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Posted by WizofWires | May 04, 2021 @ 03:05 PM | 2,131 Views
Harrier AV8B Longflight (5 min 23 sec)

When I found my PhoenixRC 4.0 disc in a box while cleaning, I nearly threw it out. It's a good thing I didn't!

I discovered a whole new world of great members who are still flying PhoenixRC and thriving. I tried downloading a model that I have wanted and broke out an old laptop to demo on. It has been "all aboard" since then.

Part One- Small EDF power for UMX-sized Jet Models.

This Mini-HowTo is intended to describe my work-around for some "wish list" items that I find lacking in PhoenixRC. (There are more, but here's a start) I believe EDF jets were around by the time the original v3.0 was conceived, but were only lightly represented in updates (Habu, Habu2, A10 hand-launched). The only methods available for building your own, in Builder, were A) scale down a turbine or B) use a faux prop, and make a pusher. The creative team hadmore options, but the lonely user had to "trick the sim". I basically used the Habu2 (a scaled-down turbine) and disected it. Importing the .geo (geometry) file into builder with a much smaller preset wingspan, (0.372meters) to match the 30mm EDF powered UMX-Habu-S. I then punched in the position and sizes of the airfoils to match the model in Builder.

Why did I do this? ... Being equipped with a 3D printer and reading the 30mm EDF thread, right here on RCG, I had a bunch of beatifully designed ducts and Impellers that I wanted to make visible in my...Continue Reading