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I had an order ready to go, go to checkout and no more Paypal option? This can't just be my account - others experiencing the same thing? Not sure how I feel having a CC on their servers - I know the CC gives me protection, it's just that if/when their servers get hacked, are they going to let me know and if so, how quickly?

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This is based off of tc's schematic and he knows all about it.

STM32F103 board pin compatible w/ the 8bit MultiWii Pro Mini Shields and many sensor boards (sensors must be supported by baseflight). Figured there are probably thousands or tens of thousands of MulitWii Pro Mini Shields out there, this is a way to get 32bit MCUs into the masses. Runs baseflight code as you would expect and I assume the naze32 port of open pilot w/ the correct sensor board attached (mpu6050) and a bit of soldering onto the mcu (interrupts). USB via CP2102.

If people are interested in seeing this get out in the open so you can populate your 8bit MW shields w/ a 32bit MCU, respond here.


Here is a screenshot of it running a 10DOF (MPU3050, ADXL345, HMC5883L, BMP180) sensor board - proof of concept:

Mini32/ProMini32 + 10DOF (MPU3050, ADXL345, HMC5883L, BMP180) r164 Software (2 min 34 sec)

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Up for sale is a set of 5 Turnigy Plush 10A ESCs. 4 of them have had the heatshrink removed so I could verify that they all had the Silabs chip. They still are running the stock, Turnigy firmware - they were not modified. 1 is still in the wrapper. Also included but not in the pictures is a programming card that works excellent.

These were pulled from a mini quad that was flown indoors 95% of the time. If needed, I do have some clear heatshrink I could put back on them or send it with them if you plan to modify the firmware - just lmk.

$43 for the 5 ESCs and Programming Card shipped in the US via USPS Priority - people of other countries, we can work something out.

Thanks for looking,


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Up for sale is a Futaba 7C TX w/ a 2000mAh NI-MH battery that comes with the charger, the on/off switch and 3 RX (In the pic you will see a fourth RX - the Futaba R606FS - I am including that as a bench/test RX as it had a reverse polarity accident that melted the tantalum capacitor on the power line. I was able to replace the cap w/ one of the same value and the RX does work on the bench and appears to have the same range as the others, but I have not flown with it so that is why I am not counting it). FWIW I have always taken out the battery pack and cycled it a couple of times and have not used the charger that you plug into the side of the TX with, but will include it. Also this TX has the Helo ratchet installed on the throttle, I can change that to a normal plane ratchet if you would like. I would personally consider the equipment to be in "Excellent" condition. Original Manual included. Since this is a FASST setup, it only works with FASST compatible RXs.

Just to let you know, the only reason I am selling is I am using a 9C now.

The 3 RXs are as follows:

1 - FrSky TFR4-B
This unit is either a 4CH 'Regular' connection RX or a 8CH + RSSI PPM Output RX

1 - FrSky TFR4
This unit is either a 4CH 'Regular' connection RX or a 8CH + RSSI PPM Output RX. As you can see from the pic that there is no sticker on this RX. I mounted it via Double Face tape on a very small MultiRotor and when remove, the sticker came off - strictly a cosmetic issue.

1 - OrangeRX FASST 8CH RX
Normal 8CH connections

The repaired by me, 'bench/test' RX:
1 - Futaba R606FS

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Turnigy 9x back in stock @ USA Warehouse

$64.75 - can't beat 'em

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Too Many Projects, cleaning out:

(2) Turnigy 9x TX/RX kits that each include the green backlight kit along w/ USB ISP Programmers as I was planning on installing the alternative firmware and then installing the usb programmer in each unit.

These are NIB, only out for the pics-
$75 Each Shipped to the lower 48 or get them both for $143 Shipped to the lower 48.

(1) FrSky DJT kit with an additional D4FR RX-
$63 Shipped to the lower 48

Or if you everything is still available, get a package deal with evertything for $193 shipped to the lower 48.



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toooo many projects going on atm and these 7 motors are just sitting in my cabinet

NIB 7x hacker Style Brushless Outrunner 20-28M

$90+shipping for the 7 of them SOLD
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Up for sale we have a Futaba 6EX FASST 6CH TX with 1 RX.

I bought this from a guy who used it as a backup and I flew it for a while, then stumbled upon an excellent deal on a 7C, so it became my backup radio. This radio has very little time on it and the plastic film is still on LCD and up by the front facing switches. I have just accumulated too many radios so need to thin the herd.

Includes a 2600mAh NiMH battery pack - lasts quite some time. The battery pack was always cycled on a multicharger and works excellent. Nothing was ever abused.

- Comes with original box and manual, no charger or neck strap.
- 1x 6EX Futaba FASST TX
- 1x FrSky TFR8 RX
- 1x 2600mAh NiMH TX Pack
- Original Box and Manual
- Shipping

Thanks for looking and don't miss out on this excellent setup!l

$125 for the TX & RX, or $100 for the TX - Shipped to the lower 48, other locations contact me

Offers Accepted

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not sure if you guys get the notification about hk items in stock - i personally don't even though i put my email in the 'notify me' box. anyway, f-20A in stock, f-30A in stock - over 500 each of them at the time of this entry

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Cleaning out the work bench and found 8 RCTimer 20A ESCs. 3 are still in the wrapper and 5 are out with 3.5mm female bullet connectors soldered to them. On 4 of them with the 3.5mm female bullets, I separated the signal wire from the +/- on the RX/BEC connector to clean up the install that was going on a quad that had the FC powered by a separate SBEC. I am including 4 servo extension wires that you can cut off the female side if you would like to switch the 4 back so the RX/BEC connector has Signal/+/- wires.

These were purchased approximately 1 1/2yrs ago and are in very good condition. No issues whatsoever.

Would like to get rid of the all to 1 buyer.

Have no trouble shipping out of the country.

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Having problems with your ProMini and you have gone over everything twice, three, a dozen times?

Well, you may not be the issue. A customer of mine, Tom Clark of Nevada, had an issue getting a sketch to uploaded that did not make sense as he was doing everything correct, exactly by the book. We dug into this issue and found some interesting issues that will hopefully help others out.

From the information I can find between the Arduino and Sparkfun websites, Sparkfun designed the ProMini and it went live in August 2008 with the release of V1.0. An issue arises because in November of 2008, Sparkfun releases V1.1 of the ProMini that changes the FTDI pin order - basically making it the reverse of V1.0 (an FTDI adapter is a USB to Serial adapter that is the item used to program your sketches onto the ProMini).

I personally do not know why Sparkfun made this change, but the V1.1 FTDI pin configuration has been the standard from what I have seen in the Multirotor community since its release. With their more recent release of V1.2, Sparkfun still keeps the same FTDI connection order, which works very well with their FTDI USB to Serial Adapter. The change from V1.1 to V1.2 looks like they changed pad sizes for the various header soldering areas and some silkscreen changes.

Being that the ProMini design is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License, any party can make and sell them for profit which is great for the community on the price...Continue Reading
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After much discussion with many people, it turned out that adding the whole 5V regulated power line along with with the 3V3 if needed was not received as a simple solution shield, and looking back I now do see that . I went back to the drawing board (or computer) and removed anything that was not already easily available from items that would always be on a multirotor, be it ESC BEC power or whatever. Basically what was lacking was 3V3, so my shield would get its 5V from the ESC BEC/s and then I would put the minimum necessary components for clean 3V3 power. Care was taken and I searched for a 3V3 Regulator so that you could use the same capacitor type and value on the intake and output, and to be ceramic so you do not have to worry about polarity as the ceramics are non-polarity - so no worry about letting the magic smoke out.

What emerged is the 'Super Simple Shield', and thus far, everybody I have talked to and that has tested it agrees that this is indeed an extremely simple to assemble shield.

I had many discussions about what was wanted in a shield and also with the member and father of the MultiWii Project, Alexinparis and asked him what he had in mind for upcoming software for the ProMini.

As you can see, the shield has quite a few connections, all of which can be used in different arrangements making the shield not only simple but very versatile.

I have brought out pin D12 for those that enjoy the simplicity of just a WM+, pin8 was then used for Aux2, which...Continue Reading
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Bob’s Regulated Shield (Formerly Simple Shield)

This MultiWii Shield was designed with simplicity in mind. I have been very impressed with the shields that are available, but found that they had much more than what I needed. I personally use an external battery monitor so that I can move the buzzer far away from the main electronics. LEDs that would be powered from the ProMini are just not bright enough to notice in my environment unless flying in the dark, so I decided to make my own with what I needed in a shield.

All the necessary pins are accessible for the full flying ability and camera stability the MultiWii offers, along with input for the necessary 4/5 channels or PPM but took care of powering the ProMini, Sensors boards and the RX from the shield itself. Onboard the shield is an input from the main Lipo (2S-4S) that goes into a 7805 5V Linear or Recom switching regulator that powers the ProMini through the VCC pin (not the RAW pin), the RX through the Throttle/PPM connection and also an additional 3V3 Low Dropout Regulator (LDO) that can be activated via a solder jumper to take care of any sensor boards that do not have a onboard regulator.

You will see connectivity in the sensor area for sensor boards that may vary in their orientation method to cover as many as possible. If you are using a sensor board that does not have an onboard 3V3 regulator, then just connect the solder jumper and populate the 3V3 LDO and cap and you will then have 100mA of regulated 3V3 power for your sensor board.

On the ESC side, only the Signal wire is electrically connected to the Regulated Shield outputs, the PWR and GND wires are not connected.

The board is standard 50mm x 50mm with mounting holes in the standard 45mm x 45mm arrangement. The mounting holes accommodate either a #4 or 3mm fastener.

More to come…..

** Any constructive criticism welcome