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Posted by JSB.CLC | Apr 23, 2021 @ 10:18 AM | 5,236 Views
Greetings Earthlings,

Iím Craig and this is my first attempt at building a tailless aircraft, from scratch, and from balsa...

I have built other balsa models from kits.

The wingspan is close to 20í and is only 1/2 scale of the original I would like to build. This one is merely going to be a flying model to get practice and ensure it flies, before I fly the full-scale aircraft Iím designing - of 40 feet!

Any advice / constructive criticism is highly sought after. As I said before, first time building a tailless aircraft.

My military aviation mechanic background, research and common sense can only take me so far.

I will be posting up pictures of my progress.

Eventually, I will be installing a system that will have the Phoenix being autonomous; amongst a few other things that I will disclose at a later date.