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Posted by FPVreport | Apr 04, 2021 @ 11:55 AM | 2,475 Views
Always known for pushing his limits by combining freestyle and speedriding, Valentin Delluc is back at it again—but this time he’s taking on the deserted alpine resort Avoriaz. Video Link
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Worlds Adrift is an MMO shaped by the community: each of the islands was created by our players. Thanks to the island editor, a free tool, imagine your own adventure and share it with the community. From ancient ruins to perilous jungles, push the boundaries of Foundation!
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The Lightest and Smallest Brushless Cinewhoop 🎥 at the world by BETAFPV 30g F4 AIO 14000KV Gemfan 31mm BT2.0 - 155€/$169

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Tesla FPV ad produced by BRIO Studio and AirFlex Production

They did it for fun and to show what they can do. Why Tesla? Because these cars are overpowered, too beautiful, electric and rather rare at the moment. Seb was able to find us three cars, a model S, model X and a model 3.