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Posted by Illustrious_rope | Apr 23, 2021 @ 10:18 PM | 3,442 Views
As someone who is relatively new to the hobby, I see planes and I go, "I bet I can fly that". I'm correct most of the time with planes like the Eflite P-39 and Flightline bearcat, but I do this to jets way more than any other plane there is. So about six months ago, I picked up my first jet, that being the FMS f-35 64mm lightning II, because it looked cool, and it didn't break the bank coming in at $149.99.

Packaging-The plane came to me very well packaged, there was nothing lose, and everything was wrapped like a Christmas gift

Build- So I have a couple of thing to say here, so the overall build was really straight ford, the instructions were nice and down to the point, no beating around the bush. The wing screws were a little hard to do, but they did go in and they held in very nicely. So the horizontal stabilizer is in two pieces, and where glued into place short and simple, they where adjusted up to a 5 degree angle and that was very easy. The vertical stabilizers also glue into place, but there isn't really anything to say here because they don't move. So here is where I had some issues, and that is with the front nose wheel, so the booklet doesn't explain what screw head to use, and when you have a screw that small , it sucks trying to use the wrong screw driver, anyway, it uses a small hex head screwdriver to go into place, and when you're done use Loctite on it.(trust me

Quality-So this is where the plane loses some points, so the plane's quality...Continue Reading