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Posted by rotorheid | Dec 24, 2009 @ 03:55 AM | 12,959 Views
Hello to Everyone, everywhere

Here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
May you have a joyfull and loving time with family and friends.
Now a small poem by Al (54 3/4)

" It is Christmas Eve, and all is quiet throughout the house,
Nothing is stirring, not even the wonky computer mouse,
The latest project lies upon the bench,
Wet with epoxy, what a blinking stench,

I count my blessings, for my Wife and Family, good friends who I have met,
On this wonderous, etheral device, the internet,
I bid you all around our planet good cheer,
Peace and Good Will to all Men and Women, a toast to drink, with foamy Beer!"


regards to all, Al
Posted by rotorheid | Oct 01, 2009 @ 01:32 PM | 13,042 Views
Hi Guys and Girls,

No movement for ages, then when you look next they've gone! Roles are now swopped. Mallachie steady in Spain Rothes on the move crossing the Western Sahara.
Direct from source,

"Latest blog postMauritania and apologies

Posted on Wednesday, 30 Sep 2009 at 10.40 am

Well Rothes has reached Mauritania. She continued over the sea from 5am on the 28th, hitting land near Tidergit in Morocco at 9am on the 28th. She continued south crossing the border into Western Sahara at 11am on 28th. Not keen to halt much she has carried on south into Mauritania by 2pm on 28th. The latest point I had this morning when I downloaded the data was 10am yesterday (29th) when she was still in Mauritania heading south, but at a slower pace (between 7pm on 28th and 9am on 29th the speed she's been travelling when a reading was taken was 0). So she's obviously finding perches to stop on, but continuing south to find a suitable location to stop for a bit longer.

Meanwhile Mallachie is happily moving about in the same place in Portugal.

I know from your comments there's been a bit of concern because we didn't update the map or blog yesterday. I had a bit of a workparty wasp nest situation to deal with which kept me out of the office. Rest assured both chicks are fine.

If Richard has time he'll update the data again this afternoon and stick a bit more onto the blog." RSPB report ends.

It's great to see them on the move again, fingers crossed for a safe migration.
Cheers, regards to all, Al
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Hi Guys and Girls,

I had a wee fling around the sky this morning with one of my model aeroplanes, a SIG Hog biplane, the camera view is from the front seat, gives you just a wee impression of flight in the aerobatic field, always looks better from the ground and very hard work in a real aeroplane, hope you enjoy it.


Regards to all, Al

"Clash of the Ash" SIG Hog-Bipe cockpit action, over sports pitch. (3 min 14 sec)

Posted by rotorheid | Sep 14, 2009 @ 02:03 AM | 13,346 Views
Hi Guys and Girls,

Not much movement from both lassies of late, just local movements.
Here is the report from RSPB Boat of Garten, Updates will now be of reduced frequency.

"Au Revoir

Posted on Friday, 11 Sep 2009 at 12.33 am

Well as I type Malcolm is hoovering, Debbie is cleaning the feeders and Ian is cleaning the toilets, its definately the end of the season, no osprey to look at out of the flaps anymore! We have had plenty to watch whilst we have been packing up the centre, red squirrels, woodpeckers, and even a sparrowhawk yesterday lunchtime! We shall not be heading to Africa, to enjoy the winter sun and watch osprey, but we shall be able, like you to at least keep up with Rothes and Mallachie on-line. I wonder what excitement and dramas 2010 will bring, will EJ be back, will Odin be back to Loch Garten, will White TF challenge for the nest in 2010? So many questions and so much to look forward to. Thanks for all the cakes, biscuits and drinks over season, and it has been great to put a face to some of your names. We await the next fish.....although I anticipate that we might be waiting rather a long in the meantime I shall get the others to write their goodbyes! Thanks again Claire

I have really enjoyed getting to know our intrepid ospreys this year! Plus, I finish with good memories of the team, volunteers, visitors and our 'big green and blue office'. My next few months will involve hopefully getting into the mountains here...Continue Reading
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Hi Guys and Girls,

The RSPB site is winding down after their very busy season, updates will still be availabe for a while yet.
Here is the site link and the latest report.

"Rio Tajo

Posted on Thursday, 10 Sep 2009 at 3.47 pm

I've just finished entering the latest satellite data for both Mallachie and Rothes. When the map updates (assuming I did it right!) Mallachie will be up to date until 8am this morning (9th) and Rothes will be up to date until 1pm today.

Neither of them have done anything dramatic in the last 24 hours. Rothes definitely doesn't seem to be in a hurry to move on from near Fontaine north of Bordeaux. As for Mallachie she's exploring the Rio Tajo area thoroughly travelling eastwards and westwards along the river system between Parque Nacional de Monfrague in Spain and Parque Natural do Tejo Internacional in Portugal. She might have crossed over the border into Portugal, but the satellite hasn't caught her at it yet.

As for me I've got to dash - a meeting about Goldeneye ducks in Aviemore tonight. Tune in tomorrow for another update." Report ends.

Speaking of 'Goldeneye' here's a couple of pics of your my latest rc model autogyro project, the 'Spyro II EV'. The colour scheme is very loosely based on
Jamesh Bonds autogyro 'Little Nellie' from "You only live twice" or so they say. have fun, stay safe, Cheers,

regards to all, Al

"Now then Missh Moneypenny, I'm shure I shaid show me Little Nellie !!"
"Pleash get dreshed."
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Hi guys and Girls,

Looks like the G.E. info is being updated after the RSPB blog, I'll upload those images when I can, here's todays guff and a link to the home site. Please feel free to leave a comment so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself, (at least I get the answers I want to hear, hahaha )

Over to RSPB LG.

"There's no stopping her.......

Posted on Tuesday, 8 Sep 2009 at 3.33 pm

Whilst her elder sister Rothes still lingers north of Bordeaux, Mallachie presses on. She is now north west of Madrid, just west of a small town called Tinosillos, along the Rio Arevalillo river. Her route to this, her most up to date position (7am this morning, 8th September), took her on a south westerly bearing from near Pamplona towards Logrono, then to Aranda de Duero where she appears to have picked up the course of the Rio Arevalillo. Fishing en route perhps? Good progress from her again, yet Rothes remains settled in La Gironde. report ends.

Please remember that these young birds weigh no more than 1.5kg - 3kg at best and punt off across our very large planet on their own with no external assistance, now that's going some, let's take more care of mother nature and her children, sometimes as caretakers of our world home we suck a bit.
Attached pics from a few days ago of Mallachie en route, tres Bon!

regards to all, Al
Posted by rotorheid | Sep 07, 2009 @ 04:31 PM | 13,443 Views
Hi Guys and Girls,

Lots of news.......Here it is direct from RSPB Loch Garten, I'l try and find the pics and Google Earth images and update this post tomorrow, over to you LG.
Posted on Monday, 7 Sep 2009 at 1.50 pm

"Firstly, sorry for not up-dating over the weekend. I tried to, but the computers were glacial in their speed for some reason, so I gave up. Anyway all's well now and there is a lot of news.

Where do I start? Well, the computers might have been slow over the weekend but Mallachie certainly wasn't. She's been tanking along, making great prgress. She might have been the last to leave home, and even then reluctantly, but she has made up for lost time. In short, she has now over taken her somewhat sedentary elder sister, Rothes, and Mallachie is now in Spain!!

On Friday 4th at 7am she was east of Le Havre, Normandy. She set off south and passed right by La Grande Mare Reserve Nationale Cynegetique a huge lake/wetland complex which would have been an ideal place to bide a while, but no, she pressed on determinedly. She passed another wetland area at Cloyes at 1pm, crossing the River Loire at 3pm. Her route took her passed yet more lakes near Chemery and yet she seemed not to stop. However, as the satellite data gives hourly readings, whilst she appears to be on the move constantly, she could easily have stopped at any of these places to re-fuel on fish. Mallachie then appears to have stopped to roost for the night at 9pm at Foret de...Continue Reading
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Hi Guys and Girls,

Here is the latest verbatim report from those grand lads and lasses in Scotland.

Rothes stays put, whilst Mallachie continues south....

Posted on Wednesday, 2 Sep 2009 at 5.02 pm

The lastest data is just in and still Rothes remains in La Gironde estuary, continuing to fish the river, but she always seems to head back to Dr Jones' sturgeon farm to rest & roost. Last fix for her was 9pm last evening, 1st September.

Meanwhile though, Mallachie continues south. Following on from yesterday's blog, she left Strines Reservoir near Sheffield at 3pm-ish heading south-west close to Foolow. At 4pm she was near Winster, west of Matlock. An hour later at 5pm, she apperars to have by-passed what must have been the very tempting Carsington Water, instead heading south a little further to near Biggin where she seems to have spent the night. Next day (today, 2nd Sept) she spent a couple of hours close to the Branston Golf & Country Club west of Lichfield, at an adjacent lake complex. She then proceeded down the A38 to Huddlesford, near Lichfield and then at 1pm today Mallachie flew over central Birmingham, over Park Lane, the B4144 to be precise!

If someone in an office block in Central Birmingham, said... "you'll never guess what I saw when I looked out my office window at lunchtime today.......?" The reply would surely be...."Nah! No chance matey, you need to take more water with it". It just goes to show eh? No matter where birds usually occur, they can turn up absolutely anywhere on migration. report end.

Well done mallachie, keep it up, cheers,

regards to all, Al
Posted by rotorheid | Aug 31, 2009 @ 02:08 PM | 13,532 Views
Hi Guys and Girls,
Here's the latest from our pals in Bonnie Scotland at Boat of Garten.

Mallachie moves on, but Rothes seems settled....
Posted on Monday, 31 Aug 2009 at 3.26 pm

There's not much to report on Rothes, she is still in the same general area, north of Bordeaux on La Gironde River, as at 4pm yesterday evening - the last data fix that we have for her. Her wee sister, Mallachie, is on the move. Having roosted in the Longhoughton area of Northumberland on Saturday evening, come first thing Sunday morning she was pressing on south into North Yorshire.
Here are a few selected locations she passed en route;

5am just north of Acklington,

6am she flew over a huge quarry at West Chevington,

7am near Ulgham, south of Widdrington Station,

8am she flew over A19 near Seaton Burn roundabout,

9am West Pelton near Chester-le-Street,

10am if you live in Proudfoot Drive, Bishop Auckland and were in your garden, she went right over you, - (hope she didn't poop on any one's washing!),

11am just west of Scotch Corner on A1,

1pm near Whitwell, east of Catterick,

3pm just west of Northallerton, and between 3pm and 8pm she seems to have been fishing along the River Swale, presumably roosted nearby and continued to quarter the river again early next morning when her last fix was at 5am today 31st August.

Meantime, back here at Loch Garten we have had intruder osprey White TF with us again today, this morning at least, and he seems to be trying to make a statement of intent - bringing in sticks and fresh nesting material !! Come April, Odin might have rival on his hands. Next season's osprey intrigue has started already!
Home site report end.

Will Rothes wait for Mallchie to catch up, who can tell, let's just hope these wee guys get to the migration destination safely, cheers,

regards to all, Al
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Hi Guys and Girls,

Great news, Rothes other younger sister that is also tagged if away from home, finally! We go live to our local correspondant at Loch Garten Osprey Migration central.

And this just in from world famous Ornithologist Prof. More Anon
The news you've been waiting for.......

Posted on Sunday, 30 Aug 2009 at 6.05 pm

Mallachie is on her way!

"The word last evening from the Osprey Centre was that Mallachie had not been seen since 11.30am on Saturday morning, 29th August. So I have just been up to the office to download the latest data to see if we could find out where she's got to, and it gives fixes on her up to 9pm last night, She is in Northumberland.

Sure enough, she left the Loch Garten nest area at about noon yesterday, she flew east over the edge of the main Cairngorm Mountains massif, passed the wonderfully named Spittal of Glenshee, over Benvie, just west of Dundee, then........(oh no!).......out over the North Sea west of Edinburgh!!

Hmmm. It was a bit unnerving seeing her go out there, as that is what Deshar did last year, and we know what his navigational skills ultimately led to. With trepidation, I tapped in the next few co-ordinates into Google Maps, and was relieved to see that she looks to have come back in to shore near Bamburgh, Northumberland, finally moving just a wee bit further south and in land a bit too, to a spot near Longhoughton, her last know...Continue Reading
Posted by rotorheid | Aug 28, 2009 @ 12:01 PM | 13,664 Views
Hi Guys and Girls,

I never cease to be impressed by the facinating modern world we live in, check this out. We Tag migrating Ospreys with Sattelite linked position transducers, we watch them fly over the planet via Google Earth, we then go on the wondernet and do some research to contact some one near where we think our lass is, then email some bloke and tell him he's got an Osprey at his Caviar producing Strugeon farm, he checks it out and tells his people, now come on, how cool is that! Al

Here is the latest update, direct from the home site;

We're in contact with France......

Posted on Friday, 28 Aug 2009 at 2.09 pm

Through a somewhat convoluted route, we are now in contact with the sturgeon farm where Rothes is currently located. Thanks to a string of e-mails from Tony to Nick to Yvette, word eventually got through to Dr Alan Jones of Sturgeon SCEA, who then e-mailed me and I just this minute phoned him in France to chat. Thank goodness his secretary spoke excellent English, is all I can say! Though I did just manage parelz vous Anglais - phew!

Anyway, when Dr Jones went on Google Earth, he was delighted to see that Rothes has decided to take a break on one of his sturgeon farms at St Fort sur Gironde. He told me that he is very honoured to have such a celebrity to stay. He spoke to his staff there, to see if they had actually seen Rothes but they haven't. She seems to be largely just...Continue Reading
Posted by rotorheid | Aug 25, 2009 @ 08:09 AM | 13,738 Views
Hi guys and Girls,

Latest update from RSBP Loch Garten, no big changes yet.
An atomic osprey
Posted on Monday, 24 Aug 2009 at 3.13 pm

Mallachie really has made my job as temporary basher-in of data for the map rather easy. She has managed this by not going very far.

When I receive the data, I scan through it looking for coordinates different from the norm (there wouldn't be much point in putting in all the identical coords from the nest). I pick out the more interesting ones. We have data from the weekend, but it will come as no surprise to you, osprey-watchers, that she hasn't really been any further than halfway to Nethy Bridge.

The tags capture data once an hour, on the hour. Of course, it's feasible that Mallachie sneaks off for long flights between 1 minute and 59 minutes past the hour. But it seems unlikely.

On to Rothes, our balbuzard pêcheur dans la belle France. She's been more active and has kept me busy for part of this afternoon.

We don't have full data for Sunday and today yet, but on Friday she went on a jaunt across to the south side of the estuary. On Saturday she flew a bit upriver before returning to roost at her favourite spot near the sturgeon place. One of the points shows she flew past the nuclear power station, the Centrale nucléaire du Blayais, on the banks of the Gironde. It's good to see she's exploring her local area.

As for when Mallachie will follow suit, I've no idea, but I can't wait to see where the sisters go next!

That's the latest folks, Cheers,

regards to all. Al
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Hi Guys and Girls,

A change is as good as a rest they say, well I'm having a rest for a day or two after a small operation to relieve my sporran of some unwanted small change, another story.
Todays feature involves my dear darling daughter and her brother during our home move. Rozzie and Davie Boy were assisting by the loading, driving and unloading of our worldly possesions to our new house, Roz is the ace Van driver, now I know what she wants for christmas, a 7 tonner!
Here for your entertainment are Rozzie and Davie Boy playing the lying down game, more info here:
And now our feature presentation;
'Rozzie and Davie Boy' The Lying Down Game (0 min 10 sec)

cheers, regards to all, Al
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Hi Guys and Girls,

Here is the latest catch up news on our intrepid migrating female Osprey,

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose


This evening's map update has been prepared. As you might guess, not a lot has changed.
Rothes: still pootling around the Gironde and returning to her favourite spot next to the big ponds. It's been up to 23 degrees C there (73 F)
Mallachie: still at Loch Garten. She got almost as far as Nethy Bridge. That's as exciting as it gets. The temperature has been up to 14 degrees C (57 F)
It's interesting to note that Nethy and Deshar left the nest on 20 August last year.
Have a good weekend, and don't have nightmares.

et aussi
Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mallachie's mooching while Rothes roams
Well, not a lot new to report today, I'm afraid. Mallachie still hasn't roamed very far from the nest. At 5 am yesterday she went to the shores of Loch Garten again, but the data doesn't show her exploring any further afield as yet.
Meanwhile, as of 7 am this morning, Rothes was still in residence on the banks of the Gironde. She's been spending nights in what look like big trees near the big fish ponds. However, I've been able to fill in some gaps in the data from Saturday (15th), when she took herself off for a tour of the local area.
Between 11 am and midday she crossed the Gironde, which is nearly 4.5 miles (or 7.3 km) wide at that point. Then she flew north-west and crossed back to the north side of the estuary. By 4 pm she'd completed her circuit and was back at her regular perch - in time for tea, perhaps...

Posted by Katie Fuller at 17:04 on 21 August 2009.

As for me, today I was mainly making Flyingboating Videos, inc here for your entertainment;

MBF's last flight, or is it? (5 min 3 sec)

Cheers, regards to all, Al
Posted by rotorheid | Aug 17, 2009 @ 02:05 PM | 13,587 Views
Hi Guys and Girls,

Here is the latest info at this time from the home site.

Latest blog post Still not much to report......

Posted on Monday, 17 Aug 2009 at 5.07 pm

Latest data just in, is up to 12 noon today 17th August,. It show Rothes to still be in La Gironde river, France, dotting about a bit there, so presumably she's fishing to fuel-up before moving on.
Meantime all other Garten ospreys are still here with us. end.

My thoughts.
Looking closely at the pics on G.E. I agree that Rothes is stocking up on food, I have a suspicion she is roosting next to some kind of Fish Farm, either that, or it's a Water Treatment Plant, wrong layout though, no settling beds or aereators for the organic munchies. What do you make of it?
Another point to note is the similarity of Rothes track and Nethys track of last year, just to the North of the present area??? Genetic memory navigation? Speaking of which, do you ever get that dej 'vue feeling, "hey I've been here or I know this place/thing?"
Scary thought for you, maybe it was one of your ancestors who left a coded genetic memory transferred down the years to pop up in your head at the point of recognition, only an idea of mine, or is it??

More weird science and migrations and maybe migrains tomorrow, cheers,
regards to all, Al
Posted by rotorheid | Aug 15, 2009 @ 03:30 PM | 13,806 Views
Hi Guys and Girls,

Direct link;

Rothes continues to make progress......
Posted on Saturday, 15 Aug 2009 at 3.11 pm

A quick up-date with all the available data for now on Rothes....

The postion fixes for her on Friday 14th August were as follows; 9am, she was near St-Vincent-sur Jard, heading east a little in whats looks like an arable farming area. 10am, near L'Aiguillon-sur-Mer. 11am, St. Xandre, east of La Rochelle. 12 noon she turned inland east of Surgeres and by 1pm was just north west of Saintes. At 2pm at an altitude of 978m she passed Gemozac and an hour later had dropped to almost at sea level (just 3m) at La Gironde river, fishing presumably, near St.Romain-sur-Gironde.

So, all still looking good for Rothes, and meantime our other four ospreys are all (?) still with us here at Loch Garten. EJ brought in a fish at 1pm this afternoon, both Mallachie & Garten haven't ventured far at all, but Odin hasn't been seen today as yet, but that's what has been happening lately, just one or two brief appearances a day, so no doubt he'll put in a show later.
That's all for now.

Things are going well, lets hope the wee smasher is fishing and replenishing her energy levels alright. Cheers,

regards to all, Al
Posted by rotorheid | Aug 14, 2009 @ 12:56 PM | 13,585 Views
Hi Guys/Girls,

Just checked the RSBP and our lass is moving like a train.

DIY version here,

Rothes presses on south....

Posted on Friday, 14 Aug 2009 at 9.13 am UK home time.

Not me guv, honest. Checked our data entry at this end this monring and phew, we're in the clear, Alice and I had indeed entered the information correctly. Seemingly it was computer gremilns that caused the map not to up-date last evening. However Katie and Olivier at Web-HQ have worked their magic and the map is now up.

Whilst on the case of the problem, we took a look at the latest fixes on Rothes location, up to 8pm last night (13th). She's really motoring now and has pressed on further down through France. At 7am yesterday morning she was near Montauban-de-Bretagne, 9am south of Mauron, 10am north of Carentoir, 11am Redon and at 1pm she was at the mouth of the River Loire at St.Nazaire. Moving on further, she was at Pornic, west of Nantes, 3pm Machecoul and at 4pm was on the coast at Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie. with her last fix at 8pm inland a little at Grosbreuil, north of La Rochelle - and all before adult female EJ has even left Loch Garten! This is both amazing and intriguing.

The data for Rothes' latest movements has been entered, the map should up-date tonight sometime after 7pm. We have up-dated the movements of Mallachie too, but compared to her big sister, she's still just making micro-movements locally.

Map pics for those unable to access google Earth.

cheers, regards to all, Al
Posted by rotorheid | Aug 13, 2009 @ 11:55 AM | 13,508 Views
Hi Guys and Girls,

Well she is going strong, across the English channel to France, here is the blurp straight from the source:

Thursday, 13 August 2009

The white-knuckle ride continues.....
Rothes has made it to France, yo!
I have just checked the latest data, only getting a further seven fixes on her position since 10am yesterday when we knew her to be near Torquay, Devon.
Well, at 11am-ish, yesterday morning, she set off out over The Channel at a height of 76m. The next three hourly readings gave her position as being still over the water, though passed halfway, so now technically over La Manche, I guess, but having lost altitude to 42m, then 20m and then.......worringly........down to sea-level!
One such reading, though very, very scary after what befell Deshar last year, is really of little consequence (he says, nervously) - she may have stopped for a rest on a buoy or other Channel marker. Reassuringly, the next few fixes gave her at heights of; 16m (just west of Jersey), 47m and then a soaring 263m, (hooray!), at her last known position at 5pm yesterday 12th August, over Le Haut des Bois, south west of Saint-Malo, Brittany......phew!

Way to go lass! we're with you all the way, Cheers,
regards to all, Al
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Hi Guys and Girls,

I will post frequently the most stunning information on this years 2009 Osprey Migration from the RSPB Boat of Garten, Speyside, Scotland. Osprey site, to the target area of Dakar/Senegal in West Afrika.
Follow the Inspirational journey of two sattelite tagged young female Ospreys flying south on their first solo migration. Marvel at their awesome power and endurance, Shudder as unforeseen problems challenge them for their lives. Weep silently through joyous and heart breaking times.
They have a very, very long way to go, their flight path is filled with danger and hazzards. Mountains, Deserts and Oceans to cross, untried navigation skills and waypoints held only in 'genetic memory' will serve them.
Rothes has made her start, the others will follow soon. Extracts from the RSPB web site to be found here;
Update 01.
Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Exciting news........!!!!
They're under starter's orders......and they're off, well Rothes is, at least. Yep, she's gone!

We haven't seen Rothes on site since Sunday morning, 9th at about 09.30am, so we were getting a bit curious. Could she just be out exploring, venturing further afield than previously, finding her feet (wings) honing her fishing and flying skills, maybe catching her own fish but not returning with it to the nest area, to avoid squabbles with her pesky sisters? Certainly unlikely, in fact unprecendented here at Loch Garten, I...Continue Reading
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Hi Guys/Girls,

I always wanted a good flying Spitfire, so I'll try this version from the drawings of Hans-Joachim Walter and Dave Philpotts, with the 'heid' touch of course. Obviuosly it has to be a PR (photo recce) version too, so don't look for the super scale details.
Link to build thread here;

Video added today (16 Nov.) here;

I'm in at page 36. cheers,
regards to all, Al