying. Hopefully we get some calm days soon. I've got to re-maiden the P47, have fun with the Super Cub, and maiden the PZ Trojan as soon as it gets here. Hopefully in a few weeks I will have the funds to add a micro to the hangar. Going to most likely be choosing between the PoleCat or the Sukhoi from Parkzone. Then will be adding batteries and supplies, then on to a bigger FMS warbird. Most likely that one will be the 1400mm Zero. I am digging the 1700MM Mustang though, so we shall see.
Posted by Mattkc | Jun 11, 2012 @ 10:35 AM | 3,832 Views
Joining a local flying club, the Franklin County Flyers. It will be nice to have a big field to fly in considering where I have been flying. Also close to pulling the trigger on a Parkzone T28 to go with the Super Cub and the P47. Then starting in August im back in school for welding. Should be a busy summer!!! Happy flying to all!!
Posted by Mattkc | Jun 09, 2012 @ 08:25 AM | 3,663 Views
Hopefully they are still out there when I can stop by around 3pm today. They have a fun fly going on, plus I still need to pay to join up. Im borrowing a CG machine for the P47, it should be dead on, since is all factory, but I might as well check it.
Posted by Mattkc | Jun 07, 2012 @ 05:35 AM | 3,949 Views
I finally maidened the P47, and that thing was so far out of wack. The elevator couldn't stay trimmed at all. Anything over half throttle and the thing would shoot straight up. Somehow I managed to fly it ok and decently smooth on flaps, landed it, adjusted, then flew it again. Second time was just as crazy, then on the second landing the wheels caught while slowing down and it slid on the cowling for a bit. Just a minor crack to the cowling, so not to bad, already repaired. Im gonna have to do some adjustments, check cg, and go again!!
Posted by Mattkc | Jun 03, 2012 @ 11:12 AM | 3,644 Views
Waiting for a good day, got everything ready, just waiting on weather now. Kinda overcast and looking like rain at the moment. Guess I can take the wing off the super cub and install the carbon fiber rod in it to stiffen it up a bit. Have any of you guys done that, and maybe clip the wing? Just looking for some more bashing on a budget to do.
Posted by Mattkc | Jun 02, 2012 @ 06:25 AM | 4,171 Views
First time really modifying a plane. Put ailerons on the super cub, used a couple of hs-55s on it, bound it to my dx6 and charged up the lipos. It flew pretty good I must say. I didn't really trim it right because the rudder was making me slowly roll right, but I didn't pay attention to that untill after I was done, lol. Made quite a few landings and touch and go's, even did a hammer head turn, and just let it stall out and fall for a bit, was alot of fun!!!!
Posted by Mattkc | Jun 01, 2012 @ 11:24 AM | 3,740 Views
Installed ailerons on the Super Cub LP last night, got it bound to my DX6, and Im ready to fly it when I get off work today!. $100 for a barely flown LP SC, 2 batteries, and it came with a dx4e (will not be using it). Add a few more bucks for some servos, y-lead, control horns, control rods=alot more fun with the Super cub. Kind of excited as this is the first time I have hacked into a model and added anything, hopefully the maiden is uneventful.
Posted by Mattkc | May 31, 2012 @ 09:07 AM | 3,606 Views
Haven't had time to work on the planes much, but did get the flaps installed and set up on the DX6i last night. The P47 is officially ready to go, I hope the pilot is too! Tonight I will be putting ailerons on the HZ Super Cub that I just picked up. I wasn't going to buy another plane, but it was a deal that couldn't be passed up. A newer LP super cub, flown a handfull of times with no crashes and 2 batteries for $100. Now I just need to decide weather to keep it on the DX4e that came with it, or put it on my DX6 and get rid of the DX4. Im pretty sure they aren't worth that much, maybe I can get a trade out of it for some bits and pieces. Will update when I get the Super Cub done, happy flying to all!!
Posted by Mattkc | May 26, 2012 @ 07:20 PM | 4,202 Views
Almost a year from the last blog! Since that last one, I sold off everything except for RealFlight, and was doing the RC truck thing for a bit. Just picked up a brand new DX6i and a new Parkzone P47 BNF the other day. Got the flaps almost done, just need a Y harness, and im good to go. Might be picking up a Super Cub this coming week for $100, then putting some ailerons to it. Just going to search on here and see how everyone did the install and what parts to use. Good to be back, and hopefully I can stick around this time. If you are in KC, im always looking for new places to fly and people to fly with!!

Posted by Mattkc | Jun 16, 2011 @ 06:58 PM | 4,568 Views
Worked 2 weeks straight, finally had two days off, was going to maiden the Mentor. Batteries and charger came in on monday, was busy on tuesday, but charged the batteries. Went to plug in the reciever, and was going to put power to it so I could make sure all the servo's were working and bind it, and the esc was deans, and the batteries were bullet's. Ordered a few things from hobby king to get it fixed, I really hope it doesn't take too long. But I would rather do it right the first time. Anyone ever made an adapter? I was going to make a short adapter with 4mm banana connectors on one side and a female deans on the other, that way I don't have to cut or solder the batteries or esc. Would this work? Any help is much appreciated.

Posted by Mattkc | Jun 11, 2011 @ 09:37 AM | 4,840 Views
Picked up the plane yesterday, got it home and put it together. The thing looks massive!!! Does anyone know if there is any easy way to take the decals off of a Multiplex Mentor? I want to paint it like a decathalon. Also got my AR6200 in the mail, so just waiting till monday for my lipos and lipo charger. The wife found out what I spent though
Posted by Mattkc | Jun 06, 2011 @ 05:01 AM | 4,297 Views
Picked up a Mentor from another board member, an RX from yet another board member, and batteries and a charger from Hobby Partz. Im soooooo excited to get the Mentor put together and get it up in the air!!! I have a FlycamOne2 from a couple of years ago, I think I will hook that up to it. I also want to put a parachute drop on it. Also starting to look for a field to use, I live kind of out in the country, so I should be able to find a farmer or someone who won't mind. Then to get others out there as well!!!
Posted by Mattkc | Jun 05, 2011 @ 10:02 AM | 4,064 Views
My wife is going to kill me!!! I wish this wasn't such an expensive and fun hobby. I am getting a GWS slowstick for free pretty much, going to have to find a cheap way to power it eventually. I still have my UM T-28, flew it last night, right into a tree. Took me 45 min of throwing a football at it,(Hey, I was at least wanting the servos and reciever back!) hit it a few times, and got it to move. Went back to my house, grabbed a 10ft long 1x4, tried and couldn't get it. One last shot with a football, and of course the football gets stuck. Finally moved the branches around enough with the 1x4 that the plane fell out. Looked it over, and not really much damage to it, a really tough airplane!! My buddy at work is buying an Apprentice next week, so the bug bit me again after going to the LHS with him. Might be picking up a Mentor soon!!!
Posted by Mattkc | Oct 19, 2010 @ 12:40 PM | 4,299 Views
Tried flying the UM T-28 at night in front of a hangar in the lights. It quickly got out of the lights and the edge of darkness, making it hard to see which way I was turning. I managed to get it back, and land it without much of a problem. I had a big problem with the trim on it, so it became a handfull. Gotta run, have fun and safe flying!!!!!!!!!!