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Posted by athertop | Dec 08, 2016 @ 06:53 AM | 9,414 Views
Technically, the world of RC modelling has never had it so good as we have it right now. This has been mostly made possible of course due to better understanding and communication - all of this is down to the internet and the platforms it hosts for sharing our ideas like the RCGroups forum. In these groups, we are able to bring together our ideas and get people involved in producing some really well integrated solutions, using many different combined technologies which are available today. What's more, if we have an idea and we want to see it produced physically, we now have access to the components and the means to have our bespoke designs manufactured. Again, all made possible by companies being able to form because of access to a wider audience of potential customers - all because of the internet.

My introduction to the Ultimate LRS project (thread here) has really opened my eyes to what is possible when people put their heads together. Aside from the closed source ULRS 2 software itself, developed by IT Luxembourg, the array of hardware solutions being developed by the ULRS community is truly staggering and joy to be a part of. Aside from the ULRS hardware itself, the integration solutions now available for ULRS are many, and new ides for integrations are continually emerging. So exciting times indeed!

One such technology which works well with ULRS is Bluetooth - more specifically, this is to allow a serial connection via bluetooth, providing us wireless connectivity...Continue Reading