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This is my review of the hbx ground crusher, otherwise known as the 12883P. There are a couple of different styles available for this car. First of all, there is a monster truck version, which I have. There is also a truggy and a buggy version of the same car, with different tires and body shells. Here is where I got mine from:


To start off, the car comes in a pretty small box. There are a few things included in the package. I will list them and then talk a bit about them.

-Users manuals

-Decal Sheet

-AC charger

-Rechargeable battery

-Radio Controller

-The car itself

First of all, there are two users manuals included. The first one is a simple sheet describing the different features of the transmitter. Then, there is a very thick manual dedicated to the car. This one is excellent, as it is written in good quality English. It also has a full parts listing in the back, although I do not know what the availability is like. There are quite a few blown up parts diagrams, which is always helpful for taking apart and reassembling the car.

The decal sheet is similar to what you might expect from a traxxas vehicle, or any other rc car. You can use the super sticky stickers to customize the car however you would like to. There are a bunch of them available, so you will not run out easily. They are colourful, so they add a nice contrast to the relatively plain body.

As this is an rtr package, you...Continue Reading
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This is a review of the wltoys A333, a 1\12 scale monster truck. This rc car comes ready to run, and is a good value purchase. Here is where I got it from:


To start off, I will list all the components that come in the box.

-Instruction manual

-Bag of parts

-Charger and adapter

-Rechargeable battery

-Remote controller

-The vehicle itself

I will start off from the top, and go down from there. After you crack open the box, you will meet the instruction manual. It is all in black ink, and there is no colour.

There is a bunch of blown up parts diagrams going through the entire car, so you can easily disassemble or reassemble the truck. In the back of the guide, there is an entire chapter on parts and their corresponding codes, so you should be able to fix it up if anything does happen.

Next, their is a few miscellaneous parts in the package. First of all, there is a useful t-wrench that you can use to mount up or tighten the wheels. It might wear over time, as it is just plastic.

Also, there are four plastic preload clips included in the case that you want to customize the suspension setup. There is also one small nylon gear included, and I believe to be a pinion gear.

Continuing on, we get to the charger. Since it comes with a European wall plug, gearbest did include a North American plug adapter so that I can charge it free of charge.

The charger outputs just 350 mah, so it does take...Continue Reading
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This is my review of the feiyue fy-10 rc car, which I received from Gearbest.com. It is a 1/12 scale, four wheel drive, electric truggy or monster truck crossover. Here is where I got it from:


To start off, the car came very well zip tied into the package, and wasnít damaged at all. I received the orange version, and there is also an option for blue. To start off, here is a list of what you get in the box.

-Instruction manual

-USB wall charger

-Couple of tools

-Rechargeable battery

-Radio controller

-Car itself

To start off, the instruction manual is in colour, which is a rarity for Chinese made rc. The manual has some Chinese written parts in it, but is mostly made up of English. There are quite a few blown-up parts diagrams, to help you take it apart and then put it back together if need be. The part numbers are all in the back of the manual.

The Usb wall charger plugs into a powerbank, wall adapter, or pc port. It takes between 1 and a half to two hours to fully charge up. It includes lights in the charging head which blink in a sequence to let you know when the battery is good to go. The thing I really like about this whole package is hat it is very portable. It is a good size 1/12 scale, with a small usb charger, meaning you can even charge in the car.

There is one of those classical mini screwdrivers included. If you donít have one, keep it for unscrewing and rescrewing or tightening...Continue Reading
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This is a review of the JLB Cheetah, a recent budget rc car to be released. I got mine from Gearbest for about $270. This is the original monster truck version, and there is also a truggy version based off the same chasse and electronics, known as the 21101. Anyways, here is where I got mine from:


To start off, I will list all the items included in the box, and then talk about each of them. Here is what you get:

-An instruction manual

-A charger

-Rechargeable battery


-Car itself

To start off, there are a few different instruction manuals included. The first is for the transmitter, and it includes information on how to set failsafes manually on the receiver. It also has a bunch of basic information regarding how to set trims and dual rates, as well as reversing options on the radio.
Additionally, there is a lot of information on the esc, which has its own dedicated instructions. It talks about programming via a card, although I havenít found what programming card is necessary.

Next, the actual userís manual is very comprehensive. Although it is not in color, it has a lot of blown-up parts views, as well as information on setting hardware adjustments. Every part is listed and identified via a code, so you can easily find it online.

The charger consists of two pieces, the power cord and the power brick. Also, as I live in North America, I requested an adapter to utilize the charger,...Continue Reading
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This is my review of the Wltoys 12428 rc car, which I received from Gearbest for about $65. I have already made a review here on Rcgroups regarding the 12423, which is the short course truck version of this car. In my opinion, they offer similar performance, but I would pick this one over the other, for a couple of reasons which I will elaborate on in this review as well. First of all, here is the product link:


Here is a video I made on this car:


Okay, to start off, the cheapest shipping option took about ten days to reach my house. The box was a little beat up around the edges, but nothing to drastic. Also, there was some plastic wrap and foam protection around it, to ensure nothing was damaged inside the box. There are a few parts included in the box. Here they are:

-A mini Phillips screwdriver
-A cross wrench for the wheels
-The instructions manual
-The rechargeable battery
-The charger
-A power adaptor for my country
-The radio control
-The car itself

To start off, the screwdriver was just another one of those mini toss in the box type deals. It is useful, because a lot of the screws on the car are Phillips head. The cross wrench is also necessary, since there is a spare functioning wheel on the back of the car which is mounted with a wheel hub. The wrench is plastic, and so, over a lot of usage, it will wear out.

I also thought it was...Continue Reading
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This is my review of an affordable fpv antenna set. In this particular case, I used it on my Hubsan H501s. The antennas are under $20, and I do recommend them. Here is the link:


Here is my overview video:

Hubsan H501S Long Range Antennas Overview (2 min 39 sec)

The antennas came well packed and protected from Gearbest. Using the free shipping option, they took a little under two weeks to arrive. I installed them on my Hubsan H501S standard edition transmitter.

To start off the installation, you have to remove the back cover of the remote. This is done by unscrewing the four Phillip heads in each corner. You can simply pull of the back; there are no wires connecting it to the front, so you do not have to worry about tearing anything. Put the screws carefully somewhere so they do not roll away and get lost.

After the transmitter cover is off, you will see two small connectors going to the stock fpv and 2.4 Ghz antennas. Simply pull of these connectors from the head; make sure you are not tugging on the wire, or else you risk bending the connection ports. I just used a small flat head screwdriver to pop of the top.

After that, you need to pull the stock antennas out by ripping them free from the hot glue that is used to secure them in the remote. I put these antennas away, and did not throw them out. You should probably do the same, since you might find them useful later on.

Next, you...Continue Reading
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A couple of weeks ago, I found the Wltoys 12404 Rc car online. However, there were no reviews on it, so I picked one up from Gearbest, and this is my review of it. First of all, I received it with two days shipping, and it arrived perfectly fine and on time. It costs just $75, so I set my expectations pretty low.

Here is a list of what is included:

- A cross wrench for the wheels

- An extra pinion and spur gear

- A charger

- A rechargeable battery

- Userís manual

- The radio

- The Car itself

I will just go from the top. First of all, the cross wrench is just plastic and might wear out over time. However, I didnít find any need for it, as the wheels stay on pretty tight out of the factory. Next, there are two extra gears. They are plastic, but hold up fine. I have not counted the teeth, but I would assume they are the same as stock. They are pretty easy to install if you feel the need to.

Now, the userís manual I received was in pretty bad shape, and had quite a few tears. I am assuming it is just a one off. Most of the information was standard, although there were some very useful blown-up diagrams of the insides of the car. There is also a full listing of spare parts in the manual. I donít know whether or not they are available as of now, but I havenít needed any anyways.

The charger is very standard of Wltoys, not to say that is a bad thing. It comes with a euro plug, so if you are in North America, like I am, you will need to request an...Continue Reading
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This is one of the first reviews of the Wltoys 12423 Rc Car. I received it from Gearbest, where the cost was $70. Here is the link:


Here is the running video:

Wltoys 12423 Run Video (5 min 23 sec)

Now, just by looking at it you can tell Wltoys were going for a Traxxas slash look. Now, before anyone gets offended, this car will not be superior to your Slash. But at the same time, your slash probably didnít cost you $70 brand new. Anyways, the similarities to the slash pretty much start and end with the body, besides a couple of exceptions. Iíll start off with a list of included items, and then go over each.

-Instruction Manual

-Battery and charger



The first item is pretty self-explanatory, and isnít really anything special. If you are a complete newcomer to Rc, you might find it helpful. It just has the basic charging and running information, as well as a ton of disclaimers. It does have some decent blown up diagrams of the car. You also get one hex head wrench for working on the car, such as taking the wheels on or off, or replacing them. Additionally, there is another one of those unavoidable screw drivers included.

If you purchase this rc, since it is an rtr setup, you will simply need a couple of AA batteries to toss into the controller, and you will be ready to go. Since I live in Canada, I requested a North American plug converter at the time of the order, and it...Continue Reading
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I know there are a lot of detailed reviews already on the Hubsan H501S, so Iím just going to give a rundown of everything included and my opinion on this quadcopter. I purchased this standard edition model from Gearbest for about $220 USD, so keep in mind the relatively low price point when checking out my opinion. Hereís a link to the h501s:


Some Onboard Video:
Hubsan H501S Onboard Footage Test (10 min 30 sec)

First of all, I used the fastest shipping option available on Gearbest, which was DHL Express, with an estimated arrival time between 3-7 days. It cost me an additional $7 USD. How much was the cheapest shipping option, with an estimated arrival of about one month? $9 USD! Now, I have no idea what is going on there, but I am not complaining I know from previous experience that Express shipping is expensive, so I have no idea why it was cheaper than the slowest option. Iím guessing itís probably a glitch in the system. I liked how the company sent me a picture of the package prior to sending it out. Donít know why, but it felt kind of cool I also paid the additional $3 for Ďshipping insurance.í I donít know if itís actually useful, but it was cheap enough. Alright, enough of me mumbling on about shipping. Here is what you get in the package:

-Userís manual
-4 spare propellers
-Charger and battery
-FPV Transmitter
-The quadcopter itself!

Okay, so you have to install the 4 propellers yourself, and you will be left with an...Continue Reading
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When looking for a relatively cheap (Under $100) Rc Helicopter, I found one that I liked the look of, and it is just $50. I picked one up, and this is my review of it. It is the ShuangMa 9131, and I'm guessing it is a clone of some sort. Here is where I got it from:


So, to start off, I'd like to clarify that this helicopter is not, and is not attempting to be, a hobby class aerial vehicle. So, I set my expectations pretty low, and
I'm pretty happy that it ended up exceeding them. First of all, the box was pretty banged up from the shipping, but nothing was broken or anything like that. The package is huge, but so is the helicopter. One other strange aspect of the helicopter, and some other similar products as well, is the strange choice of names. My heli was branded as the 'Double Horse.'
After pulling open the box, there was a huge styrofoam protective covering over all the items. Although the product is advertised to come with an instruction manual, I did not find one in my package. It didn't really matter to me, as the setup and flight of the helicopter is quite intuitive. Here's a quick list of what it included:

- A charger
- Rechargeable helicopter battery
- Spare propellers
- Users manual?
- Controller
- Helicopter itself

I guess I will just go down the list and talk about each component. So, the charger came with a US plug head, so for those of you in different parts of the world, you will need to request an adapter. I'm...Continue Reading