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Posted by lipoflyer | Sep 18, 2012 @ 09:54 PM | 10,338 Views
I've deciced that since this pages gets so many visits why not put something up for you to read whilst your here. I know the three wise men will love this muchly.

So, over the coming days and months this page will filled with all aspects of insurance choice information, the pros and cons, and of course as new information comes to light i'll post here also.

At a later time a new thread for public discussion will be opened. I know you're all eagerly awaiting that

The last thread was closed by me as it had run it course and was hijacked.

Insurance providers
What does each offer over the others. Get the facts, get informed, get flying!

Claim excess $5000 *MAAA may pay $4500 of the bill*
Affiliation: Through a 3rd party state body at additional cost

State and National Competitions with records kept
Wings System
FAI Affiliation for nternational events
Manual of Procedures
You CANNOT fly side by side with modellers who happen to hold insurance with other organisations
You must affiliate through a State body
Your club does not get a direct say in the running of the MAAA. State Bodies vote for you
Generally you have to write to your club secretary, who then writes to the state body, who then write to the MAAA
Difficult to get change
Wings System appears to have been rorted
Little to no transparency around decisions at times
MOP057 prohibit clubs from allowing flyers who hold different insurance flying together.

Claim excess $250
Affiliation: Direct, no cost.

You can fly side by side with modellers who happen to hold insurance with other organisations
Easy to deal with.
Good low cost insurance with significantly better excess than the MAAA
Same insurance company as MAAA (Loyds London)
Progressive Society
CASA core regulations + Documented Operating Procedures
Wings System
Training System
Write directly to the organisation
Caters for every day flyers
MAAA will not let you fly with their members
Others Insurance options
**feel free to PM some details of companies and costs**

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