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Posted by pistnbroke | Apr 09, 2013 @ 07:06 PM | 10,691 Views
Hi RCers

I have recently renewed my interest in the hobby of RC. I took up the hobby from about the age of 11 and with the help of my dad (building and financial) built my first model boat, a Vosper RAF crash tender. I have always had a facination with aircraft and it was only a matter of time before both my parents and grandfather financed my first model aircraft, an Aeroflyte Jupiter from memory.

The hobby kept my interest until about the age of 17, along came the girls, cars, work and my first house at 20. With no spare funds, my hobby had to take a back seat and alot happened in between, married, son etc.

The RC bug never left and I have long awaited to get back into the hobby, and boy, a lot of changes have occurred, 2.4 gig radios, foam, electrics..........

Christmas 2011, my wife and son bought me a PZ T-28d with DX7 radio, so after a 27 year break from the hobby, I'm back and enjoying it more than ever!