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Posted by GlidingFool | Jul 24, 2013 @ 06:40 AM | 4,187 Views
Soaring Model Society of WA hosts

Bixler limited motor run competition.

Yokine reserve

10am Saturday October 19th 2013.

This competition is open to all modellers from all clubs including non members of MAAA who will be given insurance cover for the day as guests of Soaring Model Society.

The competition is open to all Bixler varieties and the same model can be flown by more than one pilot.

Rules (provisional)

1. All models of Bixlers are eligible for entry. The motor must be the same (original) motor and the propeller sizes cannot be altered. Stock Bixlers Mark one or two. Only 3S batteries permitted.
2. Motor run is limited in total to 25 seconds. This total motor run can be taken in one or two shorter motor runs but cannot be run when attempting to land or in the last 30 seconds of the flight time.
3. A maximum flight time of 15 minutes is the objective run the motor and then glide for the remaining time. Any flight that has not landed by 20 minutes loses all points. One point per second of flight time is scored including the motor run.
4. Points are scored by landing in a designated 30m radius. The entire model must come to rest within the 30m circle for 100 landing points to be scored.
5. Two flights per pilot one in the first hour of the competition one in the second hour.
6. The score for each pilot is the total of the two flights.
7. In the event of a draw a fly off will determine the winner. The motor run will be reduced to 15 seconds total.

A $2 entry fee per pilot is payable. Prizes will be awarded.