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Posted by Gregco10 | Oct 24, 2013 @ 10:17 PM | 6,776 Views
Looks like its time to start the blog, going to post setups to start then add as things come up. I also want to greet the community officially and thank everyone for all the great ideas and help that have inspired and made these builds possible.

This first setup is a MF-YX Locust 450 quadcopter. I got this on from Ebay when they first became available and was originally running this on 3s 2200mah 45c, 930kv 2212 Rctimer motors, 9x4.5 inch props, 30a Rctimer escs, Multiwii 2.2, 1100 grams. It was ok, nothing to write home about, not great in the wind, just blah. Used it as kind of a workhorse for the Gopro in calm weather, the extra weight settled it a little.

I wanted to try 4s on it to wake it up and make it more capable, so I removed the props and installed 8x4.5 inchers and a 4s 4000mah 25c pack, final weight 1300 grams. Ecalc says it can't be done but I think the info is wrong in there for that motor, so I was on my own. After all, the DJI 2212 can handle 4s with the 8 inch props so why not these, the size and kv is similar. Well it handled it but didn't spin them fast enough, the hover was around 60 percent throttle and wasn't very fun to fly.

Now I had two theories, one the motors are very weak and won't even spin the 8 inchers enough, and if I used the 9 inchers I would burn them up. Or....... they are somewhat under rated as far as kv goes and they need more prop. Luckily they needed more prop.

I re-installed the 9x4.7's and found the happy combo. No...Continue Reading