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Posted by dpot | Jun 08, 2021 @ 10:30 AM | 8,297 Views
just love the side view of this glider have change it a bit but most of its stile is still there
4m wing span
square box ply construction
all moving tail plan
2 flaps 2 aileron servos
80mm wide fuz inside so lots of room for a battery and motor not to sourer on the wing 2 / 3 or4 pieces fuz cut out or wing joiners could do one of each i suppose any way her it is
Posted by dpot | May 28, 2021 @ 06:28 AM | 23,407 Views
so still waiting on materials to build my last project the cub so got stuck into this one got most of the bugs out have a bit of work to do on the airbrakes setup micro switches and sores a motor to run them need to setup a sprigged land wheel some how will use the same wing fixing plates i use for my other one just need to get the cnc cutting and on to the building bench anyway her is what i have so far
Posted by dpot | Apr 20, 2021 @ 08:55 AM | 4,917 Views
so the tiger moth many years ago I built a scale model of it with a OS 120 4 stroke and got fed-up with it in the first week of flying I had then the need for speed it only came out on show days but generally gather dust,
until my daughter found a photo of her 1 year old standing up griping the top wing now she is 30 years old so I dusted it off and took it up again and it is just about the right speed for me now but needed to be bigger as my vision is not that good now and I have change to gas motors as they are easer to run and the fuel is easer to get hold of.

we set out to build a 2.2m wing span tiger moth as light as we could with a 45 to 60 single cylinder gas motor spinning a 24 / 8 prop with materials from local suppliers with the lockdown made it hard to get materials for old suppliers as balsa is becoming harder to get we need to fined a strong than balsa but as light and at a good price not a easy to do but we have mange to come up with good designed flying model that fits are flying stile both being 65 this year so big and slow is what is need now.

the first thing was a good 3 View Drawing of the D82 Tiger of witch i had all of my old drawing info most of it came from my old David Bonnington drawings and pilot press detailed drawings of the D H 82 we have gone for working wing rigging so we can throw it around a bit and it has scale working ruder and elevator controls or you can just fit servos to the back with short control arms.

so after lots of...Continue Reading
Posted by dpot | Oct 04, 2006 @ 05:04 AM | 7,659 Views
so i have started to up date all of my old designs from 2 stroke to petrol motors and the cub is one of them now it boast a 60cc petrol motor and a 2.6M wing span after finding a good 3 view drawing of a J3 cub it was just a mater of scaling some parts up to fit and and a full redraw on others but it is all coming together now and cant Waite to start the construction of it first i have some work on the cnc router first to do and will do videos of the build log to share

Fiat Cr32

Posted by dpot | Jun 22, 2006 @ 07:52 AM | 7,719 Views
Hi every one I have started to build a fiat CR32, I have scanned in and converted a photo to line drawing in autocad so it can be scale up or down, it for a OS 120 so the wing span should be 2m
At the moment I am looking for any scale details that I can find I downloaded a grate photo from this site witch has help a lot so if you now of any more pitchers of the cockpit under carriage any details of the FIAT CR32 I wood be grateful and wood be happy to share info