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Posted by oldponytail | May 03, 2021 @ 10:29 PM | 2,093 Views
Hi Guys,

I'm a Newby to RC flying, though, until I retired I was a Full-Sized Gliding Instructor in New Zealand. The cost of that pastime is not sustainable on my pension, hence to new interest in model flying. I'm having fun with it!

I own the Radiomaster TX16s and am flying a few models both gliders and power aircraft (including small, indoor models).

I recently started building a Microaces DH.2 model for indoor flying. I chose the Spectrum based receivers they supply. I am having problems binding with the the receiver. They sent another one and I can't get that to bind and work either. Therefore, I'm guessing that it is my novice experience that is causing the issue.

I follow the Set-Up Model system, choose the channels as TAER but still can't get a working bind.

Anyone care to help?