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Posted by JRuggiero | Mar 31, 2017 @ 10:38 AM | 6,377 Views
I'm 78 years old. My eyesight, never very good, is deteriorating with age. My reflexes, also never very good, are slower. I was a founding member of the local model airplane club in 1985, and an officer over most of the years since. The club roster is down to a literal handful of members. As president, I did not have the energy nor the imagination needed to turn that situation around. The "last straw" was rancor between a club member and me. Last April I resigned from the club presidency and from the club.

I was both relieved and saddened. The hobby, in several forms, had been a part of my life since I was 10 years old. But the nature of the hobby has become distorted by intense commercialism. Add to that the public alarm over "drones." Add also the FAA's registration rule. No more for me. Furthermore, I won't encourage my grandchildren to engage in the hobby.

I have given away model supplies and airplanes and broken up many more. Seeing a less-cluttered workbench is almost a pleasure. My new hobbies are astronomy and kayaking. I can still satisfy my interest using tools to make telescope stuff. I can get more exercise swinging a kayak paddle. I can share both hobbies with my wife (married 50 years come June). She was seldom interested in model airplanes.

I will hold onto a few small models, a transmitter, and battery chargers, just in case...