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Posted by Barry Andersen | Dec 28, 2017 @ 08:02 PM | 3,752 Views
I've attached a picture and some information about the new series of Hyperion Lipo batteries. I've only static tested the HV900 ma. It performed well over a 30 second run. The Thunderpower and Turnigy batteries are shown for comparison size.

Here's the info:

New Hyperion HVGraphene: 900 ma is rated at 90C weighs 78 grams, IR tested at 13, 14, 14 at 99% charge
the 1200 ma Hyperion HV Graphene is rated at 90C weighs 105 grams, IR tested at 9,9,9 at 99% charge
the Turnigy 750 normal voltage, graphene is rated at 65C weighs 81 grams, IR tested at 12, 12, 12 at 99% charge
the Thunderpower rampage 1300 ma is rated at 70C weighs 114 grams, IR tested at 18, 17, 18 at 97% charge

I used the Turnigy most of last season with good results. The new Hyperion have not been flown.

Well, some less than stellar reviews on the new Hyperions; see